Episode 8:

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She was such a nuisance. Anything that Matt had asked Helen she had just answered with something useless, he already knew or she did not answer at all. She was a total pain.

It was a week ago that they caught Helen Cutter, the evil Mad Scientist, 5 days ago since she was put in the ARC detaining cells and it was 3 days ago since Emily was discharged from hospital.

It had truly made everyone's week when Emily and Matt walked hand in hand into the ARC. She meant a lot to the team, particularly Matt, who had a smile on his face that they had not seen in a while. She was still sore and a bit battered up but was recovering.

They had had no more anomalies in a while and all seemed to be going well.

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Everything was normal at the ARC at the moment. If you were to look at it from an outside perspective you may laugh. Jess was sitting in her red chair at the ADD with Becker stuttering and trying to ask her out, although you would not know that. James Lester was sitting in his office watching from his eyes a stupid display of affection from the romantically retarded Captain Becker. He rolled his eyes and sighed as he realised that this was what they whole team was like.

Matt was in his Lab with Emily sitting on his lap. Since she had gotten out of hospital they were never very far apart, although it seemed at the moment they were incredibly close and were connected in more ways than one. They both should have been working but not many people did at the ARC when there was not an anomaly.

Abby was in the menagerie with Rex and Lex, Connor had just left her. They were now newlyweds and were often caught discussing a honeymoon. Connor was the only one who really ever did anomaly related work, apart from Matt who did the reports, and occasionally to her stuff, but at the moment it was just Connor.

Then there was Helen and the Matt clone. They both appeared to be doing nothing but from the outside eye they could not have been more wrong.

Helen was good at getting out of difficult situations. She had already moved the camera in the cell, just a little bit each day so it was away from where she was working. She was cunning and tricky, and she had nearly finished her escape route. She could now get out of the cell all she had to do was wait for the perfect moment.

'We have an anomaly.' Jess said. There were already people on their way to the hub as she said it so she began to work out where the anomaly was.

Minutes later they were dispersing to the cars and were heading off to the national Museum of Australia. It was, Helen thought the perfect time for her to make her move. She would make her way to the museum and slip through the anomaly. Perfect she would be free at last and this time she thought she would return with a bigger army than before. So once they were all out of sight, she took the Matt clone and slipped out of sight.

When the ARC got to the museum, they located the anomaly, but when they arrived they had the surprised of their life. It had taken them a while to locate it, Jess not being able to locate it on the security camera and the detectors not working due to interference with the machines at the museum.

Standing right out the front of the anomaly was Danny Quinn. He had not been seen in years, thought to have died after he went after his brother at the Jail with the terror birds. But here he was standing in front of them.

'Danny!' Abby cried, as she ran over and hugged Danny, but quickly moved off him when he groaned.

'Helen was here. She cut my arm and ran through the anomaly with Matt.' He said as he revealed the nasty gouge on him arm just above the elbow. 'But it is her loss, that anomaly leads to a desolate place in the past.'

'I'll check that then…' Connor said as he got out his dating calculator. He took a few seconds before continuing 'it leads to about 65 million years ago. Danny you said it was desolate, I take it she has gone back to just after the extinction of the dinosaurs.'

'Well there was nothing there, and I could not stop her, I had been there for a few days, not food, little water I just did not have the energy.' He said.

The team giggled at the thought of where Helen Cutter was right now. It was where the dinosaurs became extinct and hopefully it would be the place where Helen became extinct.

'Let's get back to the ARC, I'm sure Lester and Jess would want to see you.' Becker said, partially because he himself wanted to see Jess.

When they got back Lester came out of his office, rather surprised to see Danny back from an anomaly…again. There really was just no getting rid of this man he thought. 'Ahh Danny, back from your holiday again?' Lester said rather snidely.

'Yes.' Was all Danny said before he walked off, mentioning something about a shower.

Helen hag gotten away again but there was a sense of surety amongst the ARC. They all had the same feeling although they did not share. They all knew one way or another that it really was the last time they were seeing Helen Cutter and that everything would be ok.

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