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Chibitalia: Crush

Chibitalia walked through the house of Miss. Austria, who had sent her on a wild goose chase for some chocolate torte, which wasn't in the kitchen and wasn't anywhere else in the house.

'PMS bitch,' she thought to herself while angrily rubbing her back, where a heel mark would forever be imprinted, 'the least she could do would be to get some cuter boots to step on me with.'

She passed by Holy Rome's door and stopped as an idea formed in her mind. A bright smile lit her face as she put her plan in action.

Chibitalia burst through the door, not worried about if Holy Rome was presentable yet. After all, they were both girls, right (even though Miss. Austria and Holy Rome always told her to be a gentleman around ladies)?

"Buon Giorno, Holy Rome!" The cheerful Italian smiled at her friend, who was in the middle of grabbing a blouse from her drawer. Said German let out a high-pitched scream and turned around, face beet-red as she clutched the blouse to her exposed chest.

"Italy!" she cried, "I'm changing! Get out!" Italy was frozen in place. Holy Roman Empire just looks so... So...

"You're so CUTE, Holy Rome!" Chibitalia squealed, hugging the blonde-haired girl tightly and spun her around in circles.

"Put me down! Put me down right NOW! Ah! Rape! Rape!" Holy Rome shrieked, hitting the brunette on the back with tiny fists.

Hungary burst into the room at this and immediately nose-bled, before grabbing a camera from his pants and snapping tons of pictures, shota-yuri dreams being fulfilled.

Soon, Miss. Austria was inside the room in her nightgown and slippers, pulling Holy Rome out of the hyper Italian's grasp.

"ITALY!" the older woman growled, "behave like a courteous gentleman! You cannot barge in here without her permission!" Austria put her foot on Italy's chest and pushed her to the floor.

The Italian squeaked in surprise at first and then looked to the side in embarrassment, face pink.

"Well," Austria asked, "did you learn your lesson?"

The Italian grew a deeper shade of red as she said, "I just saw your panties."

The Austrian shrieked, lifting the Italian from the floor and pushing both of the young children out of Holy Rome's bedroom, Holy Rome yelling that she still needed her clothing.

After throwing clothing to the young German, Austria sighed and sat on the end of the bed and put her face in her hands.

Hungary sat next to her and rubbed comforting circles into her back. Austria lifted her head and turned to look at the Hungarian.

"Can I see the pictures of their little crush?" She asked the man, who nodded. The Austrian lady took the camera and smiled softly at the crazy antics between the two younger children.

"By the way, Hungary," Austria began, "where do you always keep this?"

"In my pants," he replied.

"EW!" She dropped the camera like it was the plague. And 5 hours later, when she was still at the sink washing her hands, Chibitalia decided to just make the torte by scratch.

World Meeting: Society

"Welcome to the World Meeting, dudes and dudettes!" America shouted, "We're all here today to solve the world's problems! Today's topic is improving society, which is epic, because I have the coolest plan! We can get a super-heroine to use her powers to save society from the hands of evil!" The girl struck a pose at the end, bomber jacket flowing in an imaginary wind, and all chaos insued.

"Um... I agree with America-san," said the small girl in the light-pink kimono. The Swiss girl in military attire stood up quickly and pointed angrily at Japan.

"Don't just agree with everything she says!" Switzerland yelled. She then began to untie the blue ribbon in her hair. Her hand soon was smacked away from the bow by her younger brother, Liechtenstein.

"Big sister, don't," he lightly chastised, "I just put that in your hair." The Swiss turned to her brother in protest, but gave up once she saw how serious her brother was about it. Blushing lightly, she nodded and sat back down.

"Don't be stupid, America," England scoffed while sipping her cup of tea lightly, "that would never work."

A Frenchwoman sitting next to them laughed pompously, "Well, I disagree with both of you drab and dull-dressed women." The two countries turned and began arguing with her.

England pulled at her hair while America poked her cheek.

"You can't disagree with both of us, bloody git! I'm bleeding England..."

"What's your problem, Frenchie? You're always arguing with me when you should agree with the heroine..."

"Well, you're an idiot and Angleterre is ugly-"

"Bloody frog! Stop insulting me, French slut!" England growled, pouncing on France. The two began to scuffle on the floor, pulling hair and name-calling.

The Chinese woman wearing a cheongsam with sleeves that covered her hands (and then some) offered snacks to the "silly western nations" who promptly refused. Dejected, she sat back down.

