NCIS: Los Angeles


Chapter One:

G Callen looked at the youngest team member as Hetty retold the devastating news she had received about their LAPD liaison officer. Kensi Blye had been smiling and joking with her partner, Detective Marty Deeks, just days earlier and now, now she had tears rolling down her cheeks as she listed to what Hetty was saying.

Sam was standing next to Kensi and he pulled her into his arms. She welcomed the hug before deciding that she need air and needed space. She pushed her way out of Sam's arms and ran towards the women's locker room/bathroom where she promptly locked herself in a cubical before emptying the contents of her stomach.

Sam and Callen looked at each other and then looked at Hetty. They knew that it was going to hit Kensi hard. She had already lost Dom and now Deeks. Callen made the move to follow her before Hetty stopped him.

"Let me," Hetty said as she headed towards the doors Kensi had left through. Sam looked at Callen and they sighed. This wasn't fair.

Hetty walked into the locker room and everyone else that was in there cleared out instantly knowing that the petite women was on a mission and they didn't want to get in her way. Hetty saw the one stall that was closed she knocked on the door.

"Dear, are you okay?" Hetty asked. She could hear sobbing and she knew that it had hit Kensi hard. Kensi slowly opened the door and wiped her eyes. Hetty pulled her in for a hug. Kensi tried not to let her tears fall again.

"I loved him," Kensi said quietly after a few minutes. Hetty nodded her head. That was obvious. Plus, she was Hetty. She knew everything.

"You'd been dating for almost a year," Hetty said. It wasn't a question but a statement. She knew what was going on with the pair. This time Kensi nodded her head. "That is not the thing most upsetting you though is it my dear?" Hetty asked. Kensi shook her head.

"I'm pregnant," Kensi blurted out before a fresh wave of tears took over. Hetty sighed. The thought had crossed her mind but that's all it was. It was a thought.

"We are all here for you my dear. No matter what you choose," Hetty said with a small smile. Kensi nodded her head sadly. Kensi knew they were all going to be there for her but the one person she really wanted there, was never going to be there.

NCIS: Los Angeles

G Callen was standing in what was Kensi's living room. Her apartment was now empty and most of her furniture and belongings were at her new, bigger and safer apartment. It was more expensive but she had been able to buy it outright with the money she had received from Hetty that was Deeks' death benefit.

Sam walked back into her apartment after putting the last box into Kensi's SUV. Kensi sighed as she picked up her bag and then followed Sam and Callen out to her SUV and their cars. They had the weekend off and they had volunteered to help her move houses.

At first Sam and Callen had been mad that Kensi hadn't told them she and Deeks had been dating but they couldn't stay mad at her when they found out she was 2 months pregnant with his baby. She had instantly gone onto desk duty and they had helped her come to terms with Deeks' death. It had been a long few months but Kensi had finally accepted that he was gone and that she was going to be a single mother.

They pulled up outside Kensi's new apartment complex and then they walked towards the door of her apartment. She unlocked the door and they walked into her new apartment. It was big and spacious and overlooked the beach. Something that Deeks absolutely loved.

"Kensi, this place is amazing!" Sam said as he looked around and then walked over to the glass windows overlooking the beautiful sandy beach. With the apartment/house there was a small front yard with beautiful green grass and there was shade from a beautiful branchy tree.

"Thanks. It was a little more than I was willing to pay but when I saw it, it was perfect. If he was still here, he would have loved being this close to the beach and that was what sealed the deal. I want this baby to know all about their daddy," Kensi said.

"We'll do everything we can to help you achieve that Kens. You know we will," Callen said. Kensi nodded her head.

"Thank-you. Not just for today but for everything that has happened. For being there for me and for being there for I know is to come. It means a lot to me," Kensi said as she gave them each a hug.

"You're family Kens. We're always going to be looking out for you," Sam said as he kissed her forehead.

"Well, the trucks here. Let's start unpacking," Callen said with a smile.

It took them all day to unpack the furniture and then they ordered a Pizza before the two went home and Kensi started to put a few of her other things away before she walked into what was going to be the nursery. She placed her hands on the small bump that had formed and let a few tears slide down her cheeks.

"It's just you and me baby. But Daddy will always be watching over you. He loves you so much and no matter what happens, you are always going to be his baby," Kensi said before she turned the light off and headed back to her own bed. It had been a long day.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Kensi lay in the hospital bed by herself. She was scared and she was wishing that Deeks was with her. She needed Deeks there with her but he couldn't be there. He was gone. Kensi had gone to her neighbour Dr. Madison Keller's place when she started to feel dizzy and noticed that her feet were quiet a lot more swollen. Madison, being her doctor, had instantly taken her to hospital before she passed out. They had fears of preeclampsia.

Madison had been talking to her before she had to start her shift at the hospital. Now Kensi was by herself but Madison was popping in every 10-15 minutes. Madison walked in and stood in the doorway of Kensi's room. She sighed.

"Kens, did you want me to call someone? Your mom maybe?" Madison asked. Kensi sighed.

"Could I call her please?" Kensi asked. Madison nodded her head and handed her, her hospital cell. Kensi dialled the familiar number for her mom.

"Hello?" her mom asked.

"Mom?" Kensi asked her voice shaky.

"Kensi. What's wrong baby?" Kensi's mom asked.

"Can you, can you come and stay with me? I'm in hospital," Kensi said. That was all it took and her mom was rushing around her house collecting her jacket and keys and rushing to the hospital to be with her daughter. Madison was happy when she saw Kensi's mother arrive and instantly informed her of what was going on and showed her to Kensi's room.

