Chapter 1; A Hero Is Born

Hey, this is my first ever fan fic. I wanted to do something that I know, so this is just where I'm trying to find my writing style, so forgive me if it sucks.

I've been inspired to write this after watching The Dark Knight Rises and reading up on old Batman movie scripts. So instead of doing a Batman fic I decided to do something that I know, and here you have it Spider-Man Forever!

And it will be the first in many volumes depending on its popularity.

This story takes place a couple of years after Spider-girl and I'm totally ignoring any other titles after it. And I will not delve into any Spider-Man mythos and what happened in the past. So basically this is for anyone looking to pass the time. Some characters of the past will be mentioned but they will rarely be talked about.

Yeah, I can't think of anything else to say so without further ado



Evan wiped the sweat off his brow and stepped on his skateboard, he used his left foot for force as he started pushing down Main Street.

Evan was once again late for school, which seems to be happening to him now more than ever. Evan pressed his left foot down the back of the board which caused the board's nose to pop up and he shot on the pavement.

Evan was used to skating. He even considered going pro in skateboarding. But he never got around to it. People always shut him out due to his unsocial behavior. He never had friends and was quite shy around people. At a young age he was diagnosed with an antisocial disorder. Not that he didn't want to hang out with people' he just preferred to be in his own space.

He took a left turn into Midtown High School of Science. Evan carried his skateboard in his hand and came to the gate.

A security guard watched him approach. "Evan, late again?" said the guard as he stood up from his booth and opened the gate.

Evan sighed "Yeah, I have to set my alarm to get up earlier."

The guard pulled out a notebook and a pen. He scribbled a few words on it.

"A pass, this is your last warning,'' The guard ripped it from the book and handed it to Evan.

Evan smiled "So was the other one," he let out a giggle and entered the school premises.

"EVAN CONNER!" a distant voice shouted.

He stopped in his footsteps and looked over to where the sound emanated. It was from a fat, small, man with grey hair and balding starting to show. His name was Professor Marius. The principle of Midtown High. He stepped closer to Evan.

Prof. Marius peered at Evan through his glasses 'late again," he rubbed his chin in disapproval "Evan if you want to pass this year, you going to have to pull up your socks. The last couple of years you barely scrapped through. Evan, I knew your farther, Peter Parker is a great individual."

"I'm trying, sir. I really am." He said. Evan tugged his board tighter.

"I can see that, but you going to have to start doing… this are your last chance," he stretched out his arm "and your first step to succeeding, is not slugging around. Hand me that thing."


"Your skateboard. Hand it over!" Prof. Marius ushering him on. Evan reluctantly handed his skateboard over. "Perfect, now get to class."

Evan walked into the school's empty hallway and reached his locker. He rotated the lock to find the code. 29-05-97. Evan searched his locker for his roster. He found it and looked at it intently at his periods for the day.

Great, double Mathematics.

Evan closed his locker and walked to his class. He hates mathematics, especially algebra. Maybe if he could understand half of the work he could do better in it. And people would stop hassling him about being as "great" as his farther Peter Parker. Peter wasn't even really his biological farther. He was adopted by Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Parker when he was five.

Brought into their lose family. He and "Uncle Pete" were as tight as could be. Evan could talk to him about almost anything, but lately Peter has been overworked always trying to keep his company Parker Intel afloat. Now they almost never see him.

Mary-Jane is a house wife but almost reclusive. She rarely ever sets foot out of the house. But no one can accuse her of not being loving. She took very good care of Evan and his "sister" May "Mayday" Parker.

Mayday was a spunky soul, but she had her days. They were quite close but all of a sudden she changed. She was just different, came home late every night, she had bruises on her body. Every one suspected it was an abusive boyfriend but she had no boyfriend. She slept till late when her parents were gone and started taking pain pills. There relationship was never the same. She since moved to Los-Angeles for work.

Evan reached the front o the class and brushed his hand through his brown hair. He let out a sigh and turned the handle of the door.

The class was quiet. All eyes were on Dr. Danielson as he was explaining an equation on the smart-touch board.

''Sorry that I'm late Dr. Danielson, I overslept." Said Evan as he nervously put his hands in his pockets.

The man looking at Evan "Take a seat." And continued explaining the complex equation.

As he walked Evan suddenly felt something under his foot and fell. The class whole class laughed. Evan got up to his feet and looked at the foot that was blocking his way. It belonged to Crash.

Crash let out a loud piggish laugh. Crash had blond hair and freckles on his face. He was handsomely muscled. He wore his traditional Basketball jacket and a Beta cap backwards.

