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In the J. Argon Institute, Artemis was lying on the bed, and even though nobody saw it, Artemis was in a crazy fit of pain. He was in a mind spasm, and Orion was watching helplessly. "And to think, we were nearly such good friends. Vaarwel, nieuwe vriend" Artemis was flashing in and out of consciousness, his very being shifting in his bones. And the only thing his family and friends can do is wait outside and hope for the best.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot let you in there. The amount of corrupt magic in his body is too much for anyone to handle." J. Argon tried his best to keep the crowd from entering, and most of those were reporters and interviewers, but the ones at the front, namely, were now Commander Holly Short, the Butler siblings, the remaining Fowls, Minerva Paradizo and Mulch Diggums.

Holly was holding the doctor by his collar, Butler threatening to shoot him, Juliet, Myles and Beckett wanting to pulverize the dwarf doctor, Angeline sobbing into Artemis I's shoulder, who was trying to calm her down, Mulch, with his ever present plate of food, but showing off his tombstone shaped teeth at the doctor, and Minerva, who looked like she wanted to strangle the doctor's neck by his own stethoscope. Yes, they were a rowdy bunch, but they were cut off by the bloodcurdling screams of the genius in the room.

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Artemis felt like he was floating on a pool of blood. No, it was more of a sea. It spread to no end, and the only thing he could do was float. The sky was an endless red, and it reflected the faces of his adventures. He remembered every single one of them. But then, he felt them brutally ripped away. They winked away from existence. He wanted to cry. Wait…cry? Artemis Fowl doesn't cry! But his mind was changing rapidly. His memories were fading. The adventures flowed away. The brutality was too much for him. And so, he did the final thing a Fowl would ever do. He cried.

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Argon could have been killed where he stood. When the screams stopped, he made the mistake of opening the door. With Artemis in view, they all trampled him as they charged in. What they saw shocked them. In cruel irony, they began to help Argon up to take a look at Artemis. But when you're a piece of near roadkill, it was hard for him to actually stand up. But at last, Argon staggered to Artemis' bedside. But what lay there was much to shocking for him to say anything.

In the place of the not-as-pale, devious boy that they have come to know and love, lay a stirring young, pale girl, innocence screaming from every pore of her body.

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