Chapter 44

Daemon's eyes traveled from one digimon to the next, looking for any weaknesses in their ranks. He began to panic as he came to the conclusion that there were none. They were all mega level and all perfectly healthy.

He snarled viciously at them and made the first move. He began to gather energy in his chest preparing for another blast of fire. Daemon eyed them curiously. Why were none of them moving? They merely stood there and watched him. Fine, if they wanted to get incinerated he would gladly do it for them. With a wicked grin he expelled a great wave of fire from his mouth.

Instantly, the digimon moved into action and counter attacked. The barrage of all of their combined abilities collided with Daemon's fire causing a huge explosion. The shockwave from the explosion forced Daemon to raise his arms protectively as he was thrown backwards.

The humans along with Bokomon and Neemon screamed as the super-heated air blew past them; the force of the explosion nearly knocking them off their feet. But the heat and the wind was suddenly cut off. Looking up they saw AncientGreymon and Vikemon standing protectively in front of them, shielding them from the blast. The three celestial digimon landed in front of the vulnerable humans and the two small digimon. Now that they knew their partners would be safe AncientGreymon and Vikemon moved forward to join the fight. Once the shockwave had passed the real fight began.

The digimon moved swiftly and surrounded the demon lord, and more shots were fired. Daemon managed to avoid most of the attacks with only a few clipping his body.

Daemon flew towards them with claws glowing with dark energy. He headed toward the closest target who was Valkyirmon. The small mega easily maneuvered between Daemon's frenzy of attacks, smirking all the while. While he was distracted, AncientKazemon, Rosemon, and ClavisAngemon moved in. They raised their weapons and began slashing away at the larger digimon.

The demon lord roared angrily as the blades cut into his skin. He released a pulse of dark energy that threw the smaller digimon back. He flew higher into the air to put some space between them. But more digimon quickly replaced them. AncientSphinxmon, AncientGreymon, Hououmon, HerculesKabuterimon, and Paildramon were hovering above him waiting.

The five of them blasted Daemon, the attacks burst along his shoulders and back causing him to plummet to the ground. He landed with a hard thud, cracks forming around the impact site. Daemon quickly forced himself to his feet. His body was wracked with pain, but he had no time to stop and rest. More digimon were gathering around him. AncientKabuterimon was launching blasts of electricity at him once he had hit the ground. He had taken a few hard hits to the chest but has been able to escape the barrage of electricity.

Before he could gather his bearings, Omnimon and AncientGarurumon were already upon him. The two digimon slashed at him with their swords hopping to deal some serious damage. In order to defend himself he gathered a huge amount of dark energy in his hands and caught their blades. The dark matter acted as a shield and kept the swords from piercing his skin. Omnimon and AncientGarurumon leaned forward putting more weight behind their attacks nearly forcing Daemon to his knees.

While he was preoccupied, AncientMegatheriummon came up on his side and landed a fierce head-butt. The demon lord was sent flying and crashed onto the ground once again. Before he could recover Vikemon let out a breath of cold air; freezing him to the ground.

Nearly his entire body was encapsulated with ice. Only his head and shoulders remained exposed. Daemon's breaths came in wheezy gasps as he struggled to breathe. Lifting his head, he glared at the digimon that surrounded him with eyes filled with hate.

"It's over, you've lost," Omnimon said.

"You will be punished for the all the crimes you and your little sidekicks have committed in both worlds,"AncientGreymon continued where Onmimon left off.

Daemon began to chuckle before he choked on a stream of ragged coughs. "No," he gasped, "It's not over." His body turned dark and whips of dark mist wafted from his mouth. "If I'm to die, I'll take you with me!"

"He's going to self-destruct! Stop him quickly!" AncientGarurumon shouted as the dark energy began to be leach out of the demon lord's skin. Each digimon acted immediately gathering energy for their most powerful attack.

"I'll see you all in hell!" Daemon roared. His body had turned completely black; the only color that could be seen was from his eerie glowing green eyes.

