Amelia Barton was taken on the 31st July. On the same day nineteen years ago, Amelia Potter was born. A time travel fic including the daughter of Hawkeye and Black Widow.


JULY 31ST, 2014

On the 31st of July, a girl was born. To Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton, of all people.

Whilst she refused to show it, almost losing Clint to Loki had been the most heartbreaking that happened to Natasha. So when the whole mess with Loki had been dealt with, the Avengers went their separate ways and Natasha and Clint tried to sort out the mess of emotions the pair felt for one another.

This led to the birth of Amelia Natalia Barton.

"Are you sure my DNA didn't somehow get mixed in with hers?" Tony asked, holding the small baby girl in his arms after a lot of research of the correct and healthy way to hold an hour old baby. "I mean, she's much too attractive to come from the overgrown Hawk. Tasha, maybe." He shrugged, wincing when Pepper's hand hit the back of his head.

"If I hadn't just given birth, you would've gotten worse for that comment." Natasha said, her breathing still coming out as small little pants. Whilst she had given birth to Amelia an hour ago, she wasn't used to the pain that came with giving birth to a living human being. Clint was still in the corner, watching everyone in the room like the bird he was named after.

"I think we should all get back to what we were talking about." Steve said, not liking violence at the best of times, never mind around a child. He nodded towards the sleeping infant who had yet to open her eyes after her mother had lulled her to sleep with a Russian lullaby.

"I agree." Clint said, walking to Tony and taking the baby who stirred but did not wake. He held her tightly and walked to Natasha, sitting beside her and tilting Amelia so that Natasha could see her.

"Me too." Tony said, not one to remain quiet for too long. "I think we were debating who she looked more like." Tony said, walking to the bed and peering over to look at Amelia. "Nope, I still think my DNA somehow got there. She's gorgeous." He shrugged and walked back over to Pepper who was fondly shaking her head.

"I'd be quiet, Tony." Bruce quietly suggested, a small smile on his face as Tony looked at him in confusion.

"She'll look like Nat." Clint said, distracting everyone. He was looking down at the baby before looking up at Natasha and nodding his head. "Definitely Nat." He said and Natasha gave a small smile.

"But she's got your eyes." She said, leaning back as she looked at the baby. Her baby. "Just wait until she wakes up, you'll see." She smirked and the door opened, admitting a nurse who stopped when she noticed the entire team of Avengers in the room.

"H-how... did you get in here?" She asked, looking from one person to another as they all exchanged secretive looks. "I was there when Security threw you out." She said, pointing at them individually.

"You got threw out?" Natasha asked, raising an eyebrow as all the men, apart from Thor, looked sheepish.

"Indeed, Lady Widow. The small outlet that provides gifts was unsuitable for our needs. There was nothing satisfactory to give a woman of your strength or a young infant." He said as though it was a good enough explanation and Clint and Natasha exchanged a look.

They didn't have a proper family. They had each other, a daughter and friends who had somehow gotten thrown out of a hospital and snuck in again. To them, they wouldn't change it for any family.


JULY 31ST, 2015

"Tony, you can't give that to a one year old." Pepper frowned at Tony who was trying his hardest to neatly cover a sleek convertible car with the fragile wrapping paper Pepper had given him. He looked up with a scowl as she said that, looking more of a one year old than Amelia did.

"Why?" He asked, drawing out the word. Pepper almost expected him to stamp his foot and throw a tantrum. "Bruce is getting her a Science kit. Clint's gotten a bow. Natasha has gotten a small gym set up for her. Thor has gotten her a hammer." He listed before turning to Pepper, hands on his hips as he raised his eyebrows. "Why can't I get her to like something I like when everyone else is!" Pepper's mouth fell open as he actually stamped his foot against the floor.

"Did you...?" She asked before shaking her head. "You know what, never mind." She said, realising she was better off pretending it never happened. "What's Steve gotten her?" She asked instead and Tony frowned.

"A teddy bear." He said, wrinkling his nose as if it was the worst possible gift for a one year old girl.

"Oh, that poor girl." Pepper said sarcastically and walked ahead to leave the room. "I'm sure she'll hate it." She said with a roll of her eyes as she closed the door behind her, leaving Tony to cover a car with paper and wondering if she should be filming this.

Pepper walked up to the sitting room and found Thor with Amelia on his knee. He had a small book in his hand and was attempting to learn her about the Nine Realms of the Cosmos, oblivious to the fact that she had fallen asleep. Again.

She carried on, giving Thor a smile which he returned, and walked into the kitchen. Natasha was sat there, a cup of coffee in her hand and a look of deep concentration on her face.

"Is everything okay?" She asked and Natasha shook herself, blinking once to get her bearings before nodding her head sharply.

"Fine." She said and Pepper sighed, sitting opposite from her. Natasha noticed this and turned to face her, a frown on her face. "I have a bad feeling." She said and Pepper raised an eyebrow, letting out a laugh.