"That was not funny, Crash." Evan said with his fists clenched together. Crash stood up challenging the frail boy's bravado.

Crash laughed "Yeah, well I thought it was and what are you going to do about it?" the class laughed at this remark. "Are you going to run to rich daddy again, huh?"

Evan was ready to punch Crash in his face when a loud voice blasted over them "That's enough, both of you!" it was Dr. Danielson's "Get to your seats!"

Two smooth feminine hands wrapped itself around Crash. It was Emma's, her grace so delicate. Evan had a Crush on her since grade school. Her beautiful black hair in Crash's smug face. "Relax, okay." Her soft voice soothing calming both rivals.

When the spat between the two were over, Evan sat at his desk, the desk in the furthermost corner of the class. Evan sat back in his seat and stared at the clouds out of the window. He tried calming himself before he punches Crash's lights out.

The teacher finished the sum and spoke "Okay, let's put that nasty altercation behind us and focus on our work. Now next week you will write a test which is worth 35% of your pass mark." He continued to walk over to his desk and took out a stack of pages. He looked at it, clearly disappointment.

"Now last week you wrote a test and shall I say your marks were outright putrid!" He started handing out the papers while delivering words such as hideous, shameful, and disastrous.

He came over to Emma's desk and said "My best pupil, you never fail too impress me." He handed Emma her test "Perfect score!"

Evan smiled, Emma was a perfect girl, and everything about her was perfect. Her laugh, her smile, just everything about her. He remembers when he first saw her for the first time. He was walking down the quad when he was in third grade. And when he made contact with her emerald green eyes he knew she was the one. But he could never muster up the courage to talk to her; she probably doesn't know he exists.

Evan got snapped out of his daydream by Dr. Danielson slapping the paper on his desk. He stared at Evan a long while before talking "What do you do, Evan? You always seem to be in a world of your own. Your grades are the lowest in the class, you always show up late, and when you here you don't pay attention. If you want to repeat this grade you doing a good job of it."

"S-sir I am trying my be-"

"As you can see, your best is not good enough," he gave Evan a uneasy look "You have to pull up your socks if you want to pass this final year." He turned and walked away before continuing with his lesson.

Evan looked at the big red F on the front of the paper. He shook his head and gazed out the window.


Peter stepped out of a long black limo in front of Parker Intel. The door was opened for him by a old man. He stepped out of the limo and was immediately met by flashes of light and cameras. The entire media shouting questions at him, hoping for a response.

"Thank you Edward." He said as he walked up the buildings entire press bombarding him with questions.

"Mr. Parker, what do you have to say regarding the accusations of Cortex Incorporated?"

"Sir, it's been heard that the company's revenue has plummeted?"

A small beautiful woman with her hair tied to the back and black framed glasses lifted her microphone to speak "Peter Parker. Lena Lang from The Daily Bugle. Is it true that Parker Intel is about to shut down?"

Peter fitted his glasses on his face and answered the question "Miss Lang, I can assure you that my company is doing absolutely well and there is nothing wrong with it. Parker Intel will stay here in New-York for many years to come, thank you." He walked suavely into the opening of the building.

The press was left wanting more comments and continued shouting questions but Peter walked off.

A man dressed in an expensive Armani suit walked over to Peter, his blond hair neatly brushed back. The way he elegantly moved showed his wealth. He flashed Peter a smile; his white teeth can blind any one in sight. The man's name, Richard Clark. Richard is a well known business man who owns twelve companies upstate. Richard comes from a wealthy family and is used to getting anything he wants. He is a self-centered and arrogant man. And he has very deep pockets.

"Peter, glad you could make it."

"It is my company, Richard."

"Not for long, soon this company will go bankrupt and it will be easy pickings on the stock market," he picked up an apple and bite into it "let me make it easy for you, Pete. I want to buy all this from you."

"No thanks, Dick, I worked my ass off for this company and you won't get your wicked fingers on it." Peter motioned over to the security "Show Mr. Clark the door, please."

The two guards are dressed in uniform and very built, one took Richard on the shoulder but Richard forced himself out of his grip.

Richard let out a chuckle "I'll see myself out, and I will be back, Pete." He walked to the exit. The room was silent for about ten seconds.

Then suddenly all four of Peter's private assistants came into the lobby, each of them holding state of the art iPads in their hands.

"Sir, you have a meeting with Reed Richards in two days, should I cancel?"

"Mr. Parker there's a couple of contracts that need your fingerprints."

"Sir, should I cancel?"

"Bruce Banner is on line one-"

"PEOPLE PLEASE!" snapped Peter "Not now," he relaxed himself "I got a board meeting in a few minutes." He walked into an elevator "I should give myself a raise."

