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"Have you packed your things yet?" Gray asked me. Ugh, being the eldest, Gray is always bossy.

"Yes, boss" I glared at him before pulling my 2 purple and black suitcase, my big purple back pack, my bass, my electric guitar, my piano, my drum sticks, my bag full of music stuff, and of course, my ukulele, out of my room and struggled to carry them all at once.

"Do you really have to bring all your instruments?" Tyson asked from his room.

"These aren't all my instruments!" I yelled "They're just the most important ones. I still got an acoustic guitar, the real drum set, my keytar, my…"

"Alright, but that's still so many" he said, pointing to my stuff.


"What's in there?" he pointed to my black bag.

"Some music stuff like headphones, lyrics… stuff"

"How bout that?" he pointed to my purple back pack

"Accessories. You know, hats, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, some scarves" I said

"How bout that?" he pointed to my black suitcase

"My boots, my high top shoes and my sneakers. Oh and some fliptops"

"That?" he pointed to my purple suitcase

"My clothes! All my jackets, shirts, pants and sweaters and bikinis and…" sudden realization struck "Why do you care?"

He simple showed me this amused smirk of his "Remember, we're using our own cars, I don't think all… that is going to fit in your… little car."

I glared at him even more. When he left, I thought about what he said. He's right, I couldn't fit all this in my car. I sighed.

"Daniel?" I called

"Yeah?" Daniel emerged from his room, only a bathrobe covering his body, and a toothbrush in hand

"Is it fine with you if you stay with Gray? I need a lot of space for my stuff"

He shrugged and muttered something that I took as a yes. Now I just need to convince dad to let me use his big car. I went downstairs, did a little begging and finally, I'm going to use the big car. Which is by the way a not so big limo. We're going to bring some drivers with us so I asked my dad if one could come with us, he agreed. Of course, I'm daddy's lil girl.

"Hey Steviekins!" I turn around and see Kacey smiling widely.

"Where's your luggage?" I asked, narrowing my eyes

"In the limo."

"Wh-what limo?" I asked

"The limo we're both sharing" she smirked

My eyes widened "The limo we're both sharing?" I exclaimed

"Yeah! I got a lot of things with me and ma and pa thought it'd be good if I use the limo but since you're using it already, we're sharing it." She said

"No. You're not serious"

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" she looks at me straight in the eyes

"No" Kacey's my bestest friend ever and it's not that I hate her but she has a LOOOOOOOT of stuff with her, always, so it's going to be real hard being with her and her stuff for, what, 6 hours.


"Ugh!" I exclaimed before coming inside the limo and fixing my pillows so I can sleep. "My space" I told her when she came in. I pointed to the other side of the limo. "Your space. Stay on your space."

She shrugged "Fine"


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