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Chloe's Pov

"Mom are you home?" I asked walking in the house from my "date" with Brian, okay well it wasn't really a date more of a awkward night full of silence, I we didn't even get to eat it was so awkward.

"Hello? Mom? Are you here?" I yelled walking up the stairs to check in her bedroom to see if she was sleeping, but she wasn't. This was a little bit scary, she was always home. So I went inside her room and there was a tiny purple note that said,


Sorry I didn't call or leave you dinner but I have a very important business meeting in Florida and I wont be back for a few weeks. I have asked Valentina if you could stay with her and she said it would be no problem. Sorry Honey

Love you,


Since it was only 10:30 I decided to take a shower then eat some leftover pizza from the other night. After my nice and warm shower I changed into my Pj's which consisted of navy blue sweatpants and a black tank top. Walking downstairs at night was never scary for me until a few months ago. I didn't know if a murder was going to kill me while I was looking in the refrigerator or what. But since Alek was on Uniter Duty tonight I figured it was fine to snack on some food.

"Ugh" I mentally screamed as I was looking in my fridge. My mother has eaten all of my pepperoni pizza and left me with her disgusting broccoli covered one.

"Hmm… 10:45 maybe Alek wants to go get some food…" I said to myself

"I would love to get some food with you Chloe King" Alek said smirking and scaring me half to death.

*Screamish sound (like and eep)*

"Thanks for the heart attack…" I said glairing at him

"I'll be right back, I'm going to go change and we can go." I said as he sat down to watch tv.

Alek's Pov

Oh my god. I think she's mad at me. What do I do?! Wait why am I nervous? Its just Chloe… Do I like Chloe? It doesn't matter if I like her or not she'll just end up breaking me heart again to hang out with that inferior human. What does she see in him anyway? Doesn't she know she can never be with him? Why can't she see that she is supposed to be with me? Why. Do. I. Feel. Like. This. No girl has ever made me nervous before, I Alek Petrov have never been this nervous in my life. Oh whatever I don't like her. Okay yes I do. I more than like her I love her, but Mai fall in love for life and she is in love with her human, so im screwed…

"Alek? Are you okay? You didn't even turn on the TV. You're just sitting there staring at it. You're weird." She looked at me

Oh no. She's giving me that look. The look where I feel I have to tell her everything I'm thinking. The one that makes me want to tell her how I feel about her.

"Hey jocko you listening? Are you ready to go?" she asked me laughing a little bit

"Oh, yeah sorry I was just thinking about something." I replied getting up and going to her front door.

"So where do you want to go eat King?" I asked as we walked towards the sushi place.

"Well since we started walking to the sushi place and all the other restaurants like beau café (lovely café) and alimenti adorabili (adorable foods) (made up names) are in the other direction I guess we can go to the sushi place." She replied as we walked

"Wow I didn't even notice we were walking somewhere. We could go to the other places if you want." I said kind of embarrassed

"No, Alek its fine I like sushi. You know me being a cat and all." She said

"I know you don't mean that, lets go to the penthouse and I'll make us some dinner" I said turning around heading home

"Alek, I said it was fine we can go get sushi." She replied catching up with me since I was walking in the opposite direction

"Chloe it's fine, I know how to cook and I know exactly what to make you. I just have to go to the market." I said now jogging

"But ALEEEEEEEEEEEEK" she whined

"Come on lets go" I was jogging until she passed me and we had a race to the penthouse which I won of course

"Cheater" she glared at me

"How could I cheat King?" I asked walking into the elevator and pressing the 18th button

"You know, you're taller and you had more training and you have longer legs and you um… you… YOU JUST CHEATED OKAY?" she said pouting

"I can't help that I am just better" I laughed getting out of the elevator and opening the door to the apartment.

