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After class, Stevie and her gang walked out of the room before the other students did.

"Next class?" Stevie asked

"Science" Nelson answered

"I swear I'm going to do a little surprise welcome party for that Zander guy who sat behind me. He keeps calling me 'feisty' and 'hot' and I do not like it." Stevie glared at nothing particular

"I know. I'll make him pay for that" Max said, placing his arms on Stevie's shoulders

"Good bro. good. I'll make that guy suffer"

"Don't do anything that would put us in danger though." Kevin warned

"Why would we do that?" Stevie and Max asked in unison

"I would never do anything that would put our community in danger. Don't worry about that" Stevie smiled at him.

"Yeah" Kevin said "I know"

"She's like the most loyal person to our community" Kacey said

"Yeah." The others agreed

Not that far away from them, Lulu and Zander watched them.

"Something's really weird about that Stevie girl" Lulu said, frowning

"What?" Zander asked "I mean, apart from the fact that she's super hot?"

Lulu rolled her eyes "There's this feeling I always have when she's around"

"Hey. Stop staring at those little punks" they turned around and saw a blonde guy with blue eyes wearing a blue shirt, jeans, and some sneakers.

"What's wrong with them?" Zander asked

"They're part of this group, Dejected Darkness" the boy said "They're feared all throughout town and they're really weird. Like they're hiding something." The boy shrugged "I'm Justin Cole by the way. I once courted Stevie and those boys with her, they beat me to pulp. Not to mention her younger brother and 3 older ones."

"There is something weird about her" Lulu said


It's already lunch and Stevie and her gang walked out of their Social Studies class.

"I'm going to the Comfort room. Stay here" Stevie said. "Or, get a table already."

The others nodded and left her.

Stevie's POV

I went inside one of the bathrooms and checked my make up in the mirror. I was about to reapply some more eye liner when the door opened. I didn't really mind it but when I saw who went inside, I felt my mood rising up. It's that Lulu Antariksa girl.

"Hey" she awkwardly greeted

"Hey" I said. My voice not really bearing any emotions.

"So, you're Stevie right? Stevie Baskara?" she asked and I nodded. I saw that she's wearing many accessories. There's one that caught my eye. It's an amethyst ring with some letters written. It looks a lot like my ring. I got a good look at her face and realization struck. I got a sign under the sink and posted it outside the door. I went back in and grabbed her hand.

"Where'd you get this?" I pointed to her ring

"Uh… from my parents?" she asked rather than answered

"Uh… you sure?"

"Yeah" she nodded.

I grabbed my bag and pulled a spray can out of it. "Close your eyes" I instructed her. She looked really confused but she obeyed. I sprayed something on her face.

"What's that?" she asked when I was done. I stared at her, too shock to say anything. I looked at the mirror and I could see both of our faces. I was in utter shock. She looked at the mirror too and gasped.

"My face…" she said, stroking her face.

I nodded "Look… uh…" I washed my face and the eye liner was gone, but my eyes still had some really black circles around it. It's natural. I looked up and studied our faces. "That was paling beauty I sprayed on you." I said

"What?" she asked. She looked at the mirror once more "So that's why it became pale instead of tan. And that's why I look a lot like you" she said as I nodded once again.

"You're almost like my twin" she said

"Wait, when's your birthday?" I asked

"Uh… August…" she started

"22, 1995" I finished for her. She gasped.

"Who gave you your ring?"

"I told you, my mom and dad gave it to me" she said

"But… how could we be twins…"

"If we don't have the same parents?" she continued for me. We looked at each other through the mirror and pondered on.


How? That's the question in your head, huh? Who knows how they look the same? Who knows? Oh wait, I do. ^_^ . Tell me what you think about it, how do you think they look exactly alike if they don't have the same parents?

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