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Seventeen year old Julie Thompson slammed open her locker, and shoved the books inside.

Her mind couldn't focus on the current situation in hand.

All she could think of was that girls' death.

Julie hadn't known the girl, she couldn't even remember her name, all she knew was that the girl had killed herself because of something to do with the schools popular clique.

Julie wasn't popular, never had been, never would be. She wasn't bullied though. Sure there'd been the occasional snicker or odd glance on the one off occasion but she'd never cared or paid attention to it.

Julie wasn't a pretty girl, by any means; at least Rachel Lang was pretty. She had a thin, lanky body with a very flat chest and no curves. She'd grown her hair down to her waist so people didn't mistake her for a boy. Her hair was her best feature. It was a long mane of coal black and didn't tangle much. It outlined her thin and gaunt face. She had curved, light brown eyes that she often outlined with lots of eyeliner; and she often wore a large amount of make-up to express her feminism.

It also sort of explained why Julie had only ever had three boyfriends during her time in high school. The strange thing was she'd been a beautiful child and very feminine looking, almost like Carrie White, whose appearance had changed during puberty.

It probably explained why she'd only ever had three boyfriends. Well, make it four if you counted Ned.

Ned Frezzel was Julie's current boyfriend; he was a bit of a nerd and even more unpopular than Julie but he was sweet and understood her. He also didn't date Julie because of her appearance. He dated her because he liked her personality.

She'd agreed to meet him after school so they could go to Luke's party. Luke was having a party like the popular kids were, but it was only for his friends, because Luke was one of the class nerds.

Julie herself had been invited to the big party, but she'd said no because 1) She didn't want to hurt Ned and 2) She didn't trust those guys. She knew all too well that if she was invited to one of their parties, she'd just end up being humiliated.

Rachel Lang wasn't that smart she figured. She'd accepted, then again, Jesse Ryan who was probably the cutest guy in the school was pretty interested in her so maybe it was for real. Whatever. Julie wasn't taking her chances.

Besides, spending time with Ned was always a laugh; he was the nicest guy in the whole school as far as she was concerned. He listened to her complaints about her appearance, weight, height; talked to her about home life, even though his was a million times worse than hers. He even took her shopping for Christ's sake.

Julie guessed that Ned was destined to be the love of her life, and she was probably right, the two had something special between them. Julie smiled to herself. Yeah, who needed to be popular when you had great friends and a wonderful boyfriend. Plus, those parties usually got busted by the cops so there was no point in going as far as she was concerned.

That decision saved her life.