Chapter 3

The Public Restroom





We ended up going to a public restroom in the train station where usually not much people use at this time. I hurriedly kneeled infront of him and pulled down his zipper which enveloped his huge hard 8 inch cock. Its bigger than all other cocks I tried, with a red cut cockhead poking straight up, neat tuft of blonde pubes at his base, and his balls were almost as big as tennis balls but that's understandable since he's 6'3 and a foreigner. It will take me much effort to have sex with him concerning I'm a small asian boy only 5'1 in height.

I stroked his raging cock gently to my small palms, my thumb and four fingers couln't even touch eachother. He was thick. A lot thicker than my vibrating dildo. I licked my lips for preparation to suck his big head. The excitement started to build inside me just the thought of having it shove inside my hole reaching places that haven't been reached before, stretching me wide.

I slowly brought my tongue to his slittip licking it like a kitty. I heard the man hiss, I continued to move down his shaft slowly, thinking it was a sweet, dripping giant popsicle.

"...You're so huge...mmm..."

"Better to fuck your tight ass with this baby." I giggled sending another vibrations to his cockhead.

"I can't wait." i run my tongue up from base to head and sucked on the tip again.

"what a sexy dirty little mouth..." he grabbed the back of my head trying to get me to suck him more fully. I pooled my saliva inside my mouth before eating half of his pulsing cock. I played with his balls too kneading them slowly, I felt them hard as well. His precum leaked more through his hole, which brought my thoughts of how much cumjuice he could give me. My small pink cock already stiff and dripping. I'm also drooling.

"Let me." he grabbed my head, I let my hands fell down to my thighs to reach for my abandoned cock. I started to pump it at the same time he fucks my mouth slowly. Half of his cock was already down my throat. I looked at him as he goes further. I relaxed for his girth and he pushed some more until my nose could almost touch his fair pubic hair. He pulled his cock out and back again.

"Yeah...take it deep, nice and slow. Suck it and look at me. I'm going to come in a minute." looking at him, i was drooling over, saliva and cum mixed together. He pulled out halfway and let me suck his cock head again. In seconds, the shaft vein pulsed and I know whats next to come, he grabbed my head tighter to close over his shaft.

"Uugh!" he cummed loads and thick loads of his seed that my tiny mouth can't even swallow the rest, the sixth and seventh shot spilled messily out my lips. My mouths so full but I licked and gulped down , His cock was still as hard as I got them. He clutched it and pumped it alternately.

I cummed as well just seeing his cock go hard instantly.

He pulled me up afterwards, took off my clothes just to leave my socks and glasses on because he thought its kinky to fuck a sweet innocent and cute boy like me. This is mostly everybody else's forbidden fantasy.

He bent me over facing the washer and mirror. He asked me to lift up my left leg to the washer top to give him a better view of my asshole. There some copious cum dripped out of me due earlier's extra curricular activity with an upperclassman and a teacher who had loads to give to leave me sticky soaked.

"The guy did a great job filling you up. You probably like getting fucked eh."

"Hn. Actually there's... two of them...I thought I have pulled it all out." I mumbled still holding my foot up on the washer

" had it twice but you're still tight as I remember in the train. Have you tried a cock this big up your tiny fuckhole?"

I looked back at his cock and disapproved. I never had a cock that big. He gave me one of those sexy smirks and moved behind me.

"Well then, little schoolboy, This gonna be it we'll both gonna enjoy." he probed two of his fingers again to my pucker lips, pushing in, scissoring.


"I bet I'm bigger than those guys who fucked you. Its gonna sting when i begin to pound you with this big thing." I felt his hand left my hole thats until something hot and sticky pressed at the rim.

"feel how huge this is baby." he rubbed the tip of his cock against my quivering hole. His precum smeared against the other's sperm coating my ass and the feathery touch on my spine make me want to lose it again.

"aahnnn... I want it... " he held my hips to the cold washer tiles.

"now... Please... Fuck me..."

"Not yet, i wanna tease you more... it's amusing to watch such a pretty little thing like you begging." he run his tongue over my spine to my neck and sucked it. His chin laid on my shoulder, looking at me to the mirror.

"I'll definitely enjoy fucking you senseless. Hear you scream and beg me to pound you deep and hard as you take my cock to the hilt, feel it twist your insides that nobody has ever done before. And when i'll cum, i'll shoot loads of my hot seed in your flat belly and leave you gaping wide and fullof cum. You want that baby?" he said lustily into my ear.

"Ye-yes! I want it... what are you wa-waiting for...give it to me...stop teasing...nghhh..i'll cum again..."i looked to the mirror with begging eyes, breathing heavily, pushing my hips toward his badly want to fuck myself because I can't wait any longer.

"Then cum. Again and again. I'd love to see it."

My eyes went wide as he started to push four of his fingers inside instantly using the sperms as lubrication. i bucked against his harsh hands, sobbing with close eyes. Seconds gone, a tingling sensation shocked my whole body when a rough, long tongue wiggled its way inside my wet hole.

"Hyyaaa!" he spread my ass wider as he plunged in his tongue.

The older guy was rimming me, slurping the cum all out hungrily. It made me all sensitive that a tiny shiver happened and I spurted the sticky buttcum out of my hole. It came out thick blobs dripping to the tiled floor.

"What a dirty little boy, to have that load of cum inside of you... Mmm..." he sounded amused watching me. He spread my ass cheeks with his four fingers again and licking it more. His tongue was long and made lewd slurping noises.

"Oh god...please...i want it now... I'm begging you... Fuck me nnnow.." i sobbed closing my eyes tightly and fists turned white on the tiles.

