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AUGUST 3RD, 2015

Natasha sat on the bed that belonged to her and Clint, watching her husband lovingly pack his bow and arrows. Pack.

The word was foreign to Natasha. When SHIELD sent her on a mission she never had time to pack any of her belongings and so she had to create a new persona when she got there. But now, she had to pack her things for England. She frowned at that, leaning back into the overly large pile of pillows that she enjoyed to have on her bed.

If it wasn't for Amelia she wouldn't go at all. A stabbing pain went through her as she thought of her daughter's name. The daughter she would never see grow up.

Her eyes drifted down to the small photo on her hand that the curly haired witch - Hermione - gave her. Her lips formed a small smile as she looked at the three moving figures in the small frame, only focusing on one. The girl who could only be one person: Amelia Barton.

She could feel the unfamiliar feeling of tears clouding her vision and stubbornly wiped at them, refusing to show any emotion other than determination to get her daughter back. She wasn't like Clint, she refused to show any emotion.

"Nat...?" She looked up quickly as Clint spoke and reeled back slightly when she found him so close to her. It was practically impossible for anyone to sneak up on her, being trained as a spy for as long as she could remember, but Clint seemed to have either improved his stealthiness or Amelia proved to be a bigger distraction than she previously thought.

"So... Amelia, huh?" He asked, his voice casual but a heartbroken expression on his face which tore at Natasha. Clint was the most important thing in her life, other than her baby, and anything that hurt Clint made Natasha want to kill it. "I know they said they grow up fast but I don't think they meant this." Clint said, his voice thick as he looked over Natasha' shoulder at the moving picture of his daughter and her friends.

"We missed nineteen years of her life." Natasha whispered, her fingers brushing Amelia's face as she and Clint just sat there, watching the picture with Clint's arm wrapped around Natasha.

"Well, according to Hermione a lot has happened." Clint said, frowning as he recalled Hermione's brief overview of Amelia's life and what she had been through. "I supposed it's best she wasn't with us for that stuff. She wouldn't have been allowed to leave the house." They both laughed, knowing that whilst it was an exaggeration it was true.

"Do you think she'll accept us?" Natasha asked, her hand gripping the photo tighter. Clint looked down at her, his eyebrows furrowed as Natasha looked back at him with wide eyes, vulnerable eyes. "I mean... We haven't been the parents we were supposed to be." Natasha explained and Clint shook his head before she had even finished speaking.

"That wasn't our fault. That was this Dumbledore." Clint spat the name, his face turning into a scowl as he named the person who had taken his baby girl. "She's our little girl, Nat." He said, tightening his arm around her and resting his head against hers as Natasha leaned into his chest.

"Our grown up little girl." Natasha whispered, her gaze glued to the picture of her red headed daughter.



"This is completely ridiculous." Amy said, her eyes wide as she looked at her reflection in the large mirror in front of her. Over her casual clothes, was a long black robe which was simple but fitting to her figure and containing only the Gryffindor crest. Hermione was stood beside her, her own robe and uniform paid for and in her bag, trying her hardest not to laugh at her friend's expression. "I'm twenty years old..." Amy whispered, covering her face with her hands as Madam Malkin walked up to the girls, taking a few pins from Amy's robe.

"Well, that's it dear." She said cheerfully and Amy sighed, stepping from the stool to the floor and taking the robe from her.

"Thanks." She said, folding the robe over her arm and walking to the where the rest of her bags were. "How much?" She asked, picking up her handbag and getting ready to take out her galleons when the witch shook her head.

"No charge. Not for you dear." She said, her voice full of pity as she gazed at the red headed witch with sad eyes. Amy looked at the floor, her eyes closed as flashes of memories flashed before her eyes. She nodded, turning around and walking away with Hermione close behind her.

"You're not really going to just take the robe, are you?" Hermione hissed into her ear, and Amy turned her head to give Hermione a glare whilst simultaneously slipping a few galleons onto the counter as they walked past. When they got outside the store, Hermione turned to Amy with an apologetic look whilst Amy smirked, walking past the curly haired witch.

"Where's Ron meeting us again?" Amy asked, walking through the crowd of people and ignoring the few who stared at her. It was pretty much known by everyone that Amelia Potter hated attention, and those who were appreciative to her feelings made sure not to stare at her. Some, on the other hand, openly stared.

"Back at Grimmauld Place. He got fed up with our girly shopping." Hermione said with a roll of her eyes and Amy laughed.

"Is that because I asked which skirt I should buy?" Amy asked with a sly smirk and Hermione chuckled, nodding her head. It was no secret that Ron was still awkward around girls when they began talking about girly things, something he found difficult when his two best friends were girls. "Anyway, I'm off to see Neville before I forget again." She said, tossing her hair over her shoulder as both girls stopped and turned to face one another.

"Okay. Will you be back for lunch?" Hermione asked and Amy raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, mum." She said and the two girls laughed before Hermione bid goodbye to her friend, walking away to apparate whilst Amy turned on her heel in order to track down Neville. What she didn't expect was to walk into something as solid as a wall which sent her to the floor. She blinked, her vision becoming unclear for a moment and she leaned her head back on the cold paved floor as people shouted around her.