The multitude of attacks were released and raced toward Daemon. Their attacks hit him as soon as his body imploded.

The three angels raised a barrier to protect themselves and the humans standing behind them. They were protected from the initial blast but the ground shook so violently that they were all thrown unceremoniously to the ground.

The area around the barrier was filled with dark black smoke. They could no longer see what was happening. What had happened to Daemon? How would their partner's make it out of that alive?

"Is everyone alright?" Matt asked.

"Yeah," Kouji answered as he reached out and helped his brother to his feet.

"That was a really huge explosion," Ken said. They all gazed out into the smoke, hoping to catch a glimpse of their partners.

After a few tense moments the smoke began to thin. The barrier around them faded but they still couldn't see the results of the battle.

Finally, they smoke dissipated to reveal all fourteen of their partners. They were battered and burnt, but they were alive. The only thing that was left of Daemon was a huge scorch mark on the ground.

When the results of the battle had finally sunk in the humans let out ecstatic cheers. Daemon was destroyed.

They raced past the celestial digimon and headed toward their partners. Bokomon and Neemon hung back by the three Great Angels and watched their friends and the other humans meet up with the other digimon. Bokomon was wiping happy tears from his eyes and Neemon stood next to him with a huge smile on his face.

By the time the humans had reached their partners, they had all de-digivolved from exhaustion. The Chosen Children's partners returned to their rookie forms and the Legendary Warriors reverted to the more familiar human spirits.

"You guys were incredible!" Yolei gushed as she smothered Hawkmon, who didn't seem to mind that she was ruffling his feathers. The other Chosen Children held their partners in similar bone crushing hugs.

Zoe and Tommy hugged their spirits while the rest of the boys exchanged firm handshakes with their counter parts.

"We managed to get him before he could self-destruct," Lowemon explained. "It seemed that our attacks acted as a catalyst and reacted with all that stored energy and set of the explosion before Daemon was ready. The blast wasn't as large as he intended it to be. There was a lot of power behind it but not enough range to take us out with him."

"But if we were a second closer we would have been toast," Kumamon piped up.

"I'm glad that everyone is safe," Kouichi smiled. It was finally over.

But their moment of peace and happiness was shattered.

The world shook violently, cracks running across the ground and above their heads. The dimension was beginning to fall apart.

"What's happening?!" JP shouted.

"The world is too torn up and is beginning to crumble. I fear that with its destruction the connection between the worlds will be severed," Ophanimon said.

"If the connection is gone will we ever see you again?" Takuya said sadly.

Agunimon chuckled, "That was the same question that Zoe asked the last time we parted. There is always the chance that we will meet again, but the future is unclear. Just know that bonds like these aren't affected by time or distance. Even if you can't see us, we'll always be looking out for you."

"The same goes for use," Agumon said. He spread his arms out showing that he spoke for all the partner digimon standing behind him. "You're the best friends we ever had. Don't forget about us." Agumon tried to smile but everyone could see the tears shinning in his eyes.

"We would never forget you," Tai said quietly as he kneeled down and wrapped his arms around Agumon. The other humans and digimon followed their example and embraced their partners for possibly the last time.

Off to the side the Warriors hugged their digimon counterparts. "It feels weird to be separated from you even if we weren't merged together for long," Zoe said, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. Kazemon smiled sadly and hugged her partner tighter.

"We're always going to be a part of you, and you will always be a part of us," she said quietly.

Zoe felt a small hand on her leg and looked down to see Bokomon looking up at her. "At least this time we get a proper good bye," he said softly. The tears Zoe had been trying to hold back fell down her face as she bent down to hug the small digimon.

Neemon threw himself at Tommy who was already kneeling to hug Kumamon. The youngest Warrior laughed and returned Neemon's very enthusiastic hug. The two small digimon moved from each Warrior and held them tightly. Even Kouji returned their embrace.