An electronic voice talked over the PA system "Which floor will you ascend to Mr. Parker?"

"The fifteenth floor, Martin."

The elevator pushed down then up, almost in an instant the doors opened and in front of him was a dark-skinned man in a lab coat, he had grey hair on his head. Frank Edison is a friend of Peter, they both have known each other and they practically built the company together after Oscorp's inevitable demise. He along with a few people knew Peter was once the legendary Spider-Man.

"Pete, finally you here."

"The transportation had a little bit of a hiccup."

Frank and Peter worked side by side "First we have to look at some of the inventions by these nut-jobs." they walked through almost endless work corridors. Robotic arms working on machine products.

"Anything promising?"

"A few, but nothing that will put Parker Intel back on the map." He said while staring at some documents "It's a shame, some of these guys really worked hard at their inventions.

"Yeah, that's a shame."


Dr. Lazerath typed furiously on his keyboard while writing words on papers next to him. His work desk was messy and he looked like he hadn't slept in days. His hair standing up in the air and bags were visible under his eyes. He took a gulp of cold coffee and continued punching holes into the keyboard.

The professor sighed has he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes "Years of hard work going for shit and I may have managed it in just two weeks."

He looked over as the door opened and two people entered. One dressed in a black suit with vintage glasses and the other, like Dr. Lazerath wore a lab coat. He recognized them immediately.

"Peter Parker," he walks nearer to greet his boss "It's an great honor." He takes Peter's hand with a tight handshake.

"I believe we have met Dr. Lazerath."

"Sorry I just get star struck when I see you Mr. Parker. And since you are here now I got something to show you."

He walked over to his messy desk "I've been perfecting some of my algorithm and found that I have found a way to power the entire America for years too come." He through some pages on the floor before speaking "Not only that but I have found a way to make a uranium bom-"

"You can't be serious Doctor, a uranium bomb? What are trying to create World War Three?" spoke Frank "Your ideas are good but we can't proceed with it. Not in Parker Intel's current state, it's too risky."

Dr. Lazerath looks over too Peter. Peter gives a moderate gaze "I'm sorry but it raises too many questions."

Peter walks over to leave when he feels a tug at his arm. The room is dead quiet. Dr. Lazerath is holding Peter's right arm. He gently lets go of Peter's arm.

"Please, I worked my whole life for this, please."

Peter looks at him and almost whispers "I'm sorry."

"NO! I've worked for this all my life and now you want to just take it away!" he once again grabs Peter's arm, this time more tightly.

Peter pulls himself from the crazy Doctor's hand. Frank signals for security "Dr. Lazerath, your behavior here was unacceptable. You fired." The two security guards came; they sure had a busy day today.

Frank whispered into Peter's ear "The man's crazy." The entire staff watched as security put the hands around Dr. Lazerath's arms.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" shouted the Doctor as he was whisked away by the two brute security guards "I SWEAR TO GOD, YOU'LL PAY, ALL OF YOU!"

"Alright there is nothing to see here," Frank reassured the confused crowd "get back to work!" he steered Peter to the door by his shoulder.

"That man is a lunatic; he got two of his colleagues killed while working on the Tachyon Transversal project."

Peter gave Frank a uneasy look "Then why keep him on the team?"

"He is smart, lets go, we got a board meeting to attend."


Evan tapped the buttons on his GX 3000 while listening to hardcore rock music on his iPod. Sitting under a tree while waiting for Peter to arrive, on his video-game he is shooting zombies trying to get a new high score, which is all set by him.

Evan looks up and sees Emma walking with her friends. He stares into her eyes and the world seems to go into slow motion. She looks up and locks with his eyes.


He thought she saw him staring at her. He cautiously looks up and to Evan's dismay, Emma is hugging Crash. Pitiful. All the bad guys get the girls; well it's a changing world.

A giant black SUV with tinted windows stops in front of Evan, the passenger window gets rolled down. And Evan can see who it is, his adopted farther Peter Parker.

"Hey, how's it going?" says Peter as Evan opens the door and sits in the passenger seat. He takes out his earphones.

"Err… It was one of those. You?"

"Same here."

"How come?'

"Parker Intel is barely making it," Peter said before drifting off, his words unaudible.

He pulls out of the school drive way and starts driving home. The two engage in light conversation, indulging themselves in each others woes. Their discussion whines down until it becomes complete silence, each one in their very own world.

Peter finally breaks the silence "So, I was thinking that we can eat out tonight," he says "I've been quite busy and I'm never at home."

"Sounds fantastic."

And once again it's silent until they get home.


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