"So, this is Diagon Alley." Tony looked completely unimpressed as he looked around the brightly coloured street, Professor McGonagall watching him with a scowl.

"Yes, it's one of the most popular places in the Wizarding World." She said sternly, walking ahead of them and weaving through the busy crowds quickly with the rest of them struggling to keep up.

"I can see that." Tony said, wrinkling his nose in distaste as he looked at the masses of children which were running around and yelling in high pitched tones, the excitement from them almost contageous.

"We'll make our way to Gringotts where you can speak to the Goblins about the financial side of the Wizarding world." The Professor said briskly, not slowing down for any of them to catch up.

"Hold on, Goblins?" Clint asked, exchanging a worried look with Natasha whilst a large gin appeared on Tony's face.

"Cool! Money Goblins." He chuckled, jogging to catch up with the Professor with everyone but Stevw hurriedly following.

Ever since he had stepped into Diagon Alley Steve had been awestruck. The entire Alley inspired the artist within him and he wished for nothing but to be able to transfer the brilliant sight in front of him into a sketch in his book.

He smiled, turning to look at a particularly bright store beside him which seemed to be a favourite of the children when he felt something collide with him. If he was still the scrawny child he had been so long ago, he would've been on the floor in pain. However, the roles were reversed and the other person was on the floor in pain.

"I'm sorry!" he cried, bending down as everyone around him turned wild, everyone panicking at the sight of the fallen woman. Steve turned his eyes to the woman in front of him, feeling panicked himself when he noticed her head fall back with her eyes closed. "Miss?" He asked, the panic creeping into voice and he hurriedly grabbed her wrist, blindly feeling for any sign of life.

"Well, I've never been called that before." An amused voice said and the yells of the crowd around them faded as his eyes met hazel ones. Now that he was certain he hadn't accidentally killed her, Steve could finally see who she was.

He blinked as he came face to face with her amused smile. Her hair wasn't red enough to be defined as red, but was a pretty ginger colour. She had a roundish face with a delicate blush on her cheekbones and wide hazel eyes which had enough makeup on to look pretty rather than fake like a lot of girls did in this period, something which annoyed Steve who preferred girls from his own time period.

All in all, this girl was looking at Steve, oblivious to the fact that his heart rate had increased.

"I - I'm sorry." Steve stuttered, internally wincing at the fact that yet another woman had made him turn into a completely useless mess.

"Yep, you've already said that." She said, her smile growing with amusement as a small blush appeared on Steve's face. She reached up and touched her head, her smile dropping.

"Yep, you've already said that." She said, her smile growing with amusement as a small blush appeared on Steve's face. She reached up and touched her head, her smile dropping and her whole body shuddering. "Okay, ouch." She said but grabbed Steve's arm and pulled herself up, Steve following her with his hands outstretched in case she fell again. She had hit her head pretty hard.

"Are you alright?" He asked and the girl shrugged, holding her head with one hand.

"I've had worse" She shrugged and Steve looked her up and down to convince himself that she was alright; it was his fault that she had fallen after all. He noted to himself that she was tall for a woman, but still slim, and got the impression that she could look after herself, given the chance. That didn't stop his panic, unfortunately.

"Can I get you something? Painkillers? An ambulance?" He asked and the girl laughed.

"Oh, you're a muggleborn if I ever met one." She chuckled, shaking her head before looking at him straight in the eyes. Her eyes drifted up and down his body and he felt himself blush at the sparkle in her hazel eyes as their eyes met again; one of her eyebrows were raised and a smirk on her face. Steve felt himself become flustered; he had met a lot of flirty women and the woman in front of him had all the characteristics.

"I'm Amy." She said and they shook hands.

"Steve." He said, a smile on his face despite his inability to properly speak to a woman who he liked without looking a complete idiot.

Amy opened her mouth when her name was shouted from behind her. Steve looked past Amy as a fiery haired man ran up to her, just as Tony yelled for Steve. Amy and Steve glanced at each other, just as everyone gathered around them.

"Mr Weasley. Miss Potter." Professor McGonagall was the first to speak and as the two redheads greeted their former Professor, the Avengers gathered around Steve.

"Don't get lost, he said." Tony mocked, hands in his pockets as he casually strolled up to Steve. "Stay together in this new world, he said." He chuckled before his eyes drifted to Amy who saw talking with the Professor and still unknown man. "Well, I can understand how you were preoccupied." Tony said, raising his eyebrows suggestively and looking Amy up and down.

"What?" Natasha asked, following his line of sight as Steve glared at Tony and gasping slightly at who was stood only a few metres away from her.

The three magical beings walked up to the Avengers, oblivious to Natasha and Clint's disbelief and the rest of the team's confusion.

"Avengers." Professor McGonagall said with a meaningful look in her eye. "Meet Amelia Potter and George Weasley."


"She's ready. What are you waiting for?" A pale man with greasy blonde hair and a paranoid gleam in his eyes spoke, his voice nothing but a hiss.

"The right moment." The man opposite him replied, the complete opposite of the man in front of him. His perfectly styled black hair and completely muggle suit making an absolute contrast to the other man. "And you're son will be the one to figure this out."