A cheerful Spaniard smiled at the beautiful Russian sitting on top of a small, quivering Latvian girl.

"Should we break them up?" Spain asked her, tilting her head to the side. Russia shook her head, a wicked smile on her face.

"No, we should just wait until there is blood. Murdering each other should put their fighting to an end, да?"

Her younger brother, Belarus, held a knife to Latvia's neck, making him shake even more, "Are you comfortable, big sister?" He asked her lovingly. Obsessively lovingly, that is.

"Plus," Russia continued, ignoring his young brother, "I'd rather watch Lithuania quake in fear and come crawling back to me, Latvia following!"

Estonia pushed her glasses up and smirked, "Wow, picking on countries less than half your size, real tough."

The Russian smiled wider, "I really hate that girl!"

"Like, stop right there!" yelled the voice of Poland, who stood in front of Lithuania, "if you get any closer to Lithuania, I'll totally make Warsaw your capital!"

Greece was asleep in her chair, head back as she lightly snored.

A loud slam on the table echoed throughout the whole room. England and France froze, the latter holding onto the former by her blouse collar.

In unison, everyone breathed, "Germany..."

"EVERYONE SHUT UP! WE CANNOT SOLVE ANY PROBLEMS IF EVERYONE IS FIGHTING!" She yelled. After calming down, she spoke again, "Now, everyone who wants to speak will get 8 minute exactly, and must raise their hand, but not in any way to offend me or my past. Now," a hand from across the table was raised, "ok, I hereby recognize my friend, Italy!"

The auburn-haired girl smiled and then opened her eyes and reached forward.


World War 1: Salt

"How did we get stuck on the same island AGAIN?"

The three members of the axis powers stood on the same exact island that they've gotten stuck on a million times before.

"Oh, don't worry, Germany-san! I brought some things we'd need in case we got stuck again!" Japan smiled lightly and reached into her small purse, pulling out a small box.

"Ve~! What's that, Japan?" asked Italy, who was looking over Japanese woman's shoulder. Japan held up one finger, signaling the two to wait for a second, before setting it on the ground and pulling a small tab from the side of it.

The box began to shake rapidly, and Germany and Italy backed up slowly at first. When it began to grow, the former two nations tripped over each other trying to hide behind Japan, who stood there with a wide grin on her face.

A minute later, there was a large house standing in front of them. Italy's eyes were wide open and she was speechless for once in her long life as a nation.

Germany, on the other hand, was not so quiet.

"MEIN GOTT! THIS IS WONDERFUL!" she cried, still half-shocked, and impressed as well. Japan bowed in thanks.

"It was nothing much," she downplayed it, "now, let me give you the tour." She walked into the house, Germany and Italy at her heels.

"And this is the kitchen." Japan concluded, turning back to face her two friends and allies. They stared at her with dropped jaws.

"There were 3 stories, Japan," Germany spoke after a moment of silence, dumbfounded. She nodded.

Snapping out of her stupor, Italy ran into the kitchen.

"Japan, do you have ingredients for pasta?" She asked the shorter girl, going to open up a pantry.

"Italy-chan, don't open that!" Japan yelled, running towards the Italian. She wasn't quick enough, though, and the door was opened.

"What?" Italy asked, before a large pile of cooking supplies fell on top of her.

"ITALY!" Germany cried in shock. A head popped out of the pile, revealing a shocked Italy.

"Italy-chan, are you ok?" Japan ran up to Italy, who looked at the things surrounding her.

"Um... Japan...?" Italy questioned, grabbing one of the things around her, "Is this pantry full of sale?"

The Japanese girl looked up with shifty eyes and nodded.

Germany grabbed the shaker and looked at the label before nodding, "Yes, this is definitely salz. How can you have this much salt?"

The Japanese girl blushed deeper and muttered, "I just think it tastes good is all..." She trailed off.

Germany looked at her with a look of disgust, "That's so unhealthy."

As they left the house, Italy turned to Japan.

"Hey Japan," she asked, "why did you need the house to be in that small of a box?"

The other girl turned from picking up the house-box and opened her purse, placing the box back in and pulling something out.

"I needed a place to put all of my salt shakers!" She smiled brightly. The German girl grabbed her sakura-tree purse and dumped it out, a waterfall of salt tumbling out.

"You've got to be kidding me!"

America vs. Japan: Spoon

"Dudette, I need a spoon here for my soup!" America yelled loudly, waving her hands around wildly as she kicked her feet from under the kotatsu.

Japan sighed from in the kitchen. 'America is so hyperactive, it's surprising that she has such high obesity rates.'