"I'm sure it's nothing, Natasha." She tried to comfort her but Natasha was already shaking her head.

"I'm a spy. I have an excellent perception of things around me and something doesn't feel right." She said and her eyes drifted past Pepper and into the sitting room where Thor's quiet, but still deep, voice could be hear. "Amelia." She whispered, standing up and briskly walking to the sitting room. Pepper followed, almost walking into her back as Natasha stopped at the sight of the sleeping Amelia on Thor's knee.

"See..." Pepper whispered. "She's fine. She's safe." She said and Natasha nodded.

"Yes." She repeated. "Safe." Her voice showed that she obviously didn't believe what she was saying.


When the alarms went off, Natasha was up straight away. She hadn't even slept, too distracted by the uneasy feeling she had been occupied with for the entire day. But Clint had asked her to come to bed and she wasn't totally heartless to reject her husband's request.

She ran to the large room at the end of the corridor and threw the door open, almost falling to her knees at the sight in front of her. She could hear everyone gathering behind her, their sleepy voices filled with confusion but she said nothing, stepping forward into her daughter's nursery.

The large room had been decorated by all the men as a very pregnant Natasha and a giggling Pepper had watched. The light pink walls and fluffy white carpet were perfect for a girl's nursery; it was filled with large plush animals, enough toys for the children of New York and stacks of books which Amelia enjoyed before she slept. In the middle of the room was a large cot made from pure white wood and as comfortable as one year old could want. However, the previously pristine room was filled with lingering smoke, toys and stuffed animals were damaged and the pale pink walls were covered with long black marks and red spots which suspiciously looked like blood.

"Nat..." Clint whispered, walking up to his wife as she stared at the cot, a blank look on her face. Because where she had put her daughter to sleep only hours ago was empty, no trace of Amelia actually being there.

"She's gone." Natasha whispered, wrapping her arms around herself as she stared into the empty cot with an unusually expressive look on her face. Clint wrapped his arm around her shoulders as the rest of the team gathered behind them.

No one said anything as they all stared at the empty cot.


JULY 31ST, 1996

Lily Potter pulled back the curtain, looking out of the window and into the dark night. The park across from them was visible from the lit streetlamps and Lily tried to search for the source of the noise which had woken her. There was nothing there.

"Lils?" A sleepy James Potter walked into the living room, running a hand through his hair in that irritating way which Lily was now fond of. She turned from the window and smiled at her husband. "You alright?" He asked, walking up to her and taking her hand as she nodded.

"I'm fine. I thought I heard a noise." She replied and as she spoke, a loud and familiar noise could be heard as someone apparated away. Lily's head turned to look out the window again as she realised that the noise that had woken her was suspiciously similar to that.

"What?" James asked, now fully awake as he gripped his wand tighter and looked out of the window beside Lily. The dark street was unchanged apart from the small bundle across the street. Lily narrowed her eyes, trying to work out exactly what it was when it moved. A singular jerking motion which caused Lily and James to reel back in surprise. They exchanged a look and turned back to the window to see the small bundle move before a high pitched wailing filled the entire street. James' mouth fell open as Lily covered her own, both knowing exactly what had been left outside.

"James..." Lily whispered before running outside before James could stop her. Her bare feet hit the cold pavement and she shivered as she grabbed the freezing child, wrapping it tighter in it's blankets and running back inside as quickly as possible. James was waiting for her and shut the door as soon as she was inside.

"Lily, there could've been Death Eaters out there! It could easily have been a trap!"

"What did you expect me to do, leave a child to freeze out there?" She argued back, a small flush rising to her cheeks and James fell silent. He was used to his wife's short temper and she did have a good point. They could hardly leave a small child out there to freeze to death.

"Where did she come from?" James asked and Lily shrugged, moving the blankets to get a closer look at the small baby. Lily didn't have much knowledge of babies - the only one she had ever seen was her nephew Dudley when her mother had forced both Petunia and Lily to attend their father's birthday party - but she could estimate that the baby was maybe a year old. She had a small amount of red hair on her head and pretty blue eyes.

"She's beautiful." Lily whispered, longing colouring every syllable of her sentence. Whilst it wasn't common knowledge, those close to the Potters knew that Lily was unable to have children. After a fight with Death Eaters, Lily had been in a violent explosion which had broken every bone in her legs, affected her eye sight and left her barren.

"Lily..." James warned, knowing where his wife's thoughts were heading. He was ignored though as she picked up a small piece of parchment which had been tucked into her blankets.

"My name is Amelia." She read, her eyes moving across the words. "My parents love me but can't keep me. Can you?" She read, her eyes getting shinier and she looked down at the small baby before looking at James who sighed.

"Amelia..." He whispered, looking at the girl and back up at Lily who was now smiling.

"Potter." She nodded. "Amelia Potter." Lily and James looked down at the small baby between them, smiles on their faces as they looked at the most impossible, but greatest, thing to happen to them.


"Lily, take Amelia and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!"

And the story begins from there...