Chapter 1

A/N: Crossover of seasons 02 and 04. There is no pairings planed but I might hint at some if it comes up. Enjoy!

Dark Ocean

In a world void of color a great threat to the Digital World was locked away. A menacing figure cloaked in red with horns and black leathery wings, sat on the shoreline impatiently waiting for something. "He's late," he grumbled as he picked up a fist full of sand.

"I hope you weren't waiting too long Daemon," Came a childlike voice from behind him. Daemon turned around to see a small child with eight angel wings spread out behind him.

"It's about time Lucemon," Daemon replied letting the sand slip through his clawed hands.

"I needed time to recoup after what those damn brats did to me," he snarled.

"Yes you wouldn't be very useful as a worm," Daemon chucked, "Now that you're ready I can open a portal back to the Digital World. Did you get everything we need?"

"Yes, all the data has been gathered," Lucemon responded a frown remained on his face from the worm comment. Daemon stood up, dusting the sand from his robe. "First things first, we need to take down the security program protecting the Digital World that Gennai and his little clones have set up, and you can get your revenge on the Warriors."

"What do you mean?" He questioned.

"The Legendary Warriors were converted to some kind of defense program after you were defeated; the security is built around them."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get going. I think we have waited long enough in the boring place," Lucemon said a grin spreading across his features. Daemon nodded, with a flick of his wrist there was a tearing sound and a portal to the Digital World was being forced open.

"Locking me away in this world was a very foolish idea children," Daemon said as he and Lucemon stepped through the portal, "Reuniting me with an old comrade and giving me access to data of past evil digimon, both worlds already belong to us!" As they disappeared through the portal shadows from the forest near the beach began to move. Suddenly a large number of digimon burst through the trees and followed the two Demon Lords through the gate back to the Digital World.

Gennai's House

A man with short brown hair in a white robe sat in a small dark room the only light coming from the computer screen in front of him. Gennai was running routine checks on the different areas of the Digital World. "Everything looks normal." He murmured finishing the scan. It's been a year since the defeat of MaloMyotismon and the world has fully recovered from the control spires.

Suddenly alarms began to sound, and Gennai stood up sharply knocking over his chair. "This is impossible!" Hundreds of thousands of red dots were rapidly spreading over the map that represented the different digital planes. The invasion of the Digital World has begun.

Yagami House

"Hurry up Tai where going to be late." Hikari 'Kari' Yagami called out to her older brother from the door way of their apartment. Her brown hair was the same style; she was wearing the customary green uniform for Odaiba High School.

"Relax it's not like the school is going anywhere." Taichi 'Tai' Yagami called from the bedroom as he was pulling on his uniform. His bushy hair looked like he just rolled out of bed, but then again, that's how it always looked.

"But we still need to meet the others before school and I'm going to tell Sora you're the reason we're late." Kari told him as she headed out the door. That said he picked up his bag and ran out the door.

"What?! It's not my fault!"

High School

When Kari and Tai reached the school most of the other Chosen Children were already there seated on the bleachers next to the soccer field. "See Kari, we're not that late," Tai said with a smile as he reached their group of friends. Kari just sighed and sat next to Sora Takenouchi an older girl with short red hair, who gave her a sympathetic pat on her shoulder. Yamato 'Matt' Ishida shook his head and chuckled at his friend. The older blond was still in his band and doing very well, they were still very popular even with the Digimon ruining their Christmas concert.

Tai, Sora, and Matt are in their final year of high school. The other members of the first group of chosen that were in their school where Mimi Tachikawa who moved back from America after the MaloMyotismon incident and Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi the computer geek of the group. Mimi had let the pink dye fade out of her hair but was trying out different styles and was currently in a high pony tail. Izzy still looked the same with his famous computer already up and running on his lap. Both were in the 11th grade. Jyou 'Joe' Kido had finished high school the year before and was now in college and didn't have much time to spend with the other chosen children.

"So anything interesting going on?" Tai asked as he looked around the group.

"Well I found this really cute dress the other day," Mimi spoke up happily which started a round of 'girl talk'.

"Now look what you did," Daisuke 'Davis' Motomia said and elbowed Tai in the ribs.

The second generation of Chosen Children were also in high school except for Iori 'Cody' Hida who is in the 6th grade. The rest of the group consisted of Miyako 'Yolei' Inoue who is in the 10th grade, Takeru 'TK' Takaishi Matt's younger brother, Kari, Daivis and Ken Ichijoji where in the 9th grade. Like Mimi, Ken wanted to be closer to his friends and moved to Odaiba from Tamachi.

Davis still wore the famous goggles even when the others told him teachers don't like him wearing any headgear. TK's hat was currently in his bag since classes were due to start in a few minutes. Yolei had changed out her round glasses to smaller more stylish frames after some kid made a comment about her large lends. Ken looked pretty much the same, if anything his hair was a little longer.

