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IzayaXMikado - The Contract

IzayaxMikado - Arranged Marriages

Looking for a fic where Mikado's parents sign over Mikado to get married to Izaya... or more like getting tricked into it. Moe!Kado as a newly wed wifey sounds fun :D

I've never filled a prompt before, but once I started it was really fun, so I thought I'd cross-post it here on

Sorry if the format appears strange to you, it's just how I've been posting it on dreamwidth. Enjoy!

Part 1 - A Perfect Plan?

Izaya put his feet up on his desk, leaning back in his chair, manicuring his nails with a slightly bored expression, regardless of the two customers in his office, the woman almost in tears, the man seemingly nervous, fidgeting and sweating slightly.

"P-please Orihara-san..! W-we don't have the money now…but we will have it by next week, we promise!"

Izaya just sighed, scrutinizing his nails.

"I'm sorry, but that won't do~ If you don't have the money, you might like to make up for your debt another way…How much do you need your liver, what do you think~?"

The raven flashed the man a kind smile. The man, already in his mid-forties, jumped slightly and gulped. "I-Isn't there any other way..?"

Izaya wiped his nails on his long sleeved shirt, then held them away from his body to inspect them. "But I already own your house, I'm just kind enough to let you live in it~ What else could you give me?"

The man swallowed hard, pressing his wife's hand shortly.


Izaya looked up interested.

"Excuse me?"

The women looked at her husband in disbelief, grabbing his shoulder. "Dear, what are you saying?!" The man paid her no attention. "Back in the old days…when a couple weren't able to pay their debts, they would give away their child in marriage to the one they were indebted to. People don't do this anymore, but…Mikado is the only thing we have left. The only thing we can still offer you." The women started crying now, grabbing her husband by the collar and shaking him.

"I'm not gonna give away my only child! Mikado is still too young! I don't want to lose my child already!" The man took his wife in his arms, calming her down. "I'm so sorry, dear…but we have no choice!" he said, while stroking his wife's hair. Secretly, he whispered in her ear. "Think about it, Honey! He doesn't know Mikado is a boy! He will sign a contract to release us from our debts, then we will introduce him to Mikado! He will want to back out of it once he realizes we only have a son! It's the perfect plan!"

He released his wife and pretended to wipe some tears from his eyes, then he stepped up to the Informants desk. "S-so..d-deal..?"

Izaya looked up at him grinning.


Part 2- Bad News, Sweetie…

"Y-you did WHAT?!"

"Mikado, sweetie, try to calm down…look, it's not that uncommon…Your grandparents had an arranged marriage too…"

"We live in the 21st century! What have I done to you that you would do something so cruel? I-Is this a joke…If it is, it's not funny in the least!"

"Mikado, please listen…we didn't think he would actually agree to it once he'd know you're a boy…"

Mikado stared at his father in disbelief. "HE..? You married me to a GUY?"

His mother tried to calm him by putting one hand on his shoulder, but it was slapped away. The both of them never saw their son that furious. "Sweetie, I know this is hard for you…but you'll only have to endure it for a few days, I'm sure he will try to annul it as soon as possible…"

Mikado sighed, realizing his hands had been trembling in shock and anger. He could tell his parents were more than sorry about this, and he didn't want to question them on how they got in to such a situation. He knew his father had a problem with gambling and they had been making a lot of debts lately. And he would do anything to help his parents, for he loved them dearly and he knew they loved him too. But to do this kind of thing…

Mikado swallowed hard. It would just be the marriage ceremony and maybe a few days of awkwardness, for the mysterious man was probably just one of those dubious debt collectors or son of a yakuza underling. Once he realized Mikado was not a pretty little girl, he would sooner or later let him go, and his parents would be off the hook.

"I-I'll do it…"