Title: Castiel Watches

Rated: K

Summary: Castiel watches

Disclamer: I do not own anything Supernatural. I would very much like to.

Arthurs Note: My friend made me write something. It's not very long but I like it. This is for WayLowHalo.

Castiel watches.

Castiel watches his two charges fight to save lives of stranger's every day.

Castiel watches Dean, the one he pulled from damnation on the orders of his superiors. He watches him struggle every day.

Castiel watches Sam, the one who continues to use powers that he should not possess even after many warnings.

Castiel watches Bobby, the father figure who always insults them but is always covering and teaching them.

Castiel watches Dean as he sent him back in time to understand his past.

Castiel watches Dean and Sam try to save a monster who thinks he's a man. Castiel knew it could not end well from the beginning. He watches Sam kill him even after giving him the chance to live.

Castiel watches Ruby continue to corrupt Sam. He should kill her now and be done with it but he does not. Sam would be angry. So he watches.

Castiel watches as Dean and Sam fight to save a town of innocent people and ultimately fail as the seal is broken.

Castiel watches Uriel threaten Dean and Sam at every chance, knowing that he despises what they are.

Castiel watches Anna come back. A person he considered an ally, he could even go so far as a friend to some extent; now a threat.

Castiel watches Dean, Sam and Ruby fight to keep Anna alive and away from angels and demons.

Castiel watches Dean and Sam find a brother they did not know existed only to lose him again.

Castiel watches Dean and Sam go into the spirit realm to save lives of innocent people.

Castiel watches and listens as Dean and Sam call for him but he does not always answer.

Castiel watches and waits until he is needed.

The End.