The world around them began to crumble; chunks of white were falling revealing nothing but endless darkness behind them.

"I'm sorry but times up. You need to leave now!" Cherubimon said urgently. He waved both his hands creating two portals; one that led to the Human World and the other to the Digital World. Tears were shed and sobs were heard. They may have saved the world but at a very grave price.

Both groups hurried to their respective portals. The three celestial digimon remained where they were standing, for they were bound to this dimension. The three of them bowed deeply, thanking both the humans and digimon for their services before fading away. More white began to crumble and disintegrate, leaving the world to be covered in endless black.

On both sides they stopped just outside the portal to make sure that the other group had made it safely to the opposite side. Sharing just that one last glance they knew; this wasn't the last time, they would see each other again one day.

They stepped through the portal and were surrounded by blinding light. Suddenly they were tugged forward and the ground seemed to disappear from beneath their feet. They spun out of control for what seemed like ages, until they could finally make out a mix of colors that represented the end of the portal.

The human children landed with a harsh thud, in a similar style of how they normally land when using the computer portals.

They groaned as they wobbled to their feet untangling themselves from the pile of bodies. Once they got their bearings they realized that they were at the park. But something was wrong. The destruction from all the fighting seemed to have vanished. Through the trees they could make out nearby buildings that previously had their windows completely shattered and the frame bent looking as good as new.

To their astonishment there were even people walking around. They saw people walking in the streets and even some kids playing in the park, who didn't even seem to notice the sudden appearance of 18 people.

"What's going on? What happened to all the damage the digimon caused? Wasn't this place evacuated?" Davis was whipping his head around trying to take in everything at once.

"It's as if nothing happened," Izzy looked around astonished.

Takuya pulled out his phone and his jaw dropped. He nudged Kouji rather harshly in the ribs, making the other boy glare at him. "Check your phone."

Kouji raised an eyebrow and pulled out his cell phone. His eyes widened, causing Takuya to look over his shoulder to confirm if his friend's phone showed the same thing.

"What's wrong?" Kouichi asked.

Takuya looked back and forth checking both his and Kouji's cell phones. "The date. There's no way that's right that would make it practically the beginning of the school year."

The rest of the kids whipped out their phones to confirm what he had said. It couldn't have been a glitch if all of their phones said the exactly the same thing.

"It's set to before all this craziness happened. I know time flows differently in the Digitial World but it had never caused us to go backwards in time," Izzy said.

"Maybe the collapsing of that other realm caused the Digital World to reboot. And with our world so closely connected maybe it was effected too," Ken pondered. It was a truly strange phenomenon.

"You should talk to Gennai and see if he knows what happened," Tai suggested, but only receiving a sad shake of the head from Izzy.

"I can't. The connection between the worlds have been cut remember." In truth he had forgotten. The Digital World had been such a huge thing in their lives it was hard to imagine life without it.

"Kids!" A shout from the edge of the park drew their attention. To their surprise they parents where there waving franticly at them.

Without wasting a second they all dashed off to meet them, the adults running to meet them half way. Not caring about their weird time jump or how their parents could have found them, they each embraced their families.

Their parents hugged them tightly whispering to them how much they were missed, and how they prayed for their safety. It was over now, Daemon was destroyed. There would be no more fighting and no more risking their lives. They were home.

During the next few days they learned that no one else besides them and their families remembered the war that tore apart their city. It was weird trying to settle back in the human world, adjusting to classes and pretending that they hadn't almost been killed while saving multiple worlds. The Chosen Children's digivices where unresponsive; the screens staying blank no matter how many buttons were pushed.

They didn't believe that they would never return to the Digital World. It would just take time before the connection would be restored. They were willing to wait years to see their friends again.

In the ancient library of the Digital World Bearmon was carrying a tray of Neemon's favorite cookies and was headed toward his mentors study. Bokomon was finishing up the final chapter of his latest book. It was almost two whole years since the catastrophic event with Daemon and he was only now finishing his book that recorded everything that had happened in the war. It took a year for everything to settle down after connection between the worlds was broken. The Digital World had taken some major damage and was still recovering.

