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I was about to rummage through my bag until 'he' came along.

"Umm... Josephine-san...?"

I looked up to see his emerald eyes looking down my hazel ones. Man, he's sparkling! And he's not even Edward Cullen! "Josephine-san?" His voice is really alluring. I hope he doesn't hear my heart beating so fast. "Y- Yes?" He seemed to notice my strange behavior and raised a brow the chuckled after. Gah! I'm humiliating myself! In front of HIM! "I was just wondering if we can starts our 'lessons' while we have free time." I was really embarrased. I don't even know how to speak at the moment. "O- Oh! S- Sure! U- Um... Where should we have the lesson?", I managed to stutter.

He looked around and went out the room. I followed him as he pointed to one of the tables at the far corner of school. "There." We walked over to where he pointed and sat down. I sat there fidgeting. I'm not good at teaching, darn it!

Fudge! Now he's looking at me with a smirk on his face that I'm actually being attracted to right now! Oh no, my cheeks are hot. Damn it, I can't blush now! Great, now he's laughing. "Well, don't we have a lesson to cover?" Damn it, he's teasing me! I'm nothing like Misaki to make him tease me! This isn't even the real Usui!

"Ah! Um... I looked to the side as if the answers to my questions were on the wall. "Wala ka bang alam sa pagtuturo?" Wait, did he just?! My jaw dropped and my eyes widened as I turned to face him. He's smiling at me so I think I did hear right. "Oh, I wonder how many flies you've caught. Let's see... One, two, three, four..." I immediately closed my mouth as I realized he was humiliating me. I feel like hitting him with a washing machine. And maybe throw a rabid monkey at him as well...

"If you already know the language here then what was the point of asking me to teach you?" He stared at me for a bit then replied, "Well, you were appointed by the teacher to show me around." Man, for once, I'm annoyed. By Usui especially. But it's not like this is the real Usui right? "Um... Yeah. I'll just go to the bathroom for a sec." I stood up and started to walk away. "Take your time.~"

Gah! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I'm humiliating myself, damn it! I slapped my cheeks. Get yourself together man. You can do it. You can impress him! Oh well, might as well wash my face and stuff. Makeup? NO. NEVER. Sigh, this is mental torture...


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