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Chapter 1: 6 am, waking up in the morning

"This taste...kinda weird..." Ian said as he chewed on a very strange Norwegian cookie.

Anthony went to pick up the cookie box to find something very interesting.

"Ian, it says that it expired on '11.30.08'. It expired on your birthday! It's telling you to have a happy birthday, Ia-..."
Anthony turned and saw Ian on the ground. Dead.

"Whoa..." He said and created a short awkward silence.

"Well, that concludes it for today's 'Mailtime with Smosh', hopefully we will stop dying next time, don't send us expired Norwegian cookies, guys. Or mainly expired products. And hair! Stop sending us hair, people... So, anyway. Leave anymore suggestions for Ian is Bored down below, even though Ian won't take any of them…but, leave them anyway! Bye!"

Anthony lowered the camera and pointed it to the supposed dead body of his friend "Say bye, Ian!"

Ian waved while his head was still face down on the ground. "Bye!", then he suddenly exclaimed, "BITCH!"

And with those last words, Anthony turned the camera off. "Alright, Ian. Help me clean all this stuff."

Ian shot up, and went straight to the kitchen. "Right after I rinse my mouth. That cookie actually tasted like death.
Worst birthday present, EVER!"

After Ian rinsed the flavor off his mouth, they started cleaning up their mail. Anthony sighed, "Alright, that's the last one."

"Ugh, FINALLY! I thought it would take us years to clean this up." Ian said as he stood up and went straight to his bedroom.

"Alright, man. I'm going to bed." Ian stated.

"Wait!" Anthony shouted.

Ian groaned and turned to face Anthony.

"What?!" Ian shouted.

"Aren't we suppose to buy some stuff for our video were gonna film on Tuesday?" Anthony asked.

"Can we do that later? Or tomorrow?" Ian asked back.

"Well, we should probably do it now while it's still early so we can kick back and relax later." Anthony explained.

"C'mon man, I didn't get any sleep last night!" Ian whined.

Anthony gave him a suspicious look right after he said that.

"What were you doing last night?" Anthony asked.

"Does it matter?" Ian asked back.

"I told you we were gonna film a video early in the morning yesterday." Anthony said.

"Well, Melanie bought me this new Max Payne and it's been sitting on my shelf for the past 2 weeks. It's been staring at me all night! So..." Ian confessed while he lowered his head down.

Anthony sighed. "Ian, whether you like it or not, we need to buy stuff for our video
now so you can throw yourself on your bed later."

Ian gave up and sighed. "Fine. I guess I still have some strength left for shopping, I'll go take a
shower then..."

Ian hanged his head while he headed to the bathroom. "Alright. Have fun, I guess..." Anthony said.

"Wow, it's getting really cold out here," Anthony commented as he and Ian were about to walk their way into the mall.

"Sorry we have to park so far away from the mall. All the parking spots near the entrance are all full. I don't know why so many people would go to the mall this early in the morning." Anthony explained and Ian just sighed.

They chatted shortly while they continue to walk to the entrance.

It was mid November. A thin fog was beginning to form. Both of them were wearing thick sweatshirts, but somehow they could still feel the cold breeze brushing against their skin.

Finally they reached the entrance, but the temperature didn't change.

"Hey, Ian. Let's go and get breakfast first before we head off to the department stores." Anthony said.

Ian grunted approvingly.

"Those girls are looking at us weird…" Anthony said.

He noticed a group of teenagers (Probably age 17-18) staring at them and giggling as they ate their breakfast.

Ian made a 180 degree spin to look back at the girls and realized that the girls even giggled more.

Ian turned back to face Anthony. "O...kay...this'll be alright, being creepily watched by some girls while we take our breakfast isn't awkward at all." Ian sarcastically said.

Finally the waitress came to their table.

"Good morning, gentlemen. What would like to have?" the waitress asked.

"Uhh… yes. Can I have some coffee, regular, please. And 2 chocolate filled donuts." Anthony said as the waitress simply nodded and wrote his order on her small notepad.

"And…I'll have coffee, too, black please. And 2 plain donuts." Ian said as the waitress did the same.

She gave them a quick smile before leaving.

While waiting for their order, they started listing out the things they needed to buy for the video, sometimes they'd be distracted of all the giggling the girls made. It was getting a little annoying , but then they went back to their conversation.

"Is it really necessary to buy an extra box of pizza?" Ian asked as he sipped his black coffee.

"Well, it'll be nice if we had a "little feast" after shooting." Anthony said as he chewed on to his donut.

Ian shrugged. "I guess that's cool..."

After breakfast, they stood up, placed the bill on the table and left.

The "giggling girls" were still giggling at them; they were surprised that they haven't left yet.

They continued to walk around the mall to look for the stuff for their video. This was definitely going to take awhile.

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