Of Hearts and Minds

Summary: He watched her from afar as he always had. Every twenty seven years he was here, waiting for her.

He watched her from afar as he always had. Every twenty seven years he was here, waiting for her. She was blonde once again and that brought a rare smile to his lips. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths to push the memories away as they flooded his mind. He couldn't think of those times. The past was over, it was the now that should hold all his focus.

She was someone new, a different personality, another obstacle to overcome. He had gotten so close with Lucy, closer than he had with the others. It almost destroyed him when they took her away.

He always tried to follow them, but they were many and he was one. And for her sake he couldn't get caught. She needed him. He was the only one that knew.

He read all he could on Audrey Parker, she was an orphan like all the rest. She was a Special Agent with the FBI, that used unconventional methods to discover the truth. She was like Lucy in that regard. But this time they had given her a personality that knew how to put together clues and would stop at nothing find the answer. Maybe this would be their undoing. Maybe this stranger that had her body would be able to break through where the others had failed.

He had to be careful. He was the one that made the mistake last time. He got to close and he got careless. He couldn't let that happen again. He just wanted so badly for her to see him to see if she remembered. She didn't. But he knew when she looked upon his face, she felt it. Feelings she could not explain. Her memories they could take but some things you could not erase.

He watched them stand around his grave with her, the two newspaper brothers and the Chief's son. He watched them pry open his empty coffin, shocked that he may still be alive. His death had brought something new to the table, something they weren't prepared for. Maybe this would make the difference. A new clue, a new link to her past and a new mission for her to stop at nothing to discover.

He was always watching her, always trying to protect her and always failing to bring her back. But this time he wouldn't. This time was not going to let them take her again.

She suffered enough, this time he'd finally free her from her prison.