Hey darlings, I decided to re-write 'The Girl' because the way I was writing the story so far, it was going nowhere, well in my opinion. So enjoy the new way it's written.

Stevie P.O.V

Here I was, at some store that I didn't know the name of. I was just sitting on a pretty comfortable chair waiting for Kacey to put out her dress.

You might ask, "Why is Kacey picking out a dress?" well it's because the masquerade ball is this Saturday (Today is Thursday) and Kacey needed a dress and I was forced to come with her.

"Kacey are you done yet!" I yelled out to her, we were the only two in the store besides the cashier and plus Kacey was nowhere in sight.

"Almost! I'm just trying to find a dress for you." She yelled back

I shot up from my seat and immediately ran, trying to find her. There was no way Kacey is going to pick out my dress! For all we know it's going to be girly and sparkly! And I don't do girly and sparkly!

After about a minute of looking for her, I finally found her at the end of the store.

"Did you say that your finding a dress for me?" I asked


"Uh, no you're not! You're probably going to pick out something girly and sparkly!"

"Don't worry! It's going to be Stevie-like." She reassured me

"Are you sure?"


After she found my dress, we went to the cashier who looks about seventeen and talking on the phone with someone. I read the name on her name tag and it said 'ASHLEY'

"Um, excuse me, ma'am we would like to pay." Said Kacey nicely

Ashley just gave us a dirty look and continued talking on the phone.

"Um, excuse me! We want to pay!" I said

"Can't you see I'm on the phone?"

I grabbed the phone from her hand and hung up the phone.

"Hey! I was on the phone!" complained Ashley

"And were customers trying to pay for these dresses! So if you can just do whatever it is a cashier does on that little register/ computer thing, she'll hand you your phone back!" said Kacey angrily

"Okay fine!" She took our dresses and placed the tag on the scanner, and did whatever it is on that register/computer thingy.

"Okay, that'll be sixty bucks." Ashley said, I took out my wallet and was searching for money but Kacey just put her arm over mine to signal me to stop and she took out her own wallet and took sixty bucks out of there.

"Kacey! You know how I hate it when people pay for something that's mine!" I said

"Oh well! I'm taking both of these dresses home!"

"Why, I thought one of those were mine?"

"It is, but you have four older brothers who could mess up that dress easily!"

She did have a point.

"Ok, whatever! Let's just get out!" I gave Ashley back her phone and she immediately dialed her phone and started talking to someone.

On our way out, we decided to go to the food court since were both starving.

Kacey took out her wallet from her purse until I stopped her.

"This time, I'm paying."

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