When Kensi saw her mom walk into her room tears started to roll down her cheeks and her mom instantly rushed towards her baby girl. She wrapped her arms around Kensi and held her close.

"I am so scared Mom. I am so scared," Kensi said in between sobs.

"You're not alone sweetie. I will be here for you every step of the way and you're going to be fine. I promise you. You and you're baby are going to be fine."

NCIS: Los Angeles

Hetty was sitting at her desk when she received the call. She looked at the caller ID, Private.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hetty," the familiar voice said. "How are you?"

"Mr. Deeks. How is your assignment going?" Hetty asked.

"It's going nowhere. I want to just come home. How's the team?" Deeks asked.

"They are well. I assume you are more interested in Miss. Blye though," Hetty said.

"Yeah. How is she?" Deeks asked. Deeks was assignment. He had to fake his death and go undercover so that he could bring down a drug ring. He rang Hetty once a month and was always wanting news on how the team was but he never really received a lot of news about Kensi no matter how much he asked.

"Miss. Blye is actually not going that well. She is in hospital," Hetty said. Deeks started to panic. Why the hell was she in hospital? He knew about the baby and he knew that she wasn't due and therefore shouldn't be in hospital.

"What? Why?" Deeks asked frantically.

"They are worried about her having preeclampsia. She collapsed in hospital yesterday. She is staying in hospital so that they can monitor her," Hetty said.

"Oh god! I should be there! I should be there with her and she shouldn't have to be going through this. Is there any way that you can get me out of this?" Deeks asked. Hetty sighed. This was the same conversation every single time they talked.

"Mr. Deeks, I am sorry. I have tried numerous times before to get you out of this but I have not been able to. They want you to stay put," Hetty said. Deeks sighed. He was going to end this and he was going to be there for Kensi.

A day later Kensi was realised from hospital with it being a false alarm. She didn't have preeclampsia but she was still to be on bed rest for two weeks just to make sure everything was okay and then after that, she was pretty well restricted to what she was going to be allowed to do.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Two months later Callen was sitting at his desk when he saw a familiar shaggy blonde haired male walk through heading towards Hetty's office. He looked at Sam and the look that was on Sam's face showed that he saw the man too. The pair stood up and were about to follow where he went when Nell came running down the stairs.

"We have to get to the hospital now!" Nell said frantically looking at the two agents.

"What? Why? Did Kens go into labour?" Sam asked. Nell shook her head.

"I just got off the phone with her mom. She was on her way to the hospital for a check up when a drunk driver crashed into her car. They've rushed her in for an emergency c-section but it doesn't look good. They basically told her mom that we should be there to say our goodbyes," Nell explained with a tear in her eye.

"What? I'll go tell Hetty and then I'll meet you at the hospital. You guys and I will be there as soon as I can be," Callen said as he ran towards Hetty's office. He knocked on the door before barging through.

"Hetty we have a massive problem!" Callen said.

"Mr. Callen. I am in a meeting," Hetty said.

"Yeah well you're going to want to hear this. It's Kensi…she's been in an accident," Callen said. Hetty instantly turned her full attention to Callen.

"It doesn't look good. They don't think she's going to make it through this," Callen said.

"What?" Deeks asked from his spot the opposite of Hetty at her desk.

"Wait…Deeks? What the, you died!" Callen said.

"I had to fake it…we have to get the hospital. I have to see Kensi!" Deeks said as he stood up and ran towards the door with Callen and Hetty behind him.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Callen, Deeks and Hetty came briskly walking through the front hospital doors and towards the emergency waiting room when Sam, Nell, Eric and Kensi's mom were already waiting.

"Where is she? How is she?" Deeks instantly asked as they rounded the corner.

"Deeks? You're meant to be dead!" Nell said.

"I had to fake it and go under cover. How's Kensi?" Deeks asked. It was then that Madison emerged through the trauma doors.

"Madi! How's Kensi?" Callen asked rushing forward.

"They have managed to stop all bleeding but she's lost a lot of blood and is comatose. They're not sure when she will wake up or if she ever will," Madison said.

"The baby?" Kensi's mom asked.

"A baby girl. Considering the circumstances she is two weeks early and healthy," Madison said. "I can take you to see her and then in 5-10 minutes Kensi should be transferred to ICU and I can show you her room but only one can go in at a time."

"Can you take me to see her daughter?" Kensi's mom asked. Madison nodded her head.

"Oh she regained conscious for a few seconds and she asked me about the baby. I told it was a girl and she told me her name. It's Ellery. Ellery Grace Deeks," Madison said before showing them to where little Ellery was.

"You were born a fighter Ellery. Just like your mom," Deeks said as he looked at his baby girl through the glass.

"I just got paged. Kensi is in her ICU room," Madison said.

"Marty, you go. You would mean to most to her if she were to wake," Kensi's mom said. Deeks nodded and followed Madison to Kensi's ICU room. He took a deep breath before he pushed down on the handle and walked into her room. He defiantly was not prepared for the site in front of him. There were so many tubes and wires. She was on a ventilator and they were still giving her blood. There were bandages visible and he just wanted to cry. Kensi never deserved this.

"Oh Kens," Deeks said as he sat down next to her bed and took her hand. "You have to fight baby. You have to fight. Our daughter is here. Little Ellery. She's going to be a fighter just like you Kens. You have to wake up and then you have to shoot me for letting you think I was dead and then, and then you have to be here to raise our daughter. She needs you. I need you. Everyone needs you Kensi. I love you Kensi Marie Blye and I don't care who hears or sees. But when you wake up, I am going to declare it to absolutely everyone. I love you baby. Please just wake up."

End Chapter One.

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