Here's the prompt:

Chie and Yukiko's in a steady relationship. Everything's been great, especially the sex. But the happy days came to a stop when Chie had to go to train (to become a policewoman) some where else for a whole month, leaving Yukiko bored and busy at the Inn. When Chie finally return and they plan to spend some quality time together on a date, but Chie would always cancel at the last minute. After several dates canceled, Chie manage to squeeze out of her busy schedule and promised Yukiko that she'll be with her for the rest of the day. When Dojima called Chie, Yukiko finally snapped, took the phone from her girlfriend and gave Dojima a piece of her mind that Chie is all hers for the rest of the day, on a date and later that night, they will have sex, especially the sex. Poor Dojima was only calling for some reminders but who care, right?

"Yukiko! I'm sorry. Dojima caught me just as I was heading out. Have you been waiting long?"

"No, I just got here. Look."

"A picnic?"

"Don't worry Chie. I didn't prepare anything. Except the fudge cupcakes. And even the staff loved them."

"Wow Yukiko, everything looks so good!"

"Well then, dig in!"

Ring! Ring!

"Sorry I have to take this."

"You have got to be kidding me."

"It might be important."

"Give me the phone."


"The Phone. Now."


"Satonaka. I need you to…"

"Hello Dojima. This is Yukiko Amagi."

"Amagi? Why do you have Satonaka's phone?"

"Does it really matter? You're not going to speak to her either way."

"Listen here-"

"Do you know how many dates you have ruined?"


"Five. Five meticulously planned date nights with my girlfriend who always comes in tired after answering one of your calls."


"No! You listen to me. I've been planning this day for the last two months and I will not have anything, not the end of the world and certainly not you, to mess it up."

"That's fine. All I-"

"I'm not done yet. You see I plan to take my girlfriend out later to her favorite restaurant and then take her back to the inn and we're going to have so much sex it'll make porn stars blush. As a matter of fact, by the time I'm done with her, I don't think she'll be in any condition to work tomorrow, so don't expect to see her. And I'm going to accomplish all of that without hearing her phone go off because if it does, I'm going to show you how much of a bitch I can be. Got it?"


"I asked a question. I expect an answer."

"Yes m'am."

"Good bye Dojima, have a pleasant day."


"Are we really going to do all of that?"

"Of course. Now eat your cupcake. You'll need your energy for later."