Bokomon had been acting rather odd lately, staring out into space and sighing a lot. His lack of focus being one of the reasons his book had taken so long to complete.

When Bearmon had finally reached the study, he peaked around the corner to check if Neemon and Bokomon were in there. Neemon was sitting off to the side playing with a loose thread that hung off his pants, and Bokomon had just shut the cover of his latest book with a rather dazed look on his face.

Bearmon knocked politely on the doorframe and entered the room slowly. The two residents turned toward him and smiled kindly. Bearmon knew immediately that something was off when Neemon didn't attack him for the cookies. The rabbit digimon didn't even glance at them when Bearmon had set the plate on the cluttered table.

"You finished it?" Bearmon asked referring to the closed book that now rested in Bokomon's lap.

"Yes, just moments ago," Bokomon answered, running his hand along the spine of the book.

"What's wrong?" Bearmon was starting to get more and more concerned. Both Bokomon and Neemon were known to be eccentric, but this was weird even for them.

"I'm just tired," Bokomon answered.

Neemon got up from his sitting position and walked over to Bokomon and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Are you ready to go?"

"Go?" Bearmon looked between the two digimon confusedly. The only time the two of them left the library was to follow the humans when the war was going on.

"I think I am," Bokomon responded to Neemon. He walked up to Bearmon and handed him the book. "I'm leaving you in charge of the library."

Bearmon's jaw dropped in astonishment. "What!? W-why!?"

Bokomon hesitated for a moment before answering, "I haven't been completely honest with you. At first I told you that I became a history keeper because I loved writing and wanted to record the history of this world. But that was a lie. Yes, I do like to do those things but that was not the point of taking up this position. I begged the Great Angels to allow me to become the first history keeper in order to extend my life on this plane."

Bearmon was in shock. What in the world was he talking about? He looked to Neemon for some kind of confirmation to Bokomon's wild statement. Neemon didn't have his normally dazed confused look;instead he looked sad and understanding. "You took this job so you could live longer!?" he gasped.

"You read my first book right?"

Bearmon nodded, unsure with what that had to do with the conversation at hand.

"Then you would know that we had no time to truly say good-bye to our friends before they were ripped away from us. I believed that they would come back one day, but I had no idea when."

"I think it's time we go now," Neemon interrupted, "We have done what we always wanted. We got to tell them good-bye."

Bokomon turned to look at his longtime companion. "Thank you for staying with me Neemon."

The rabbit digimon smiled brightly, "Of course. Someone needs to look after you."

A loud tearing sound echoed through the library and a portal opened behind the two digimon. Bright light poured from the opening, startling Bearmon, The sudden appearance of the portal didn't seem to fazeBokomon or Neemon. The commotion attracted two Wisemon who stood stunned in the doorway.

"I think you will be a great history keeper Bearmon," Bokomon smiled.

"Wait!" Bearmon shouted.

But he was ignored as the two digimon turned around and began walking toward the portal. Bearmon and the two Wisemon watched in awe as the two of them became engulfed in light. They could hear quiet tinkling laughter that seemed to echo in the area around them. Children, it sounded like the laughter of children.


A second later the portal began to shrink, disappearing into thin air. The remaining three digimon stood there still in shock about what they just witnessed.

"What do we do now sir?" One of the Wisemon asked. Bearmon turned to them confusedly. Sir? He had nearly forgotten that Bokomon appointed him the new history keeper. He ran his hand over the cover of Bokomon's book.

"We need to work on getting this book published." He handed the book to one of the Wisemon who nodded and disappeared out the door.

"What do we tell the others when they ask for Bokomon and Neemon?" The remaining Wisemon asked.

