Chapter 1

Kim's POV

"Bye darling!" my mom, Jessica Crawford called as she dropped me off at the airport. I just gave a half hearted wave. I was still mad at her and my dad for totally abandoning me. My parents were being sent on a long business trip with 3 other families. They met a while ago and found out that they were old friends from high school. So after having a disscusion on if we were old enough to live on our own (which were not. I mean we're 16 for gods sake), they bought a huge mansion in Los Angelos California. We had never met each other so I had no idea what they looked like.

'I hope their not a bunch a goody goodies' I thought.

"And Kimmy," my dad said, " Try not to get in too much trouble".

I rolled by eyes, put in my headphones and walked through the sliding doors, hopping on the plane to pure torture.

Ally's POV

I sat in the back of my dads white SUV watching a video of myself singing.

"Ally!" my dad yelled.

I was so engrossed in my camera that I hadn't noticed my dad was talking.

"Yeah?" I snapped. He sighed

"Ally please try not to pick any fights. Ok?"

"Whatever" I muttered. "But if another boy hits on me I swear I'll-"

"Ignore it and walk away" my father finished.

I sunk lower in my seat and growled under my breath. We pulled up to the airport and I hopped out and yanked my bags out of the trunk.

"Bye sweetheart!"

He gave me one last hug before I walked through the big glass doors leaving my life behind.

'This should be fun' I thought 'Not'

Trish's POV

I was sitting on the curb with my Chiuaua, Malo, in my lap. I scowled as my parents waved goodbye to me. They were leaving me to go to some stupid 3 year business trip to Africa. I was staying with the daughters of some of their high school friends in a some huge mansion they rented.

Malo growled. "What is it boy?" I asked looking around. Suddenly a figure dressed in black jumped from the bushes and covered my mouth dragging me back into the trees. My screams were muffled as I thrashed and Malo barked loudly. I bit my attackers finger. He yelped in pain and jumped up. I kicked him in the groin, grabbed Malo and my bags then ran as fast as I could. Luckily the bus pulled up just the and I hopped on.

'Ugh glad to be out of there' I thought.

This wasn't the first time is been attacked but this WAS the first time I'd walked away without any bruises. As the bus drove away I noticed the guy flipping me off then going back into the forest. I sighed.

'Out one hell and into another'

Grace's POV

I was sitting in my parents red Convertible waiting for our chauffeur to get my bags.

"Come on Gracie. Time to go." my dad said.

I dropped my nail file into my purse and jumped out. I grabbed my gold-colored suitcases and strutted into the airport.

"Oh be safe sweetie" my mom said. "And please try not hurt any boys who flirt with you."

"Again" my dad finished.

"How about-"

"No," my mom said.

"Or when-"

"No," said my dad.

"But what if-"

"NO!" they yelled.

"Fine," I grumbled.

"Good girl" my dad smiled kissing my head.

"Humph!" was my reply as I stomped onto the plane.

"Prepare for take off in T-minus 3 minutes to Los Angelos California. Please buckle your seat belts." the pilots voice crackled over the loudspeaker.

I sighed and fell asleep dreaming of getting revenge on the boys who hit on me and severly hurting anyone who got in my way.

Normal POV

Kim walked up to the large white mansion dragging her pink suitcases behind her. She unlocked the front door and saw three other girls sitting in the living room.

"Hey," Trish grunted. "I'm Trish. You must be Kim".

She just nodded and glared.

"Whoa girls, she's glarin already. Looks like we've got ourselves another bad girl" Grace smirked. Kim blinked.

"So your not all goody goodies. Am right Hun?" she said, hands on her hips, her Southern Accent showing through.

Grace growled and went back to her phone.

"We already picked our rooms. There's one more," said Ally, jerking her thumb towards the stairs.

Kim nodded curtly and began dragging her bags upstairs.

She walked past a dark red room filled with books, a turn table and several musical instruments. It had a gold A on the door.

Then, a dark gold room with a huge closet and a shelf stacked neatly with fancy phones. On the door was a pink G.

A closed door.

Next, was a room covered entirely in different shades of purple. It had metallic purple walls, a dark purple carpet carpet and was decorated with job applications and a huge safe in the corner, which she assumed was filled with money considering the numerous job applications. On the door was a zebra striped T.

She walked back to the closed room and opened the door. Her eyes widened.

It was a dark pink with a king-sized bed and plenty of space. Perect for her workout equipment. She smiled and began pulling out her karate dummies, trophies and gear.

'The girls aren't sweethearts and my room was awesome. Maybe this won't be so bad after all,' Kim thought.