"Hey Brandon" Nathan said stopping the freshman basketball player in the hall.
"What's up Nate?"
"That girls your tutor right? Nathan nodded towards Haley who was at her locker.
"Yeah, Haley. She is a miracle worker man. You having a problem, I could ask her..."
"No."He quickly said. "It wasn't me...it was for Tim."
"Okay" Brandon shrugged "I have to get to class."
"Catch 'ya later." He said smirking as he turned around.

Nathan snuck in the back of the tutoring center looking for an application form. He noticed Haley and Brandon at a table working with their backs to him.
"So then A would equal 16."
Haley looked up from what she was doing "Yeah...just make sure you don't forget to flip the sign." She then held up a paper "Guess what you got on your practice quiz."
"An A-"
"No way"
Nathan finally found the form and snuck out of the room smirking as he saw the third line. Do you know a tutor, or have a specific tutor you want to request...
Haley James was the only one that came to mind.

"Alright so who paid for Columbus' trip to what he thought was India?"
"Hales give it a rest" Lucas complained as they walked to the rivercourt, Junk, Fergie, Mouth, Skills, and Jimmy all behind them.
"It was Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain." Jimmy said. Haley turned around and smiled at him.
"We have a test tomorrow. I want to do well. Don't blame me if you don't" She said closing her copybook.
"Oh no now what are you going to do besides study while we play?" Skills said sarcastically.
"I have extra credit work for english to do."
"Don't you already have a hundred in that class?" Junk asked.
"So..." She asked not seeing the point.
"Woah." Fergie said as he stopped walking, everyone soon noticed what he saw. The rivercourt was vandalized.
"Who would do this?" Mouth asked.
"Nathan." Lucas said shaking his head under his breath.