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Beyond a Heiress' Purpose

Hyuga Hinata was born differently. Being the first born of the head of the main family, she had not any ideas of what burden she was already carrying on her shoulders. The sin of her family… she was the chosen one to pay the price. But a certain lad could save her.

Chapter 1: The firstborn

This was the night that Hyuga Hiashi was afraid of. The twenty-seventh day of December. Of all the days of the month, neither he nor his wife wanted for this day to come. For nine whole months, they were anticipating for the firstborn of the Hyuga clan, the next heir for the next generation. But, giving birth to the next heir in this night was inevitable despite their prayers of not getting the child out of her mother's womb on this day.

But, everything was too late. It was inevitable.

Hiashi could hear his wife's labor inside the room. She was in pain that no man could bear. He knew that his wife could make it… she was his wife, after all. But all the Head of the Hyuga clan could do was wait for his wife's labor to finish and… hope for everything to be all right.

He waited and waited… until he could no longer hear his wife's voice.

The shoji of the room was immediately opened by a medic who helped delivering his child. She looked tired as the main doctor. "Hiashi-sama, your daughter has been delivered safely."

Hiashi nodded, still wearing an unexplainable expression on his face. Deep inside, he could feel his heart jumping up to his throat. All what he could do was hope for the best. He wanted a normal child… he didn't want his daughter to carry all the burden that his family made. He didn't want to get her involved into this. If there was someone to be punished, it ought to be him. Not anyone else in his family.

"My daughter… my child… no, no… Why doesn't she cry…? I-I cannot hear her." Hyuga Haruka said in a hoarse voice.

Hearing his wife's voice, he was effectively frozen on his spot. He felt his heart clench as he heard Haruka cried.

"Why?! Why doesn't she cry?! Why…? What is that on her forehead!?" his wife said in the most painful tone of her voice. "No… my daughter… no… this can't happen to you…"

When Hiashi finally had the guts to enter his room, he bravely accepted the truth. He saw there… wrapped in a white towel was a small bundle beside his beloved wife. The angelic child… their first child and the next heir of the Hyuga clan, was sleeping peacefully without making any distinguishing sound. Tattooed on her white forehead was a violet seal. The seal of the Kurogami clan.

"I apologize, Lord Hiashi… I could do nothing to prevent the curse on the child for Masayo's power is greater than mine." The head priestess of the Fire country, Maeko, said as she sincerely apologized to the head of the Hyuga clan. "I have done everything I could to drive the curse away… but the best I could do was to only weaken its effect on the child."

Hiashi numbly fell to his knees beside his wife and child. He reached for his daughter's small face and felt pitiful towards the small creature. Such a small living thing… yet already carrying too much on her life.

"How… tell me… how can we save our child?"

"I would do anything, Maeko-sama. I am willing to take the risk to save our daughter! Please, tell me the way." Haruka begged.

"I apologize, milady. But… I know not the cure to lift the curse. I have no power to do anything about it… I am very sorry."

"No. Don't say that! My daughter… Hinata… Hinata will be saved, right?! The curse won't kill her… she will live normally and be the next heir of the Hyuga clan! My daughter… she will be happy, too. Please, tell me that she'll be saved!" Haruka yelled.

Maeko lowered her head. "I was able to prevent her death by weakening the effect of the curse. I was able to prevent Masayo's curse of taking away the child's life once she was out of your womb, milady. I couldn't have done it without the help of the full moon… I was able to get strength from the moonlight to be able to prolong Hinata-sama's life. But as I said earlier, Masayo is way too powerful than I am. Despite her death, her curse in this child lives on. Though, it would work slowly… until the child's whole body is drained by the curse and die. With that, I know not of any cure to stop it."

"No way… this can't happen. Hiashi… dear… please, let's save our daughter." Haruka looked at Hiashi's apathetic eyes.

Hiashi clenched his fists. Blaming himself for everything that has happened to his wife and to their daughter.

"But, I have seen the future of this child, my master." Maeko said.

Haruka and Hiashi turned to look at the head priestess.

"Her future?"

"Yes. She would live her life. And by the help of a certain lad, she could be saved. He could protect her from any harm and save her life." Maeko explained, "I wasn't able to see his face, but he owns a very extraordinary power. There would be two young men… willing to protect her life. The first one would be her real savior and protector… but the other one would be used to kill her."

"What must we do, head priestess?"

"For now, hide the child. Do not let anyone get near her, but me. For she contains a very sacred power inside her. I can feel it… I am sorry to say but, Hinata-sama would not grow to be an ordinary child."

Haruka gasped.

"She has a very big purpose in this world." Maeko said.



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