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After their wedding, Abby and Connor hadn't had time for a lengthy honeymoon.

The ARC was continually shorthanded and the whole planet was still reeling from the impact of convergence. Anomalies had loosed creatures all over the world. Retrieval of these creatures was still ongoing, as well as dealing with any new anomalies that opened. Abby and Connor had considered themselves lucky to have been able to take the weekend off when they married. Even now, six months later, the ARC was still short handed and for the two of them to take even one extra day off was a real treat.

After breakfast and the morning traffic died down, they began a leisurely drive up to where Connor's Mum lived. Half way there, Abby and Connor stopped at The Heritage National Forest, a recreational wilderness preserve. It wouldn't do to show up too early to pick up Connor's Mum as she couldn't leave until she finished her work at the bank.

Abby parked the car and then pulled the lever to pop the boot. Connor was quickly out. He headed to the rear of the car and grabbed a rucksack out of the compartment.

"Where are we going," asked Abby.

"You'll see," replied Connor with a smile. Pointing at the painted markers on the trees, Connor added "We'll follow the blue trail."

"We're going hiking with your ankle?" Abby asked in surprise.


Three weeks after their wedding, Connor had been in the field despite the Lester's orders that he work on research only. The Bravo team needed help to lock an anomaly. The incursion of didelphodons had not been as dangerous as something like an incursion of raptors, but even a small predator was something to be dispatched back to its own time as quickly as possible. In the teams attempts to herd the creatures all back through the anomaly, Connor had been knocked off his feet.

Abby had arrived at the anomaly site in time to see him fall. The didelphodons were panicked and racing back to the anomaly, three of Bravo team herding them with judicious shots from their EMDs. One of the creatures snarled and bolted in the direction of Connor and the anomaly locking device. Connor had stepped forward, determined to keep the creature away from the machine. The small badger like creature ran between Connor's feet, spinning him around before darting through the anomaly after the other creatures.

The fall would have been comical if it weren't for the expression of pain on Connor's face. An ambulance ride, x-rays, and soon Connor was scheduled for ankle surgery. Two pins in the ankle, six weeks on crutches, another six weeks with a cane and physical therapy, and Connor was allowed to resume his normal activities. Lester had been grumping about health and safety the entire time.

"Don't worry," said Connor knowingly "the blue trail is the easy one, the red trail's the real challenge. Besides, I brought a walking staff." Abby thought the staff looked a lot like Connor's lucky stick from years ago.


The morning's hike led them on a twisting, turning path. They clambered over boulders and around trees until they reached a rocky ledge overlooking the valley below. Abby gasped at the beauty. She could see for miles. They were high enough that the buildings and roadways in the distance appeared to melt into the landscape.

"Thought you would like this place," said Connor as he opened the rucksack. Turning to look at him, Abby watched as he spread out a picnic blanket and set out two boxed lunches. Except for their year in the cretaceous, Abby had spent most of her life living in the city.

"Yeah Connor," she said softly "this is beautiful."


In between bites of sandwiches and crisps, they talked of their childhoods. Connor and his family had come to this park often. From their vantage point, Connor pointed out the camping area, the red trail and the bicycle trail. Abby listened as Connor told her that he and Duncan had camped here with theirs fathers as boys.

"Me Dad and I," continued Connor "we used to race on the bike trail." His eyes got a little misty, and Abby could tell he was lost in his memories. She leaned forward to kiss him.

"You taste like crisps," she said when they parted for a breath of air.

"You taste like cherries," said Connor as he leaned in for another kiss. She started to say something, but then a little chirping noise could be heard.

They both turned to look in the direction of the sound. A tiny little creature, its whiskers twitching nervously, was staring at them from beneath a large tree. They looked at each other.

"What is it?" asked Abby "it looks like Mr. Whiskers."

"It's not Mr. Whiskers," responded Connor "there's been no anomalies reported around here for months."

"Do you think he likes crisps?"


The hike back down the trail to the parking area was quicker and they were soon back on the roadway. In a short while, they pulled into the parking lot of the bank. Abby parked the car and Connor went to look for his Mum.

It would only be another hour to drive to the university town where Connor's little sister went to school. They had hotel arrangements for the night, and were looking forward to seeing Beth graduate tomorrow.

Abby got out of the driver's seat to stretch. At that moment, Connor and his mother emerged from the bank. Connor was pulling his mother's roll along tote bag, which he soon stowed in the boot next to their overnight bag and the rucksack.

The petite, plump, woman greeted Abby politely. Connor's Mum had apologized to Abby for her unkind words when they first met, but Abby hadn't seen Connor's Mum since their wedding. Abby still felt a little uncomfortable around her. Connor opened the passenger door and held his mother's hand while she seated herself.

Abby made to hand the car keys to Connor, but he waved them away.

"No," he said as he scrunched into the tiny back seat "you drive, give you ladies some time to talk while I catch up on some reading." He plucked a file out of his messenger bag.

"You brought work?" asked Abby "We're supposed to be off this weekend."

"Just some reading," Connor replied "probably be done by the time we get there."

Abby climbed into the driver's seat and started the car. What on earth was she going to talk to Connor's Mum about?