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Pepper laid in bed, still tangled between the sheets as the sun's rays brightened her bedroom. Normally she would have been up already, preparing for meetings, reviewing important documents, harassing Tony into actually going to work. Pepper Potts was not a person who slept in; to find her still in bed after 8 AM on a weekday was nearly impossible. She did not sleep in, not when there was work to be done. And after working for Stark Industries for nearly ten years, she knew there was always some work to be done, some disaster to be averted. Stark Industries was just like New York; it never slept.

But today she couldn't force herself from bed. As she watched the clock on the wall strike 10 AM, she couldn't force herself to get up and start working. She couldn't make herself act as if it was a normal day. Because it wasn't. Pepper tentatively placed her hand on her stomach, biting her lower lip. 'We're in trouble,' Pepper thought worriedly. She pulled the blanket over her head, wanting to hide from the world. She could hear the muffled sounds of the Avengers in the Tower. Steve would be coming up from the gym to finally have breakfast. Bruce would be down in the lab with Tony, helping him with his latest project while they sipped coffee. Thor and Jane would be eating breakfast while Asgeir played in the living room. Natasha and Clint would be either cooking breakfast or downstairs in the gym working out.

Pepper loved having the Avengers in the Tower with her and Tony. She loved sitting together for dinner most nights of the week. She loved listening to them argue about which movie to watch during their "team-bonding" nights. She loved listening to the quiet murmur of voices as she worked in her office. She loved having people who understood how important Tony and Stark Industries was to her; many friends had dropped her because they couldn't work around Pepper's difficult schedule. Pepper continued to tell herself she was better off without them, but it still hurt to be dropped. She loved having girlfriends she could go shopping with or vent about Tony to. She loved having a little nephew to run around the Tower, filling it with his laughter. She loved how happy Tony seemed to have his new friends around. She loved having the Tower filled with noise and laughter. The Avengers had become an extended family, joining the ranks of the few people whom she and Tony trusted.

'And it looks like we're gonna get another member,' Pepper thought, groaning softly. She wanted to bang her head against a wall; she couldn't believe that this was happening to them. She had always been careful when it came to sex. But between her doctor changing her birth control and Tony nearly dying again on another mission, she figured she shouldn't be surprised that their one night of "thank god you're alive" sex had left them in this situation. Her missed period and the pregnancy tests she took earlier that morning sealed the deal. 'How am I supposed to tell Tony?' she wondered, her brow creasing with worry. 'Does he even want a kid?' Pepper had talked about Tony before about possibly having kids in the future; he always seemed on the fence about it. There were times when he talked fondly about his childhood, about the afternoons he spent sitting on his mother's lap as she taught him to play the piano, about the drives he took with his father, about the few times his father let him into his lab. But there were other times when Tony seemed depressed by the thought of his childhood. "What are we going to do?" Pepper wondered aloud. Pepper knew there were worst things than being pregnant with your husband's child, but the thought of telling Tony caused Pepper's stomach to twist in painful knots. 'This is not going to be easy.'

"Excuse me sir," JARVIS said, turning off the music once Bruce walked out of the lab.

"Jarvis, you know no one's allowed to turn off my music," Tony said, not looking up from the tablet in his hands.

"I am terribly sorry, sir but there may be an emergency," the AI replied politely.

"What's up?" Tony asked, placing his tablet on the desk. "Is everyone alright?"

"It's Ms. Potts."

"I thought I told you to call her Mrs. Stark," Tony said offhandedly. He and Pepper had been married for more than six months, but the AI still insisted on calling her Ms. Potts, probably on Pepper's orders. "What's wrong with Pepper?"

"She's still in bed, sir."

"Yeah, so?" Tony said, wondering how that constituted an emergency.

"It is 10:48, sir. Ms. Potts almost never stays in bed after 8 AM. My records show the only time Ms. Potts stays in bed after 8 AM is when you are with her and on the two occasions when she has been sick," JARVIS informed him.

"You think she might be sick?" Tony said, getting up from his seat and heading to the door.

"I cannot be positive, sir. But I worry she may be. There is no other reason on record for Ms. Potts remaining in bed at this hour."

"Okay, thanks Jarv," Tony said, talking the steps two at a time as he exited the lab. He quickly walked toward his and Pepper's bedroom, his mind running through all the possible reasons why Pepper might still be in bed. He knew Jarvis was right; Pepper never stayed in bed without him keeping her there. She was up at the crack of dawn, shooting out emails from her Blackberry. He knocked quietly on the door before opening it. He felt a smile stretch across his face as Pepper turned to look at him, her strawberry blonde hair fanned out across the pillow. "Hey."

"Hey Tony," Pepper replied, sitting up.

"Are you okay?" Tony asked worriedly, sitting next to her.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Pepper answered calmly, internally panicking. 'There's no way he could know, absolutely no way. Tony isn't exactly the most observant person.'

"No reason I guess," Tony said, shrugging his shoulders. "Jarvis told me you were still in bed and you almost never stay in bed late except when you're sick. So I decided to check up on you."

Pepper smiled, kissing Tony's cheek softly. "I'm perfectly fine, Tony. Just having a late start today."

"You sure?" Tony asked, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"I'm posi-" Pepper's eyes widened slightly before she clamped a hand over her mouth, jumping out of bed and rushing to the bathroom.

"Pepper!" Tony exclaimed in worry as she slammed the door shut. "Pepper!"

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