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It'd been eleven years. Eleven long years since the Bing Mansion Massacre at the hands of unpopular high school student Rachel Lang had massacred at least ten students after the showed that awful video of her and Jesse Ryan.

Twenty eight year old Julie Frezzel was cleaning up the morning breakfast. When you had two children under the age of ten breakfast time was more like feeding time at the zoo.

During the past eleven years of her life, her appearance had taken another change, but this time for the better. When she was about twenty, her face had begun to become more feminine. Her lips had become rosier, and her smile had become shinier. She'd cut her hair shorter in the past few years, and today it was tied back into a ponytail, it went well with her spaghetti-strap yellow sun dress.

But best of all was who she'd married. She'd married Ned when she was twenty-two. They'd lost contact for about four years after high school, but one day, at one of Luke's reunion parties which were so totally him, she'd accidentally bumped into a young man; he'd had curly blonde hair and was tall and skinny with grey eyes. She'd recognized him immediately as Ned Frezzel. And it'd all been so magical how they'd fallen in love and gotten married and had children. Six year old Ramona Frezzel and two year old Cecelia Frezzel.

Ned had told Julie it'd probably be best to tell them about the problems with their own lives when they were old enough to understand.

Julie still had nightmares about it sometimes. She remembered hearing all over the news about the fire at the Bing Mansion and how all those people had died. It made her feel a large pang of guilt.

Maybe it was because she'd been invited to the party too, but she'd declined the invitation to attend Luke's party at his house, which was considerably smaller and more modest.

She'd gotten a lift from her then best female friend Katherine 'Kiki' Mundayne, in her parents BMW. Kiki came from a family with a large amount of money. They'd then drove to Anna Darley's house and picked her up, then they'd drove to Luke's.

Luke was Kiki's then boyfriend but the relationship wasn't that…Stable. They were breaking up every second and getting back together the next.

Julie hadn't seen her in the past eight years, Kiki had become a model or an actress or something a pretty, dark haired girl like her would be good at. Not that Julie felt jealous; she loved being a housewife, odd as it sounded.

She found spending her time in a house and looking after her children much more rewarding than sitting in an office all day. Besides she loved her children. And it was a lot easier now that Ramona had gone to school, so she only had Cecelia left at home.

They lived in a place not that far away from her old high-school town, a constant reminder of the bloody effects of bullying.

Ramona even reminded her of a young Carrie White in some aspects. She had fluffy strawberry blonde hair and cream coloured skin, with a rosy smile and a pretty face. She seemed to take after Ned.

Cecelia on the other side seemed to take more after Julie herself, and was more on the cute rather than pretty side. She had more tanned skin with a sun kissed smile and chubby cheeks, with grey eyes like Ned, and her face was outlined with a bush of curly deep brown hair.

Julie was happy with her life, but it never ceased to shock her how close he had been to death.

She'd never stop having the nightmares. The ones of the burning house and blood painted corpses running around, beckoning her to join them in the fire. She'd wake up drenched in cold sweat, shivering and sometimes crying.

Ned would always have to calm her down, give her some sleeping pills and assure her that Rachel couldn't get her.

Julie would never be the same again, she knew that. But maybe in the end she'd finally get over the scars of the past. Although she doubted it.