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"Hey" I greeted my friends when I sat down next to Max.

"What took you so long?" he asked

"Uh…" I looked around "I… saw Lulu and I… talked to her"

"Lulu?" Max asked

"You know, that girl over there. The one with Zander" I pointed at Lulu.

"Oh-kay?" they didn't seem to believe me.

"Listen. I don't want anyone else to know this but…" am I really going to tell them? I sighed

"What?" Kacey asked, concern flooding her eyes

"Nothing" I laughed

"You sure are weird today" Nelson said, narrowing his eyes at me. I just laughed even more which earned some looks from nearby students. I cleared my throat and acted gothic again.

"Sorry. Must have been the cereal this morning." I lied

"You're weird" Max said "End of conversation"

"You sure are grumpy" I retorted

"It's nothing"

I started thinking about the conversation I had with Lulu. She's not at all like me. She's different. She likes yellow I like dark stuff, she likes t flirt I like to hurt anyone who flirts with me, she likes smiling, while I hate it, she likes cheerleading, I hate it, she's vegetarian while I could eat anything with meat on it, she likes a lot of stuff that I hate and I love a lot of stuff that she hates. But there are a lot of things we got in similar though. We both have a guy best friend and a girl best friend, we both love music, we both have 4 brothers, we both like Hawaiian pizza and iced tea- although she takes off the meat in the pizza- we both play instruments, we both like hats and watches, and a lot more things. Even our guy best friends look a lot like each other. Only, Max wears eye liner and Zander doesn't and he's way more tan than Max and… OMG! That's the same thing with me and Lulu. Maybe they're twins too? If that's so, what a great coincidence. Maybe Lulu knows a lot of people that looks like my friends too? But how could that happen? Do her parents look like my parents too? Back to the parents' basis, are we both adopted? A lot of questions came running to my head and I feel so clueless.

"Hey!" Max playfully pushed my shoulder

"What?" I asked

"The bell already rang. We're supposed to be walking towards our French class" he smirked at me.

"Oh" I grabbed my unfinished lunch and threw it. We walked towards our next class and we sat at the back. Kevin and Nelson passed around some notes, Kacey texted, Max strummed his uke and I'm writing in my notebook, looking around the room every once in a while. Ugh, the teacher's late. The door opened and I expected a really strict looking bald guy to come in but instead Lulu and Zander did. Lulu waved at me and they sat in front of us.

"Hey" Lulu greeted

I waved while my friends just ignored her.

"Hey" this time, it was Zander who greeted me.

Max glared at him "Get outta here"

"Sorry, can't do that. This is my next class" Zander smirked at him, which resulted to Max growling at him. If the teacher hasn't come any sooner, a fight must've broken out!


"So, seems like you and that Lulu girl are getting closer" Kacey said, avoiding looking into my eyes

"Close with each other? We hardly even talk!"

"You talked to her in French class, baking class and History"

"In french, I only said hi, in baking, I asked for some ingredients and in History, I asked for a pen. What's wrong with that?" I asked

"Nothing." She smiled


She groaned and rolled her eyes "All of us are acting weird today"

"Yeah… not me" Stevie said. "I never act weird"

"You were just sweating and panicking when Max said you looked a bit like Lulu"

"I have a right to be weird back then! I don't like being compared to other people!" I yelled which caught the attention of everyone in the room

"Something wrong, Ms. Baskara?" our study hall teacher or supervisor, Mr. KnuckleHead, asked

"Nothing that would concern you!" I shot back, glaring at him. He immediately paled and sat down muttering an apology. Yup, I scare even the toughest teachers here in school. I hear Kacey laugh and I turn to glare at her which resulted to her raising her hands up in a "I surrender" way.

"I do not look like her, kay?" I harshly whispered at her. I smirk as I see her not-so-scared face. I pull out my phone and check my messages. I saw one that made my blood boil. I punched the table and it broke into pieces.

"Stevie!" Kacey exclaimed. I was too angry to say anything so I showed her the message and she herself became angry and she threw a chair across the room. I grabbed my things and she grabbed hers, we left without another word to our frightened audience.

"I can't believe him!" Kacey exclaimed, clenching her fist so much it's bleeding cause of her long nails.

"I know! I knew from the start that he's a stubborn, stupid gal but I never knew that he would do that!" I feel my hands burning.

"Yeah" Kacey agreed and we drove to our 'Hideout' when we arrived, most of our community are already there. We're the only ones they were waiting for.


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