Flippy's Journal: 9:16 AM, January 18

So far, the cogs are up to something, but what? I'll figure that one out as soon as I talk to Roger Rabbit. He'll know! But um, I have to write down that the VP has just gave a note to all Sellbots about "upcoming actions". Like what? Invasions, 2.0 Sellbots, Mega Invasions, those Sellbot cameras the VP has been talking about for ages? The possibilities are endless. Until we figure it out. According to what I've got with the Toon Troopers, they're up to something like a new HQ or the Chairman. Who is he?

Mover and Shaker Steve's Journal: 10:00 AM, January 18

Those Field Offices are still in the works. I don't know when they will be finished, but I'm guessing they're going to finish about this week or early next week. I mean, the Chairman won't let us stop working until he likes them. So far, he says he needs surveillance cameras and guards. We have enough guards so far (They're Minglers. Not Impressive? Well…) but those cameras might not be done until Wednesday! Next week. Now, I take that back for the guess. I think they might not be done until three to five weeks! But still, Cashbots, Lawbots and Bossbots need the Field Offices! That might take forever! But maybe if we hurry with some Legal Eagles, Yesmen, Money Bags' and Upsizers we could get them done in about a month. It will take a while.

Batty Loopenknees' Journal: 10:15 AM, January 18

Flippy told me about the memo. Methinks the memo means something I wouldn't want to explain in person. It's more of a CogFather thing. Besides, I've met him and Loopy Poodleberry, the famous Resistance Ranger! Anyway, I've secretly read Steve's journal and there are these "Field Offices" of some sort. They're probably advanced cog buildings and the Chairman is some gigantic robot. These are just guesses. They're probably not 100% true but oh, what the heck! Imagine if the Chairman was a fire hydrant or mailbox? I think the Chairman's fire hydrant is for his EVIL DOODLE named Joe to pee on.