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I laughed as Kacey and I reached my house.

"Hey mom, hey dad" we both greeted. Kacey's used to calling them mom and dad the same way that I'm used to calling her parents ma and pa.

"Hey kids" mom kissed both of our foreheads before holding out a tray of cookies.

"Thanks" Kacey got one and we walked towards the living room. My younger brother Daniel is playing with our dog, my three older brothers, Gray and Aiden are playing some video games while Tyson, Aiden's twin, is watching them.

"Hey Kace, hey Steves. We're going to have a double family meeting any minute now." Gray said, turning away from the game for a second

"Do I need to call my family or are they coming over already?" Kacey asked.

Double family meetings are really fun and serious. Kacey's dad and my mom are best friends, almost like siblings, and we always have these meetings that include both families. Kacey has an older brother and a younger sister. Her older brother is Kaleo and he's really cool and fun to be with. Her younger sister is Kathrynn and she's really sweet. The meetings take place either at our house, or theirs. This time it's ours. I wonder what it's about. The doorbell rang and Kacey ran to answer it. She came back with her family.

"Hey Pa, Ma, Kath and Kal" I greeted them. (A/N: I just realized, like, just this freaking moment, they all have Ka in their names, the Simons)

"Sup Steves?" Kaleo grinned at me

"Hey Steves!" Kath hugged me as Pa and Ma kissed my forehead.

"Got any idea what this is about?" I asked

They just shrugged. My dad came in the door with my mom and they sat at the couch, beside Pa and Ma as we kids sat either on the floor or on the bean bags.

"So. What's this about?" Gray asked, after he fist bumped with Kal.

"You do know that yesterday was the last day of school, right?" dad asked

"Sure we do" Tyson said in a tone that made dad glare at him "Sorry"

"We're the ones who's supposed to think of the place for the vacation this year" that's true. our families always have vacation with each other and last year Pa and ma planned it. We went to this beach resort for the whole vacation.

"Where's it gonna be?" Kal asked

"In a beach resort next to an amusement park in California. Unfortunately, the hotels in the beach resort don't open until next week so we're staying at your grandmother's house for a week."

"Grandmother's house?" Aiden asked

"Yeah. Our old house before we moved here"

"Our… our old house?" I asked

Dad nodded

"Cool! We'll see your friends back then!" Kaleo exclaimed "Any babes there?"

I paled even more. Kacey saw me and hugged me from the side. She's the only one who knows about Zander and I, even my family don't know about it. I chose to hide it from them but then Kacey saw this picture of us on my notebook with the words "I hate this town, I hate you" beside it and she pestered me so I was forced to tell her the truth.

"You sure you wanna go there?" Kacey asked "We could go to this really cool… uh… place… in… uh… somewhere… uh… cool… with… uh… cool… uh… rides"

"Hey!" Daniel's eyes brightened up "That's a great idea! Let's spend half our summer in there and the other half in our home town!"

Gray rolled his eyes. "The only thing you could understand in what she said was uh and cool"

"Hey! You could also understand place and in and somewhere and with and… what was that last one… rides!"

"Yeah" Kal narrowed his eyes at her "Funny" Kacey stuck her tongue out at him before excusing us from everyone.

Kacey and I walked towards my bedroom and I opened my laptop as Kacey browsed the net in her phone.

"You know what?" I started "Maybe it's not so bad. I mean, he doesn't live there anymore. He moved"

"Yeah" she said, still doubting it. "Ugh. Some new picture claiming that Justin Bieber is gay, some guy called 911 to tell them he couldn't flush his toilet. Some weird stuff on the news today. Hey, where'd you come from again?"

"Uh… Brewster, Canada" I said (A/N: I know –or at least think- that Brewster isn't in Canada or something like that, just couldn't think of a name)

"Hey, this new guy, unknown to everyone, is writing all these songs and posting vids of him singing them. Although he doesn't show his face. He's really good and he came from you home town. Even more, he plays the uke. He's known as Ukeboy101 and he's part of this band, Guy's Night Out. They're 3 teenagers, boys I suppose, who could all sing and play. One plays the piano and the other plays the drums." She said, smiling "I wanna see these people. You know, these kinds of people are what we're looking for in our new album"

I rolled my eyes. Oh, yeah. I haven't told you yet, huh? Kacey and I form this band with my brothers, her brother and her sister. Yup, you might be thinking 'That's a lot of people in one band'. They're not really… uh… regulars in the band. Only Kacey, Daniel, Kaleo, Gray and I are. The twins and Kath actually have their own bands but they sometimes help us write the songs. Our band is called Gravity 5 and we're known all around the globe. We already made 3 albums and we're currently working on the fourth one. We already wrote some songs but I want to change them since they're not really that good enough for me. We're also supposed to shoot some music vids and I'm guessing we're going to do it at our home town.

"You know, I promised you I'll make all your homework in History? I won't be able to do it cause yesterday was our last day of school and I sure as hell will forget all about it after summer."

"Yeah" I said, looking outside the window, wondering what our summer will actually be like.

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