The Japanese girl entered the room balancing two bowls of noodles into her sitting room and carefully placed it on the table.

"It's called 'kake udon', and is a broth. Not soup," Japan corrected her as she stood back up, rolling her shoulders back. For someone who looked so young, she had really bad back problems.

"Sweet! Thanks brahski!" the American cheered before grabbing her chopsticks and attempting to eat with them, which failed miserably.

"Aw, screw this!" she cried, pulling out a fork from her jacket pocket, "Food time!" And she thus proceeded to shovel noodles into her mouth.

Japan knelt down onto the ground and clapped her hands together, "Itadakimasu," before eating slowly with her specially designed Sakura petal chopsticks.

"ACK!" At the loud noise, Japan jumped, chopsticks falling into the bowl with a small splash.

"America-chan! Are you ok?" Japan looked at the blonde who had fallen back dramatically, feet up like a dead dog.

America sat up while rubbing her head, which had hit the tatami mat hard when she fell backwards out of shock. 'Dumb floor sucker-punched me!'

"Girl," she began in a nervous tone, worrying the timid Japanese girl, "your... Your..."

"Yes?" Japan asked, scared to hear the answer.

"Your... SPOONS ARE SO HUGE!" The American tried to hide her head in her turtleneck, as if that would somehow help the situation.

'What? Didn't America like stuff bigger? Even... No, no, can't think about France-stuff!'

"Um," Japan spoke, red-faced from her thoughts, "don't you have spoons in your home?"

The American scoffed for about 5 minutes, then screeched, "Of COURSE I have spoons, but these are like SHOVELS! They're freaking GIANT! How do I even EAT with this?"

As the American kept rambling to herself about spoons, Japan hid a nearly invisible smirk behind her udon noodles.

'I guess not everything is bigger in America!'

Sea-chan, desu-yo!: Story

"Latvia, let me tell you the best story ever in the history of best stories!" a cheerful voice called out. The young girl in question stopped quivering to decipher the voice when it hit her.

"Seala-oof!" Literally.

Sealand had tackle-hugged the poor Baltic nation, who had no time to brace herself for it and began shaking in fear and tearing up.

"S-s-sealand, don't sc-scare me like t-t-that!" the Latvian girl cried. Panicked, Sealand got off of Latvia and pulled up up, brushing her red dress of nonexistent lint.

"Sorry, Latvi," she apologized, " I got carried away a bit. You ok, lass?" The young-looking nation nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Not wanting to ruin the mood, Latvia asked, "Yes I'm fine, now, what were you saying?"

The question immediately brought the mischievous glimmer back into Sealand's eyes as she smirked back.

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea,' Latvia thought to herself.

"Once upon a time there was a nation named Sealand- that's me, by the way- who was strong and brave and a way better nation than my jerk-sister, England! One day, the Mighty Sea-chan-"

"Sea-chan?" Latvia questioned the blonde.

Sealand twisted one of her pigtails in between her fingers, "Yeah, they use those words at the end of names in all of Miss. Japan's animes! And, since I'm the heroine of this story, I should use heroine-words!"

Latvia sighed, 'She hangs out with Miss. America too much.' "You hang out with Miss. America too much." Boy, was she blunt.

"Whatever!" Sealand shrugged off the blunt comment, completely unaffected by it, "anyways. One day, the mighty Sea-chan found out that the evil Dr. Hanatamago had captured Prince Latvia-"

"Why do I have to be the prince?" Latvia whined, calmer around the micro-nation than anyone else.

"Because I said so! Now shut up! As I was saying..." And then the two began to act out the scene, flying around the room and carrying Hanatamago above their heads.

The duo fell asleep on top of a fortress of pillows a half-hour later, holding hands with Hanatamago in between them. Both of their hair was down and flowing around them as they slept.

Finland and Sweden peeked into Sealand's room, the former with a look of endearment on her face and the latter expressionless except for the small curve of her lips in a small smile.

Finland grabbed a blanket from the closet and took a quick picture with her camera before draping the fabric over the sleeping bodies.

Returning to Sweden, the Finnish woman smiled softly, "They're so cute, aren't they?"

The Swede nodded, before speaking in her clipped tone, "St'ry t'me w'nt well again, hm, my Husb'nd?"

Finland nodded, but not before saying, "I'm not your husband," in a small voice.

Sweden simply shrugged and walked away from the door where two young nations dreamt of heroines and princes, of dungeons and of stories.

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