This is an AU world where at the Dursley's Petunia and Dudley like Harry while Vernon hates him.

Harry Potter and the Wrath of the Blind


-Dursley Home-

-November 1st 1986-

Vernon Dursley sat in his favorite chair and scowled into his beer. He could hear his wife Petunia and his son Dudley playing with that good for nothing Potter brat. Ever since the boy had talked to that Cobra that had escaped at the zoo two years ago his family had been fawning over the brat. 'He set that cobra loose so he could play the hero I'm sure of it' Vernon thought still glaring into his beer. An evil grin spread across Vernon Dursley's face, 'tomorrow I am going to give that little brat what he deserves.

-next day-

-small forest in England-

Vernon Dursley put his poker into the fire. He had told Petunia and Dudley that he was taking the brat out for a little trip and now he was alone with him. When his poker was hot enough he brought it out of the fire he had built and called the boy over. "What is that for Uncle Vernon?" he asked in his child's voice.

"This is your punishment for what you did to my family. You tricked them with your freakishness into liking you and I am putting an end to it." Vernon said before grabbing Harry. When he had him still he pressed the poker into the boys eyes one at a time. He screamed and cried but Vernon simply poured water over the fire and the tip of the poker and walked back to the car leaving the freakish boy alone and blind in the woods.

-same day-

-#4 Privet Drive-

-Petunia Dursley-

Hearing the door open Petunia Dursley walked over to the door and saw her husband walking in by himself. "Where's Harry?" she asked nervous, she had taken a liking to Harry and so had Dudley but Vernon still hated him.

"I gave that brat what he deserves." Vernon said with a maniacal grin.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" she shrieked terrified at what her Husband might have done.

"I blinded him and left him in the woods." he said shrugging his shoulders like he had done nothing wrong.

Petunia staggered back and walked into the kitchen with her husband following her as if he expected her to thank him for all but killing her nephew. When he got close enough she grabbed a frying pan from the sink and hit him in the head with it. When Vernon Dursley was unconscious she ran up to her room and found the magical envelope that the Professor of the Wizard school said would allow him to send him a letter in an emergency. She sent a note telling him that Harry had been blinded and abandoned by his uncle and that she needed wizards here now to get information out of him. Within the hour the old Professor, two other wizards, and a witch rang the bell to her home. "Where is he?" the thinner of the wizards asked with a growl like a wolf's.

"Remus calm yourself we will find him." the older witch said.

"My husband is unconscious in the kitchen." Petunia said leading them to his unconscious form. After a quick interrogation when they woke up Vernon they had him take them to where he abandoned Harry but all they were able to find was the fire pit, Harry was gone.



Harry sat down crying as he heard his Uncle walk away from him. He couldn't see anything but darkness and couldn't feel anything but pain. He was sure he was dying as nobody alive could feel like this. Suddenly he felt a calming presence behind him and felt a nudge that seemed to tell him to stand up. Standing he felt a presence enter his mind "Hello young one" the presence said.

"Who are you?" he asked scared that it was another person come to hurt him.

"I am a unicorn young one. I am here to do two things. The first is to take away the pain you feel in your eyes but I cannot restore your sight. The second is to take you to a place where you will be protected." The unicorn said.

"Thank you." Harry sobbed wrapping his arms around the creatures neck. "Do you have a name?" he asked after a moment.

"You may call me Lunara." the creature said. "Now hold on tight and I shall take you to your new home." and they vanished in a flash of light.

-unknown location-

Harry stumbled after they traveled and fell to the ground. "Do not worry young one you guardians shall be here in a moment. Until we meet again." and Harry heard her walk off. Suddenly Harry heard a sound like small lightning strike and felt a weight land on his shoulder.

'Hello young master' a voice said in Harry's mind.

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

'I am a Phoenix young master and I shall protect you for as long as you live. My name is Inverse.' the Phoenix spoke into his mind.

"Hello Harry." a voice said out of the shadows that was almost familiar.

"Who are you?" Harry asked again.

"I am your mother and your father is here with me." the voice said, "Death allowed us to come back as spirits to help teach you what you needed to know to survive in the world without your eyes. We shall be your teachers while Inverse is your protector and companion. Now let's get to work so that you can see again. I want my handsome boy to see his father." and together with his three companions Harry walked onward into his new life.

Sorry everyone about how short this chapter is but I needed something to set up the rest of the story so the future chapters will be longer. I got the idea for this story from the song "I stand alone" in the movie "Quest for Camelot" so I would recomend you watch that scene on youtube as it will play a part later. So review and tell me what you think of the story concept.