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"Morning guys" Sandra said happily as she strolled into the Ucos office. She waited for the usual Morning back from the guys, they didn't reply.

Sandra looked around the room and saw them all sat around the board; writing up what appeared to be a new case.

"What's all this?" She asked no one in particular.

"A New case we found left on Gerry's desk this morning, we thought it was you who left it there for us." Answered Brian with his usual dull tone.

"I didn't leave a new case for you, I've only just got in this morning, what is it about anyway?"

Gerry looked up for a stack of paper he was looking through and began to answer.

"Oh well gov we might as well work on it now. It's about a girl who allegedly committed suicide on 2nd October 2009, but the official inquiry wasn't 100% about it actually being suicide because something didn't add up."

Gerry paused as Strickland walked into the room followed by a young girl who had black hair that had been scraped back in to a ponytail and worn jeans with a blue top and a white cardigan. She looked foreign maybe Chinese?

"Morning guys, after the last excellent case and the fact that now Jack has gone you are a man down, the MET has decided that we will give you a work experience girl."

He turn to the young girl to his right and beckoned her forward.

"This is Alice, she will be working with you for a week, Sandra I want her to mainly shadow you for the first day or two, until she learns the ropes."

Strickland then beckoned Sandra over to him. She hastily obliged.

"Sandra I want you to make sure that this case isn't too gory or disturbing, we need more recruits and Alice is only 16 so I would like to try and make her want to work for us."

"Yes sir, but Gerry found a case that we think might be a good one, it's about a girl who allegedly committed suicide in 20-"

Sandra was interrupted by Strickland .

"Yes whatever case you like just make sure it does get too out of hand and that you play it all by the book especially around Alice."

Strickland took a last glance around the office before mumbling something about a meeting upstairs and head off.

It was not a good morning they had been dumped with a work experience girl and now had to toe the line exactly otherwise Strickland would be ready to shoot them.

"Right Alice come over here by the chairs and Gerry you can explain this case to us."

"Right gov, so as I was saying this girl.. Ermm"

His smile dropped and he started shuffling through the stacks of paper. Sandra sensed something odd about this case.

"What is it Gerry?"

"I can't find a name for the girl there is just white gaps of the paper where it should be."

All three of them picked up a wad of paper and started looking through it. After a few sheets Sandra and Brian saw that Gerry was right, there were big white patches wherever there might have been any hint of a name.

"Okay so there's no name we will get to that later just carry on with it Gerry."

"Okay gov. So this girl was found dead in the sports hall of her school."

Sandra thought she heard Alice gasp as Gerry pinned up the pictures of her body.

This better not be too grim and disturbing, she thought to herself.

"Her body wasn't found until around 4pm and it looked as though she had hung herself. She wasn't marked present for her last lesson, which no one bothered to look for her. She was found by two for her peers, Hannah Smith and Sarah Hope, when they walked into the hall after it began to rain during a hockey practice, which apparently the girl usually went to. Though the estimated time of death was somewhere between 2pm and 4pm. Her bag was never found but last week someone found her iPod in the school. Oh and get this she would have either had PE last or biology. Her parents say that she was happy enough at home but they didn't know about school as there has been some issues before."

They all sat there for a minute taking it in. Until Sandra piped up.

"So just a few things Gerry, what was the name of the school? How old was she? What were the issues? Did she have any friends?"

"Right, the school was Hillsworth school, she was.. Umm 1994-2009 she was 15 I think! It doesn't go any further into the issues it just repeatedly says issues. She did have quite a few friends though there's mention about a library crew but most of them will have left or will be in the sixth form."

"Right Me, Gerry and Alice will go to the school to interview teachers and to find out her name and Brian if you can see if you can trace any of her friends down, addresses, phone numbers anything."

"Oh Sandra," Brian called to her as she went to get her coat. "There's her timetable for that year, it might be useful."

"Thanks Brian, You two ready? Okay see you in a few hours Brian."


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