The girls formed their own little circle away from the guys who were only happy to escape the conversation about clothes sales. "This doesn't make any sense," Izzy grumbled as he typed away on his computer.

"What's the matter Izzy?" Ken asked looking over his shoulder. Ken was probably the only person in there group that understood most of the computer talk that Izzy tended to spew out.

"There's some kind of electrical interference that's keeping me from connecting the schools internet. I've been trying to pinpoint the source but I'm not having too much luck." He continued to furiously type on his computer.

"What is the point of coming early if we're just going to listen to all these boring conversations?" Tai asked Davis who merely shrugged.

Across the Soccer Field

"Come on Kouji play with us!" Takuya Kanbara a tall brunet, wearing a hat and goggles, was juggling a soccer ball while trying to convince his so called best friend to play a quick game of soccer with him and Tomoki "Tommy" Himi. Tommy a smaller boy was doing light stretches beside Takuya. He had gotten rid of his large pumpkin like hat for a smaller olive green one. Besides the two on the soccer field the rest of the Legendary Warriors sat in the shade under a tree on the sidelines.

"No." Kouji said, leaning against the tree with his hands behind his head. Kouji Minamoto had refused to cut his long hair and had traded his blue and brown bandana for a black one with light grey stripes. Kouichi Kimura, Kouji's twin chucked as he watched the beginnings of a very predictable fight from under the tree's shade. Kouichi had decided to keep his hair short since it was the only thing that kept people from confusing him and his brother.

"Don't you think we should stop their arguing before it gets out of hand?" Izumi 'Zoe' Orimoto leaned over and whispered to Kouichi. Zoe had let her blond hair grow to her mid back and her bangs were pinned back with a purple butterfly clip.

"Nah, it shouldn't get too bad they haven't even started insulting each other yet." Takuya, Zoe, and the twins were all in the 12th grade and Tommy was starting the 9th grade. Junpei 'JP' Shibiyama had graduated last year and was going to college for engineering.

"Damit Kouji!" Takuya yelled and kicking the ball at him out of frustration. What he didn't expect was for Kouji to side step causing the ball to ricochet off the tree and slam into the bleachers mere inches away from Izzy and conveniently landing in Davis's lap. Davis was laughing at poor Izzy who had jumped and almost dropped his laptop.

"Sorry about that," Takuya yelled from across the field ignoring Zoe who was yelling at him to be careful and Kouji's mumbled 'idiot'. "Hey Tai," he said noticing the other co-captain of the soccer team, "You and your clone wanna join us, Kouji doesn't want to play with me."

Kouji leaned back against the tree and said. "What are you five?" Takuya turned around and stuck his tongue out at him causing Kouji to just roll his eyes.

"I'm not his clone! The names Davis, and you're gonna remember it once I beat you," Davis shouted kicking the ball back at him. Tai jumped at the chance of a soccer game and ran onto the field.

"That's if you make the team," Takuya teased. Noticing David's grouchy look he said "Hey relax buddy I was only kidding, Tai said you're really good so you should get in no problem."

"So a quick 2v2 before the bell?" Tai asked as the four of them got closer.

"Were so gonna win. You guys don't have a chance," Tommy jumped up and down challenging them.

"Oh you're so on!"

The game ended in a tie of 3 to 3.

Seniors Classroom

"That was awesome, see Kouji you should have played," Takuya said as he sat down next to Sora and Tai. All the seniors were in the same class and took up a small spot near one of the back corners.

"The day Kouji breaks down and plays with you guys is the day Tai shaves his head," Zoe cut in making the others laugh. She took her seat on the other side of Sora. "But I admit it was a good game."

"Yea, Davis was pretty good but don't tell him that I said that. I want to see how well he's going to do in tryouts." Takuya was actually impressed with Davis. He heard of the freshman from Tai but didn't actually get to see him play yet.

"Tommy's pretty good too, is he going to try out?" Tai asked turning toward Takuya. Both Tai and Takuya were captains for the schools soccer team.

"Nah he said he's going to check out some of the other clubs." Takuya and Tai kept on talking with a few words thrown in from the girls and Matt. The twins sat in the back row and kept to themselves. When the teacher walked in he interrupted them before the conversation could get any farther.

"Hat off Kanabara, how many times do I have to tell you." The teacher scolded.

"So you scold me and not Kouji, that's just prejudice cuz he gets better grades!" Takuya exclaimed while slamming his hat on the desk. This caused the teacher to raise one eye brow and Matt and Kouichi who were closest to Kouji to start snickering. Confused he turned around to see Kouji leaning his face on his palm a bored look on his face his bandana already shoved in his jacket pocket.


