Chairman's Journal: 11:19 AM, January 18, 2011

Ugh. Although Mover's and Shaker's do have a good pace of building, too many equal a problem! I have to hire a Legal Eagle, but Sellbots and Lawbots can't agree on EVERYTHING. That's how I made the cogs. But Cashbot's and Sellbots get along quite well. So maybe someday, they can go together. Wait a second! THEY'RE DONE?! Oh my god, how did they? Did they speed run? I don't like speeding! It ends out like a mess or did the Sellbots barely have anything? Oh, I have to stop this all! Also, someone has found our Field Offices. I've caught it on security camera!

I know it doesn't progress that well. Anyway, although these are Sellbot Field Offices, the Lawbot Police Offices will look EVEN BETTER then that. Oh, my doodle needs to have his food.