There are children running around a playground. Laughing and screaming. Boys and girls of all heights and ages. All of whom are lost in their games of tag and hide and seek. All but two little look-a- like girls. The Lopez twins sat by themselves on a bench just watching everyone else play. They always kept to themselves. To them it was better that way. After some time Valeria, the quieter of the twins, notices someone from afar and turns to her sister.



"Who is that blonde girl over there?" Valeria asked curious.

"Which one?" Santana wondered while looking in the direction her sister was pointing.

"The one that keeps looking at us." She nodded towards one of the girls that had been playing hop scotch near the time out wall. Santana looked over and just shrugged. The twins stared at the girl curiously.

"I.. I don't know," Santana mumbled with a strange expression on her face. Valeria looked at her sister, who was still staring at the girl, confused. It wasn't like Santana to not know something. She thought Santana knew everyone's name. Santana always seem to know everything. So the fact she didn't know who this girl was seemed to surprise both her and her sister. Valeria turned to see that the girl was now coming their way.

"What is she doing Santana?" She asked nervously.

"It looks like she is coming over."

The blonde girl grew a smile on her face as she got closer to the twins. Valeria, who normally didn't like being approached by strangers, was surprisingly excited by the idea of talking to the girl. Santana seemed a bit intrigued as well. Which was odd for her. She usually pushed people away, seeing them as a waste of space.

"Hi I'm Brittany. Do you two want to play?" The blonde had a bright smile and sky blue eyes. She was just a couple of inches taller than the twins and had light smooth skin. Santana felt herself somewhat lighten a bit. At the same time Valeria was feeling challenged. The twins looked at each other then back towards the girl.

"We'll play with you." Santana started.

"If you can beat us at our game." Valeria finished. The twins both smirked at the girl while trying to intimidate her.

"Okay. What's the game?" Brittany asked smile still on her innocent face.

Santana and Valeria gave each other a mischievous smile once more before turning back to Brittany.

"It's easy."

"All you have to do."

"Is guess which one of us."

"Is which." They took turns stating.

"Oh and you only get one guess." Santana added in her sour tone that to most seemed annoyed but to Valeria was just a normal thing. Brittany frowned for a moment.

"What's wrong can't guess?" Santana asked sounding triumphant. Brittany just shook her head.

"No, it's not that. I just can't remember your full names. Does it count if I just say the first letter?" She asked politely.

The twins looked at each other once more then back to Brittany.

"Sure I guess." Valeria shrugged. She was confident Brittany wouldn't get it right either way. Not even their own mother could tell them apart.

Brittany smiled once more excited.

"Okay well you're S, and you're V." She smiled pointing each of the girls out. Valeria's eyes went wide with shock. While Santana on the other hand not only, felt angry that she lost, but also somewhat relieved. So many years they had played this game with so many people and no one ever won. Yet this girl who has probably only ever heard about them from a far got it right.

"How? How did you know?" Santana tried to keep her eyes from getting watery. Brittany smiled once more and just shrugged.

"I thought it was obvious. You two have different faces. Oh um what is your full name anyway?"

Valeria who was still in shock pondered on what Brittany had just said. 'Different faces? But Santana and me are identical? What is with this girl?' She thought to herself.

Santana on the other hand felt a need she never felt before in her life. She wanted to, for the first time ever, befriend someone else. So she smiled and let the sour tone drop from her voice as she answered Brittany's question.

"I'm Santana. And that's Valeria."

Brittany walked closer, causing the gap between her and the girls to quickly disappear. She hugged Santana first.

"Well it is nice meeting you Santana. You too Valeria."

Santana froze in place as Brittany let go and began to hug Valeria as well. Valeria took a step back before Brittany could get her arms around her. For a brief second the twins saw a slight look of hurt on Brittany's face before it was replaced by her smile once more. That was the first time Santana ever looked at Valeria with hideous anger in her eyes. Before Valeria could apologize though the monitor blew her whistle showing that recess was over.

"Well maybe we can play tomorrow than. Bye San. Bye Val." And with that Brittany skipped off leaving the two girls with unexplained feelings of somewhat of a confusing loneliness.

"Santana?" Valeria kept her eyes on the blonde girl as she left.

"Yeah?" Santana seemed to be doing the same.

"What just happened?" Valeria asked finally taking her eyes from Brittany to look at her sister.

"I don't really know. But I like her. I think we just found someone worth talking to." Santana smiled while meeting Valeria's gaze.

Valeria looked back in the direction of the retreating blonde who was now getting in line with her class. A strange feeling overcame Valeria in that moment. She didn't understand it then at such a young age but jealousy was taking over her mind and she didn't know how to deal with it.