"Wow you really are a cocky bastard aren't you…" she said following me

"Ha Ha very funny. Okay wait here I'll be right back the market is right down the street" I said walking towards the door

"Wait. What do I do while you're gone?" she asked

"I don't know? Watch tv!" I yelled getting back in the elevator

Chloe's Pov

He's going to make me dinner! Yay. Is this a date? Oh my god. Am I on a date with Alek? Do I like him? Oh lets face it I like him… A lot. Do I love Alek?

I pondered this thought for about 20 minutes until I heard the door open and a British accent saying, "Thank you so much for helping me"

We spent the next hour cooking and splashing each other with water until the door opened and Valentina came in.

"Chloe. Where have you been? Jasmine and I have been waiting for you at your house for over an hour?" she asked clearly irritated

"Well…" I started but I was cut off

"Its my fault. I was on Uniter duty and I asked Chloe if she was hungry and wanted to go get something to eat." He said walking up to her.

"Alek I gave you specific orders to stay with her at her house. Now Jasmine and I have to go and take care of some things but we brought Chloe's clothes and other stuff that she'll need for the time she's staying here. Now Jasmine and I are going to be gone for a month but you guys are excused from school because they think you are going to. This doesn't mean you can just slack off the whole time. You will have training and Mai history lessons with Chris. And Chloe do not tell your mom that Jasmine and I will not be here." Valentina said as Jasmine brought my stuff in and grabbed some suitcases for her and her mom.

As soon as they left Alek got our food and put it on the dining room table.

"Wow this salmon is really good Alek! I never knew you could cook…" I told him before shoving more food in my mouth. (like eating fast not gigantic bites)

"There's a lot of thing you don't know about me King." Alek said finishing his food and taking his plate to the sink.

After we were done eating he and I went to go sit on the couch to watch a movie.

"What shall we watch?" he asked walking to a cabinet

"ROMANCE!" I practically yelled at him

"Woah, geeze don't have to yell I'm right here." He laughed

"Do you have the Vow?" I asked even though I figured they didn't

"Yeah, Jaz loves that movie…" he said heading to what I would guess is Jasmine's room

"Here you go… Can you put it in while I make popcorn?" he asked handing me the DVD

"Yep! And can it be the extra butter one?" I asked him standing up to put the disk in the DVD player

5 minutes later

"Ready Alek?" I asked him sitting down on their couch

"Yeah let me just put this in a bowl, you can start it, don't have to wait for me." He said

This is weird, Alek actually being nice, Its kinda sweet. Why isn't he like this all of the time? A nice, sweet, polite boy… oh well better enjoy it while it lasts.

Alek's Pov

Okay The Vow that's a romantic movie right? She wants to watch a romantic movie with me. Alone. At night. Is this a date? Oh god I hope it's a date. This is so easy, not like being with Mimi, with Mimi I would have to plan EVERYTHING and when I mean everything I really do mean everything. What we're going to do, where we're going to do it, when we're going to do it, what we're going to eat, what we're going to talk about while we're doing all of this stuff. And with Chloe it just comes naturally, it's so easy for me to be around her. It takes no planning, I don't need to know what we're going to talk about, I don't have to make it fancy, and I can just enjoy being with her… Okay I sound like a girl.

I go and sit down on the floor by the couch where she is sitting, because I don't know if she wants me to sit there.

"Alek you can sit on the couch you know…" she tells me

"Oh, okay thanks I just didn't know if you wanted me to or not." I reply moving to the couch

Movie Ends

(Chloe is sleeping and her feet are across Alek's lap)

After that movie I felt like I was watching forever I look over at Chloe and notice that she's sleeping. Since the guest room is being renovated I pick her up bridal style and walk her into my room, lay her on the bed and go take a shower. When I came back out she is in the same exact position I put her down in. Chuckling a little bit I change into sweats that say Petrov #9 ( see what I did there btw. He's not wearing a shirt to sleep) down the side and slip next to her in my bed. After about 45 minutes of lying there thinking about the strawberry blonde laying next to me I finally drift off to a dream full of Chloe.

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