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"Well before my parents, died they left me some money, they were as you could say, royalty." He said getting a little bit choked up I guess he really didn't talk about his family that much.

"Oh, I'm sorry Alek. I didn't know." I told him as we drove to Beau Café

Alek's Pov

"Alek? Are you okay? You haven't said anything for a while…" Chloe asked me

" Huh? Sorry. What were you saying?" I said looking over at her

"I asked you what it was like when you first moved here." She repeated

"Oh, well it was different. In Britain everyone was so polite and when I got here to the states some man shoved me and I was almost hit with a car." I said with a smirk but secretly it was hard to talk about. "I left my family in Britain, sure they didn't really want me but they raised me."

"Alek, I'm so sorry they didn't understand. Is that why you don't want me to tell my mom?" she looked at me

"I just don't want what happened to me to happen to you. I care for you Chloe." I cannot believe I just said that. She is never going to talk to me again.

Chloe's Pov

I couldn't help but blush, he said he cared for me. By the time we got to Beau Café it was 6:30, which was pretty early since we drove like 50 miles… I have to say, it wasn't the best idea to drive this far for dinner. But hey what can I say, I like French food!

"Chloe we're here." Alek said getting out of the car

"Oh, I knew that. Sorry I zoned out for a little while…" I said as he opened my door and led me inside the restaurant.

"Hi, I called from the car. Reservation for Petrov." Alek told some girl at a counter in front of the restaurant.

"Oh, yes here it is. Would you like to sit in a booth?" she asked Alek trying to push her boobs out towards him.

"Yes, that would be great" he said as he grabbed my hand. She saw this and she looked really pissed.

"Okay, follow me" she replied grabbing two menus and walking to the back

"Your seat sir." She said looking at him. Clearly still trying to flirt with him. To be honest I am used to being with Alek and girls throwing themselves at him. But it didn't usually bother me this much, they usually stopped by now but this chick wouldn't, she was starting to get on my nerves so I did what I thought would make her leave.

"Excuse me? Yeah, could you be a dear and stop flirting my boyfriend and go get us some water?" I almost yelled at her

"uph" she stomped off

"Boyfriend?" he laughed

"Oh shut up Alek. She was just being really annoying" I replied looking at my menu

"Okay… Whatever you say Chlo." He said

After we were done eating the annoying waitress came back and asked us if we wanted dessert… and because I was with Alek it was already decided… He ordered a chocolate cake slice :). YUMMY most girls would feel awkward eating in front of the "sex god" of the 11th grade. But I just didn't care at all.

"Okay, hun." The waitress said

"Thanks and can you bring it in a to go box please?" he kinda yelled as she left for the kitchen

When she brought the cake it was about 8 o'clock. Apparently I eat verry slowly… when she brought the bill I was too slow to grab it and Alek didn't let me see it…. But when the bill came back and he had to sign for it I got to see it…. THE BILL WAS FOR 74.23 DOLLARS! WHAT THE HECK DID WE EAT ANYWAY? GOLD?!

Alek's Pov

"Chloe… if you don't get out of the car I am going to carry you out of it…" I told her standing outside the door of my car.

"NO. I WANT MY CAKE!" She yelled

"We can eat it upstairs! You just have to get out of the car first!" I said trying to drag her out of the car

"NOOOOOOOOOOO…" she yelled as I picked her up bridal style and walked into the building from the garage under it.

"ALEK. PUT ME DOWN. I WANT TO GO TO STARBUCKS!" she screamed hitting me as I put her down.

"Fine, but we have to go upstairs."

We walked into Starbucks as she ordered her Venti Vanilla bean crème frappuccino, and me ordering my Venti iced chai tea latte. I paid as she went to go sit down at a table. When our drinks finally were done I grabbed them and brought it to her, and we left. When we got into the elevator I debated whether or not I was going to tell her how I felt. After the 6th beep I decided I was going to tell her.

"Chloe?" I asked

"Yep?" she chimed

"So… What do you think about going to see a movie tonight…?" I replied nervously

"L-like a date?" she looked at me

"Yeah, I mean no. I don't know. Do you want it to be?" This felt awkward…

"Uh… Yeah. But before we go can I change first?" I smiled

"No problem. I'll go order the tickets." I replied just as the door opened on the 15th floor and she walked into the elevator.

"Kara." I spat

"Alek, what are you doing here?" she glared at Chloe

"My girlfriend and I are going to a movie but we're going to change first. What are you doing here?" I tried not to scream at her

"I was just about to visit Jason and see if he wanted to go to Beau Café for dinner." She replied

"Oh, well tell him I said hello." I said stepping aside showing her

"Kara Jameson" she said walking closer to Chloe for what I think was a hug

"Chloe King." She said actually giving her a hug

"Alek. We need to talk." Kara said before getting off the elevator at the 17th floor

"So… How do you know Kara?" Chloe asked looking at me

"She was my ex girlfriend before I met Mimi" I said grabbing my keys out of my pocket to open the door to the pent house.

"Oh… I'm going to go change. I'll be right back" she said going into my bathroom

Chloe's POV

His ex girlfriend was really pretty. She had Light brown wavy hair, grey eyes; she was really skinny, and quite tall. She was prettier than any person I have ever seen. Why would Alek break up with her anyway? When I was finished changing into a simple white nirvana t-shirt, skinny jeans, and brown knee length boots.

"Chloe you ready yet?" Alek yelled from the living room

"Yup almost. Let me get my bag first." I said grabbing my bag and looking in the mirror one last time before going to the living room where he was watching some basketball game.

"Finally, the movie starts in like 20 minutes." He replied taking my hand.

"So what movie are we going to see?" I asked

"Paranormal Activity 4, I think. I don't remember I ordered them such a long time ago." He said smirking at me

"Well sorry I take so long getting ready… I'm not perfect like some other girls." I said talking about Kara.

"Chloe you know that's not what I meant." He said looking me in the eyes.

"I know but all I can think about is why you would ever break up with her. She's perfect, skinny, pretty, and tall." I said turning away from him.

"Chloe she broke up with me. We, did something and she said we were done." He explained

"What was the thing you did?" I asked kinda scared what he was going to say

"We were… Together, in that way…" he said looking kind of ashamed

"Oh… Well we better go if you want to see the movie." I said getting out of the elevator

"Okay, which car do you want to take then?" he asked when we waked to the garage

"I don't know the one we were in when we went to eat?" I said looking at like 10 cars

"Okay lets go." he said as we got into the car.

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