"Pleaaase...Ah!" instantly, He grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them wider, sooner i felt the head pop in and he didnt move. i felt it in, hot, hard and huge beginning to rip me apart.

"oh god! Nyaaaa-uh!" Just about the head of his cock, he was able to reach my prostate. He pushed in some more slowly and it created a mindblowing friction to my canal which made me cum again.

"How'd you feel me baby? I see,You cummed again."

" h-huge! Uh..huge and thi-iiick... So good yet you'll gonna tear aaa..."

"haha. You're so hot and tight as well."

We continued on the slow rhythm until I adjusted to the girth and went in fully. He pulled out all the way and slammed back in. He begun moving in ascending speed brushing past my abused prostate until the rocking increased more into frantic wild movements.

He slapped my ass a few times, and i enjoyed the feeling. It caused a tingling sensation throughout my body. He moved me to a new position without him pulling out. He pushed up both my feet on top of the washer facing the huge mirror, with thighs spread wide supported by his arms and my back against his chest. I can see all of myself in the mirror, sweaty, mouth hanging open, lust filled eyes behind my hazy glasses about to slip off my nose, my aching cock bobbing harshly. I watched myself; I watched him and his huge cock disappearing into my gaping greedy hole. It's a mouthwatering sight. I began to play with myself touching my nipples, my belly and my very sensitive cock.

"See yourself? You're so fucking damn sexy stuffed so full by me... Tell me how much you love my big fat cock fucking you ,pretty baby. Tell me how much of a cockhungry bitch you are..." he stared at me to the mirror, his blue eyes shining with pure lust.

"Yess...aah..haannn...i'm so stuffed with your huge my aaah... I love it..oh god! fuck me in more ways you can..."

"little boy, you'll gonna get it so hard and deep i assure you." the wild thrusts were unbearable creating loud slapping noises of skin contact. my toes curled, my breath come in short loud pants and I climaxed for the nth time sending my pearly white cum shoot straight to the washer.

Not yet fully recovered, He changed me into a new position, pushed me to lie on the floor on my back and knees pressed on my chest. He fucked me again. I kept shouting 'more', 'fuck me', 'harder', 'deeper' not minding whoever will hear us from this public comfort room. I've become so sensitive to his cock that about every five to ten minutes he speared my spot accurately, I would cum and he kept coaxing me.

Oh god. He's a beast. I'm so spent and sore and stuffed. I even blackouted twice on the process. The moment I opened my eyes, in semi-conscious state, i was riding his cock to the hilt while he's lying down on floor pushing me up and down, wildly thrusting hips made me bounce on his lap hard like a ragdoll.

"can you feel it in here...?" he glided his large hands along my abdomen massaging the bulge his cock made when he didnt try to move. I sat still feeling all of it.

"yes..yes..your m-mmy belly... soo deep is twisting... inside out." He slides his hands up and down my sides. He finally rested it on my neglected cock, he stroked it slowly.

"And what do you like to happen now?" he grunted

"...mmm...i'd like it to get...filled up... Have me...FULL-of-YOUR-CUMmmm." Though a bit tired, I put all my remaining strenght to bounce myself on him. He hadn't cummed yet. I need his cum. I leaned down closer to his chest, put my hands on his shoulders for support, folded my legs up for leverage and thrusted down heavily per emphasis of the word. I rolled my hips back and forth, squeezing his shaft in the process.

"Move. Please move." He groaned underneath, i felt the pulsing vein again and its twitching. he thrusted up a couple of times again, wildly. Next of the words i tried to say come out as garbles especially with that one hard, deep thrust upwards.

"nyaaanngh!" i tightened up,my back arched and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as another intense orgasm happened. My cum exploded like fireworks flying across our stomachs and chests. My face fell on his chest as he kept that deep, hard thrusts of his cock that soon knotted inside my belly to shoot spurts of hot thick cumjuices.

"your cummm...mmm..." i whimpered on his chest, panting hard and still shaking on top of him. Its like his hot cock electrifies me with each release. He held me tight shooting longer than i expected. It kept twitching and drilling in. It kept on coming and coming like a water hose full impact.

There's just two things happen to me after sex with intense orgasm, either i faint or i convulse tremendously for minutes.

The station comfort room filled with harsh pants and smelled so much like musky sweat and semen. We relaxed in that position unmoving, my spasms lighted down and his limp cock still lodged inside.

With good amount of rest, I sat up from his lap groggily supported by my hands on his chest. Even though his was already limp, it still felt big. I found my belly bigger for about an inch or so. The hot bucket cum stuck inside for sure. We both looked at eachother's drenched selves for a minute. He looked so sexy especially with that smirk on his face. He licked his bottom lip and lifted his hips for a slow, narrow thrusts to my sore hole.

" Sorry i can't take it anymore..." i spoke with a tired hoarse voice.

"... I'm so drained."

"Then, pull out now baby or I might fuck you again if it stays in longer."

I slowly pull his cock out of me. I tightened my thoroughly fucked asshole to prevent semen from leaking messily but it still leaked anyway to his shaft and down to my thighs.

"Oh fuuuuck... You're a beast, You filled me up so good." his laugh filled the room.

We walked out the restroom groomed back and satisfied. He invited me to have a short dinner chat at a cafe afterwards, and I found out his name was Naruto, 20, he's in college two blocks away from my school. We decided to see eachother again so I gave him my email when we parted. I didn't realized it was past 10pm and my brother called for the sixth time if i was back home now. I called my brother so he won't get worried, I lied that it was about having an overtime due to a schoolwork.




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