Bearmon had turned around and was heading towards his old mentor's desk, but the question had stopped him in his tracks. "Tell them that they finally went home," he answered without turning around. The Wisemon left silently as Bearmon sat at the messy table. Wrinkled papers and empty ink bottles littered the surface. A sad smile creped onto his face as he remembered Bokomon and Neemon; he would miss them so much.

He began to clean off the table, throwing away the bottles and unsalvageable paper. He paused when he uncovered a black feather quill. He picked it up and gently ran his paw along the feather.

With a determined grin he tucked the feather behind his ear. "I'll make you proud. You did a lot for this world even if you believed that you only stayed behind for selfish reasons." He turned to look at the space where the portal disappeared. "And I think your friends were really glad to see you too."

In another part of the Digital World Gennai sat in a darkened room, the only light coming from the laptop screen in front of him. When he wasn't taking care of the pressing matters of the Digital World he was sitting there. Always in the same spot.

"Watching them again Gennai?" The digital man turned slightly to see Centarumon emerging from the shadows of his room.

"I'm just making sure that they're all right. They've done so much for us after all." The computer screen was filled with a light static but pictures of the human world could still be made out.

"You took a huge risk, resetting time in the human world," Centarumon scolded. Gennai chuckled he had heard the same thing from his counterparts hundreds of times. But to him the result was worth it.

"Our world was already extremely damaged, even the human world didn't come out unscathed. If I didn't reset time imagine all the problems that would have arisen because of the digimon appearances." Gennai and the others would have been too busy trying to fix their own to try to hide the information about the Digital World like they had done before. "And they would have been stuck in the center of all of it. It was the least I could do for them."

With a few more clicks on his computer the screen changed to show a park. Centarumon could make out a group of humans gathered in the area. Some playing while others lounged around in the shade provided by the neighboring trees.

"How are the repairs going?" Gennai asked.

"Everything is going smoothly now. Most of the major sectors are nearing completion," Centarumon informed him. "Given a few more months we should have everything back to normal."

"Good, very good." Gennai smiled. He opened another program on his laptop and began typing. While he was busy Centarumon had excused himself, leaving Gennai alone. With a smile on his face, Gennai closed the program and reopened the window that showed the human world. Even through the static he could see one of them jump in surprise and the rest of them run over.

"Thank you my friends, for all that you have done. One day we'll be able to pay you back." Gennai shut his laptop cutting off all light in the room.

It had been a few years since the Chosen Children and the Warriors had last heard from the Digital World. But as time went on they moved on with their lives and everything went back to normal.

They still made sure to meet up at least a few times a month to hang out. It was getting more difficult to for them to do with some of them starting college and getting jobs. But today was one of those days where they all had some free time.

Like always, they had met in the park that they had returned to after the events in the Digital World. Takuya and Tai had finally managed to get the majority of them to play a friendly game of soccer.

But some of them were more content to watch their friends play. Izzy sat under a tree with Sora, Mimi, JP, Zoe, and Joe. The former child of knowledge had his trusty laptop open and was typing on it while occasionally looking up to watch his friends play.

A couple beeps from his laptop drew his attention back to the screen. He watched curiously as the email opened by itself.

"No way," he whispered as his eyes scanned over the message multiple times. "Guys come over here quick!"

His shout and sudden movements startled the people sitting next to him and put an immediate stop to the soccer game.

"What's wrong Izzy?" Tai asked as they reached the tree where the rest of their friends were sitting.

"Well, nothing's wrong but I thought you might want to see this." Izzy couldn't keep a huge grin from spreading over his face.

"If this is one of your weird computer geek things-," Davis started to complain. But he instantly took back his words as Izzy turned his laptop around to show the rest of them the cause of his excitement.

It was an open email. The name of the sender said 'Unknown' and the users email was filled with strange symbols. But it was the message itself that caught them all off guard. It was very short, but it meant the world to them.

It read, 'See you soon', with a moving image beneath it. The picture was very pixilated but they could very easily make out the image of a dancing Agumon.

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