That Night Izumi Residence

It was slightly after midnight and Izzy was still trying to get his computer to work properly. He was frustrated even after working on it all day his computer was still not functioning correctly. It was actually getting worse and it was having problems performing basic functions. He just couldn't figure it out, there was no way he was getting hacked or had somehow picked up a virus. Suddenly the screen turned black and a single pop up window appeared.

"What the?!" The image was fuzzy but it was slowly getting clearer until it revealed Gennai. "Gennai it's you! What's happening?" Izzy questioned noticing Gennai's haggard appearance.

"Daemon is back, he managed to get back into the Digital World and brought a whole army with him." Gennai sighed tiredly, "We tried to hold them off the best we could but no one expected Lucemon to accompany him." Gennai held up a hand to stop Izzy from asking who Lucemon was. "I have to keep this short, I don't know when they are going to jam my signal again. Tomorrow after school gather the rest of the Chosen Children, I will temporarily open the portal and bring you all here for a briefing."

"Why can't we go sooner?" He was very eager to go back to the Digital World no matter what kind of trouble was brewing. All the partner digimon were needed back in the Digital World to help fix the damage caused my Malomyotismon. After they went through the gate it never opened again even with the D3s.

Gennai shook his head slowly. "Daemon has taken over majority of the Digital World I don't want you guys staying too long. If we meet tomorrow I can find all your partners and try to boost the security around HQ to keep the evil digimon out."

"Alright we'll see you tomorrow Gennai."

"Good night and keep safe."

Then the screen went black.

The Next Day, Odaiba High School

First thing in the morning Izzy informed the others about Gennai's midnight call. At first they were all excited to finally hear from him, but expressions dimed when they were informed of the distress Gennai seemed to be in. Cody and Joe were contacted and they were going to head over to the school as soon as it got out. The day seemed to drag on so slowly, they were all so anxious to get back to the Digital World, school didn't seem so important.

As soon as the bell rang they rushed to the computer room to meet up with Gennai. It was almost five hours after school got out the gate still remained firmly shut. "What gives, he calls us and just leaves us hanging!" Davis was furious but no one could blame him.

"Calm down Davis we're all anxious, but there must be a valid reason Gennai hasn't opened the gate yet," Ken tried to calm down his friend who had begun to pace around the room.

Finally the computer screen they were all sitting around began to glow and the all felt the nostalgic pull of going through the digital gate.

Digital World HQ

"To think after all this time we would find a better way of doing this," Yolei said from the very bottom of the dog pile in front of the glowing screen.

After unscrambling themselves they looked around the darkened room. Rather than some high tech lab they were expecting it resembled something more like a bomb shelter. Suddenly there were cries of happiness and some of the kids ended up being tackled to the ground due to over exited digimon.

"Kari! I'm so glad you're here," Gatomon said hugging her partner tightly.

"I missed you Gatomon." She returned the hug nuzzling the top of the cat's head. Similar words and hugs where shared though out the group.

"What happened to you? You guys look terrible," Sora asked noticing the wounds and disheveled state of Biyomon and all the other digimon.

"Daemons taken over almost the entire Digital World," Gabumon informed them. "He suddenly showed up one day with an army of shadow digimon. They are basically the leftovers of digimon that were destroyed; he somehow found a way to reanimate them. We tried to hold them off, but we just aren't strong enough."

"So we're gonna be fighting an army of digital zombies!" Davis shouted.

"Sort of, most of them are just empty shells but the stronger ones still have their old personalities." Veemon told them from his seat in Davis's lap. "Like Myotismon…"

That caused ripples of fear and show to spread through the Chosen Children. "Geez how many times are we going to have to finish that guy?!" Tai said exasperatedly. "So now we got old enemies coming back to life and an army of shadow digimon or whatever they're called is there any other good news."

"Actually there is one more thing." All of them turned around to see Gennai entering the room sitting down at the table and setting down a small box he had being carrying. This was the most tired and beaten the Chosen have ever seen him. "Lucemon is working with Daemon. He had actually destroyed the entire world years ago, and he would have gotten to the real world if it wasn't for the Legendary Warriors."

"Who are the Legendary Warriors?" Izzy asked, taking a seat next to Gennai. The others followed suit taking the seats around the table and the space around it.

"They are a group of ten ancient digimon who saved the world and their 'spirits' are the base of the digital world's protection," Tentomon informed then settling down in the middle of the table. "Or at least they were until Daemon and Lucemon tore it down and destroyed them. They are the only ones strong enough to defeat Lucemon."

"And without the tags and chrests and Gatomon getting her tail ring back we're all basically stuck with our champion forms," Agumon mumbled hanging his head.

