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It was around quarter to eight now and Leo was sat strumming his guitar. A few people were dancing around to the music but Brian, Sandra and Gerry were still sat at the table.

Brain was flicking through the iPod reading all of the argument and occasionally reading fragments aloud.

Sandra had her head on the table half thinking, half listening to the music.

Gerry was there next to Sandra really getting into the music that Leo was strumming out. He was tapping his foot under the table.

Leo ended the song and started up another. Laura's face lit up as she began to sing,

Pretty woman,
walking down the street

Gerry's face also lit up as soon as Laura started singing. He jumped to his feet and walked over to Sandra and carefully pulled her arm away from her face and towards him. "Dance with me."

Sandra took a long hard look at Gerry's lit up face, she couldn't remember seeing him this happy before. There was a sparkle in his eyes that she had never noticed, she couldn't just refuse him. She felt most of the eyes in the room turn to look at her. One dance couldn't do anything other than make Gerry happy and leave her be could it?

Unwillingly Sandra got to her feet and was dragged a few feet away by Gerry, who immediately started dancing.

Pretty woman,
the kind I like to meet

This was one of the old type of songs that Gerry listened to, though Sandra had heard the song a few times over the years, so she knew roughly how the tune went.

Gerry was making Sandra move quicker now as he got into some kind of fast dance that somewhat resembled an excited girl at a concert. It didn't really fit the rhythm of the song but Sandra just went along with it.

Pretty woman
I don't believe you,
you're not the truth

Was it just her or was this song getting more suggestive. No she thought, it's just Gerry's dancing that's making it seem that way.

A steady clapping was going round the tent as everyone was now watching Gerry and Sandra dance.

No one could look as good as you.

Gerry tried to twirl Sandra but the mud was slippery and she lost her footing in it as she slid to the ground. She forgot she still had Gerry's hand in her hand so a second later he crashed down next to her in the mud.

The pair of them burst out laughing. It took a minute before Sandra realised that she had landed in the mud. She was now covered in thick mud. It was all in her hair and smeared down the bock of her top ad trousers. She glanced at Gerry who wasn't as badly covered in mud, just a little in his hair and a few patches of his clothes.

"I think I am going to have a wash," Sandra announced to the room.

"Here's the key," Laura pulled out a small set of keys from her pocket. "Just lock the door from the inside when you get in otherwise you will have all the footballers in there. Oh and try not to get the floor too wet.

"Thanks." Sandra took the key from Laura and walked out of the tent.

Gerry was left standing there in the mud. He realised there was no way Sandra would want him around when he was the reason she fell into the mud.

Jack pushed a second key into Gerry's hand before muttering to Gerry.

"It's fine, there are curtains, you can't see anything. We'll be up in a bit and put a film on."

Gerry grabbed his coat off the side and thought for a second before he grabbed Sandra's coat as well and headed up to the top building.

When he got up there he found that Sandra had locked the door, so slowly he put the key into the lock and opened the door.

As Gerry walked in he heard a shower running. He walked over to his bag that he had left on the bench that ran round the room.

Slowly he unzipped it, trying not to make any noise. Almost as soon as he had unzipped it the sound of the shower stopped for a second before the noise continued.

Oh god it's one of those push showers. Gerry thought to himself, that meant he had to be extra quiet.

Quietly Gerry got out some more clothes and a towel and carefully began climbing over suitcases and sleeping bags over to the narrow gap where there was a cluster of white curtains. High up on the wall were showers positioned at equal intervals.

Only one curtain was drawn around a shower, which Sandra was in.

Gerry took off his shoes and coat when his phone rang loudly through the room.

His reaction was almost instant. His hand went for his phone before it could ring anymore but it was too late.

The shower stopped just as the phone rang for a second time.

"Hello?" Sandra called out into the room.

Gerry kept quiet but it wasn't long before Sandra stuck her head out of the curtain and stared straight at Gerry.

He could see the anger building up in her eyes but Gerry thought he sensed a sadness in Sandra.

"GERRY! How could you?!"

"How could I what?"

"You know what, just turn around so I can get dressed."

Gerry didn't bother to argue back with Sandra, she never listened to anyone else when she was this angry. He just turned around so that he had his back to her.

He stood there debating what he should say to try and calm Sandra down. Before he had a chance to say anything Sandra had walked into the adjoining room.

Gerry thought for a moment before following Sandra into the other room.

The room was a bathroom, with two ancient cracked sinks and two cubicles. Sandra was in one of them and had firmly locked the door.

Gerry slowly edged towards the cubicle that Sandra was in, he knocked softly on the door.

"Sandra? I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have danced with you." He paused for a second before continuing. "And I probably shouldn't have creeped in here either."

There was a tense moment where no one spoke before a loud sobbing sound filled the room. It took Gerry a minute to realise that the sobbing was coming from the other side of the cubicle door.


Her towel being thrown on top of the door greeted Gerry's question, followed by more sobs. He softly knocked again on the door, he let his head rest against the door as he knocked.

"Sandra, let me in."


It was a shaky negative reply but at least it was a reply.

"Why not? You can keep this up something is bothering you and I want to help you."

Gerry made a split second decision and walked into the other cubicle. He used the toilet as a step and peered over the wall.

Nothing could have quite prepared him for the sight that greeted him.

Sandra was dressed in a black tracksuit with black slip-on shoes. She was leaning against the door, tears streaming down her face.

She was constantly dabbing her eyes with a tissue but this had little effect as her tears were falling too fast and thick.

"Sandra I'm coming over whether you want me to or not."

"No Gerry."

It was all Sandra could manage to say. Gerry pulled himself over the wall and into the other cubicle. He walked over to Sandra and pulled her into a tight hug.

He could feel her wriggling, trying to break free but that just made him have a tighter hold on her.

"Sandra, talk to me. Why are you this upset?"

The wriggling stopped; Sandra's hands now lay limp by her side.

"Gerry.. I.." She couldn't find the strength within her to finish the sentence.

"Take your time. I'm in no hurry."

Gerry pulled her head into his shoulder and gently rubbed his hand soothingly on her damp hair.

Sandra took several deep breathes before she was calm enough to speak.

"Okay I know you're no shrink or anything. When I was in secondary school I was bullied for a bit. I told my dad but a few weeks later he died. I wanted it to stop so I started bullying everyone else until they stopped."

Sandra leaned back to stare longingly into Gerry's eyes, searching for something.

"Sandra I don't get it, what does that have to do with now?"

"I don't know I just don't want to be reminded of my teen years. You know I sometimes thought that it was me that caused the heart attack by telling him about the other children bullying me. Now I know it wasn't and everyone lied to me."

"Sandra don't blame yourself, it's not your fault. It's theirs, it's all theirs. Do you understand?"

Gerry was now forcing Sandra to look at him. Her blue eyes were sparkling with the tears. Gerry hadn't really seen her this upset before. It was quite scary how upset Sandra had got herself.


"What Sandra?"

"Nothing.. It's just it was awful and my mum did nothing, I didn't tell her. I just wanted it to stop, you know I got pushed right to the edge, thanks to them. Then I turned the tables round, I became the number one girl; the one everyone feared because I stood up for myself but then I kept going."

A fresh wave of tears fell from Sandra's eyes, Gerry pulled her tighter into him.

"Sandra you shouldn't think about the past, just think about now and that lot out there don't seem that bad."

Sandra seemed to accept that. Gerry heard Sandra sniffing as she tried to stop crying. She pulled out of Gerry's tight embrace and dabbed her eyes with the tissue.

"Come on Sandra, lets go watch a film with the others."