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There's a 5 year old little boy playing with a 4 year old little girl. I noticed the bracelet the girl wore on her left wrist and immediately knew that the girl is me. I saw the familiar deep brown eyes of the boy and took notice of this. I bet he's Zander, my best friend. I'm watching a video in the TV room with my 3 older brothers, one younger one, and my parents when my younger brother saw this vid, he immediately asked our dad to put it in. The 4 year old little me playfully blew some bubbles into the 5 year old Zander. I smiled at the memory. Suddenly, I remember that he is no longer my best friend. He left when I was 12 and he was 13, and I haven't seen or heard from him since then. I'm 16 now and I know he's 17. I remember our last moments together and felt the tears coming.

"How dare you, Zander? I thought you're my best friend! Why did you just leave me for those snobby football players and cheerleaders? Was I not good enough for you?" I cried

"I never did anything wrong" Zander said.

"He never did, you were just stupid enough to believe that he wants to be friends with you" the captain of the football team, Justin, laughed at me

"He was just using you to have a "friend" while he isn't still popular" Molly, the captain of the cheerleading team, said.

"No!" I looked at Zander but he avoided my gaze. My best friend would never do that to me. "He's my best friend"

"Get out of our face!" Molly pushed me. I fell to the ground and looked at Zander. I feel like he's 50 feet tall and I'm just a couple of inches tall. I hate this stinking feeling, especially since my best friend is making me feel it. I was waiting for him to hold out his hand to me, to punch Molly in the face, to yell at them, to laugh and say "It was just a joke", but he just looked at me with anger and pity and left with his friends. He never tried defending me from them. I was his best friend ever since I was 4 and he was 5! How could he? How could he? I looked around me and saw everyone looking at me with pity. I hate that look. I never want to feel any pity ever again. I will never feel that again. Never. I will stand in my own feet and make my own name, I will be known as the tough girl and not the girl who was betrayed by her best friend. I will change and they will regret ever trying to make me feel bad and depressed. That night, I cried myself to sleep and vowed to never do anything that would make the people around me look the same way they did a while ago. I woke up the next day and I didn't talk to anyone but my other close friends, Nelson and Kevin. I shouted at people who bumped into me, I didn't give a freaking care about the people around me. I was like that for two whole weeks before I broke down again. You know why? Because Zander left me, he really left me. They moved to another city, New York. Before he left though, he gave me this letter and I refused to read it. He looked really sad but, the heck, he didn't defend me the way he should've! I gave the letter to Nelson and asked him to keep it. Zander should suffer, like the way he made me suffer, but, I feel like I'm the one suffering, I miss the freakingly big ego of my best friend. That's when I asked my dad if we could move, turns out, he really is planning on moving to Germany, we left a few months after that. When I left, I wasn't known as the poor girl who was left by her best friend but I was known as the tough girl who didn't shed a tear when her best friend left her the second time around.

"I need to go" I choked out the words before running to my bedroom. I heard a ring and checked my phone. "Hello? No… I still do… I'm not crying… I know but I'm not crying… I'm sure… Yeah I'll be there… I'll just have to ask my parents though… sure… yeah… I promise… fine… bye" I locked my phone and fixed myself. I looked at the notebook I always keep under my bed. The first words written there was… "I will never show my weakness, I will never cry in front of anyone, and I will never feel the pain and suffering I felt before. I am tough" I will never… fix yourself Bascara! I grabbed my phone, my ukulele, my small backpack and my car keys before bidding goodbye to my parents and drove towards my best friend's house.

"Hey" I said when I entered my best friend's house "I'm home"

"Seriously? You still into that line?" I turned around to see my best friend standing on the foot of their stairs, rolling her eyes at me. She is an olive skinned girl with really rocking hair and deep eyes, she's wearing really short shorts, high boots, and black long-sleeved shirt under a silver jacket that's partially open.

"Hey! You say the same line every time you come to our house." I defended myself

"What are you wearing?" she skeptically asked me

"Uh… clothes?" I teasingly asked her which resulted to her rolling her eyes at me once again.

"I meant, why are you wearing that?" she asked

"Kacey, my style is very different from your style, one might not even know that we're best friends since we're very different from each other, but, that's just the reason why you love me isn't it?" I smirked at her

"I love your attitude and stuff, I love your love for music, I love your music, I also love how you're really smart in Math and I love those chocolate chip cookies you always bake for me, but, I seriously don't love your sense of style" she flipped her hair "I think you'd look great if you use my sense of style."

I smirked at her and looked at my clothes. I'm wearing a black top under a tan leather jacket, black ripped jeans and combat boots, oh, and a really cute fedora hat. I also had some black and white bracelets on and a pair of aviator glasses hanging on my top.

"What's wrong with my outfit?" I asked and she laughed "Let's go"

"Where?" she asked

"I thought we're going to watch a movie?" I asked

"Oh, yeah, about that, I just bought these really cool shoes that light up every time you jump" she said


"It cost me a fortune. So, I'm not sure if I could pay for myself. Pay for me?"

Ugh, Kacey. "Sure. But you're making all my homework in History." I smirked at her. She's not really the best person to ask when it comes to History but she's so much better than me in that subject.

"Ugh" she pouted "Sure"

"Great!" I grinned and pulled her to my car.

"This one again?" she asked

"Seriously? Must you really disapprove of everything I have?" I narrowed my eyes at her. "Besides, what's wrong with this?" I asked, patting the hood of my black and white scion iq. (Just check it in Google).

"What's wrong with it? Let me tell you what's wrong with it" she narrowed her eyes as she circled my car. I rolled my eyes at her as she pointed to the small graffiti at the back. "It says 'Rock On!' do you think that's good?"

"Hey! You stopped me from making it 'I'm gonna introduce my bass to your face' and that's the next best thing. It's your fault" I glared at her "Besides, why are you making a fuss about my car? Why don't we use your car?" I smirked as her expression darkened "Oh! Right! Sorry, I forgot! Your dad grounded you because you hit a pole for like, what, the fifth time this month? That's more than once a week"

"Oh, alright! You win! We're riding this car."

I teasingly held out my hand and opened the door for her. I smirked as I'm pulling the seatbelt on and she just sulked. The drive to the mall was crazily loud. Loud music playing, Kacey complaining about being seen inside my car, me teasing Kacey, it was pretty normal.


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