"It's okay Agumon we're all together now we've always went up against impossible situations and come out on top, this time won't be any different," Tai tried to convince his partner as well as himself. "Come on guys, don't look so down we just need to come up with a plan." It wasn't just the digimon that had a depressed air hanging around them.

"Here maybe this will make you feel better," Gennai said opening the small box that he had brought in with him. He opened the box revealing the children's crests and digieggs. That immediately brought cheers to the group.

"But I thought the crests were used to help restore the world?" Matt asked.

"You Chosen need them more now, but be warned they don't have any power in them," Gennai began to explain. "Think of it like a battery, all the energy has been used up now it's up to you to recharge it and return the power to the crests."

"Just how are we supposed to do that?" Mimi asked hugging Palmon closer to her.

"Each of you represent a virtue, just be yourself and the crest should be restored to its old power."

"What about us, without being able to DNA digivolve our partners can only reach the champion stage." Cody asked.

Gennai sighed, "I don't know…"

Suddenly there was a loud banging noise coming from another room making the Chosen Children jump. "What was that, are we being attacked?!" Davis said jumping up from his chair.

"Don't worry the Christmas lights are just acting up again." Patamon told them from on top of TK's head. "They were really calm until you guys got here. Now they're making a racket." All the kids gave Patamon confused looks, 'Christmas lights?'

"Lucemon wanted revenge on the Legendary Warriors because they were the cause of his destruction, so when they broke down the defense system he destroyed all of them," Gennai explained while standing up and headed toward an adjacent room. "They couldn't fight him off because they are basically thousands of years old and didn't have a physical form; they were just power sources."

The group followed him to the next room to see a large glass case filled with six different colored globes. Four of the six where flying around and slamming violently into the glass. But there were two that were resting on the bottom; a white orb that gave off a blue hue and a black one with a purple hue.

"These are the remnants of the Legendary Warriors." explained Gennai. "For some reason even after they were destroyed these six had parts of them that couldn't be deleted, I analyzed them and found that it's made of similar data to that human DNA is converted to."

"What's wrong with that one?" Matt asked pointing at the white orb. The white orb was flashing, dimming to almost nothing until coming back to normal. The black orb was continuously circling the weakening flashing orb.

"I believe that it represents the warrior of light. He is very week because the darkness in this world is so much stronger."

"So what is the black one trying to finish it off?" TK's grudge against dark forces was very clear.

"Actually TK I think it's trying to help," Patamon said looking down from his partners head. "Every time it stays dimmed for more than a few seconds the black one bumps it making it brighter again." TK didn't look very convinced.

"What makes these six different from the ones that were destroyed?" asked Izzy as he stepped closer to get a better look at the orbs.

"They were the partners of the first Chosen Children." Gasps erupted through the group. "When I opened the gate for you they started acting up; I think they are trying to return to their partners."

"If we can get the guys who helped defeat Lucemon the first time we might actually stand a chance," Agumon said giving a big toothy grin.

"But Agumon that happened thousands of years ago those guys are probably long gone," Tai said killing his partner's enthusiasm.

"Actually Tai, the time in the Digital World moved much faster at that time, they may not be too old," Izzy informed his friend.

"If I did my calculations right, they came to the Digital World only about six to eight months before you. This may be our only chance, you need to find the first Chosen Children if we want to save our worlds." Gennai said his face finally showing some life when reaching this conclusion.

"Great, this sounds like the 8th child incident all over again," Joe complained.

"Hey don't blame Kari it wasn't her fault she was sick!" Gatomon immediately came to her partner's defense.

"I didn't mean anything bad about her I'm just saying it sounds like another wild goose chase." Joe raised both his hands up in surrender. "At least last time we had the digivices to track Kari but we have nothing this time."

There was a loud crack and the glass holding the spirits shattered, they had finally broken through. They zoomed past the surprised children and digimon and straight through the open gate.

"Looks like that problem has been solved Joe. If the legends are true then the spirits will find their partners because they share the same soul," Gennai said.

"So besides the army of zombies we need to fight; now we need to find some kids that are possessed by digimon ghosts!" Davis was practically ripping his hair out at this point.

Laughter echoed in Gennai's HQ. "I will focus on making the connection to HQ and Izzy's laptop stronger so we can communicate. The D3s will no longer open the gates I need to manually open it from this side for security purposes." Gennai ushered them toward the gate. "Take your partners with you and good luck."

Takuya's Dream

His soccer team had just won the championships and he was being hoisted on his teammate's shoulders holding a huge golden trophy. Then suddenly, the noise around him was cut off like someone hitting the mute button on a TV. Then everything disappeared leaving him in a white space.

"Hey! What gives?" Takuya looked around rapidly.


He spun around to find a warrior with bright red armor and a mane of wild blond hair. His jaw dropped and eyes bugged out before running toward the tall figure and tackling him into a hug.