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"Bruce, we have one good-looking godson," Rhodey said proudly as he held Alexander carefully in his arms, smiling down at him. After spending a few days in the hospital, Pepper and Alexander finally returned home to the Tower to the happiness of the entire family. Rhodey flew out from Malibu the moment he heard Pepper had gone into labor, arriving a few hours after Alex's birth. "Who woulda thought his dad is Tony?"

"Hey, hey, you can't use my kid to make fun of me," Tony said from his seat on the couch, wrapping his arm around Pepper's shoulders. The Avengers were scattered around the living room, each person patiently waiting their turn to hold Alex. He wasn't surprised by how quickly everyone took to Alex; it was after all his son. "My genes combined with Pepper's genes are bound to make a good-looking kid; what else did you expect? My son's gonna be a ladies' man."

"Hopefully not like his father was," Pepper replied, leaning her head against Tony's shoulder. Pepper basked in the happiness she felt as she was surrounded by her family. She had a husband, she had brother-in-laws, she had sister-in-laws, she had a nephew and now she finally had a son. She wasn't sure what she had done to deserve so much happiness, but she wasn't going to question it. Just thank whoever needed to be thanked.

"Don't worry, Pepper; we'll teach Alex better than that," Bruce said as he was handed his godson. Bruce felt incredibly comfortable holding Alex, partially from the practice he had with Asgeir as a baby, another part from knowing he was given the job of taking care of Alex and making sure he was safe.

"You guys make me sound like I was such a playboy," Tony scoffed.

"Is that not what you told my brother when he invaded New York?" Thor asked, his attention divided between watching Asgeir play on the floor and watching Alex. The sight of the baby in the Tower made Thor want another little one of his own; after all Asgeir would be thrilled to have a little brother or sister to play with. Even though things weren't perfect between him and Loki, some of his best memories were of them playing together as children.

"You also tried hitting on me when I worked for Stark Industries," Natasha pointed out. A small smile spread across her face as Bruce handed Alex to her, her remark to Tony easily forgotten. She couldn't believe how soft these children had made her. She was the fearsome Black Widow, a person who made others afraid to sleep at night. But Asgeir and now Alex made something melt inside of her, made her laugh and smile in a way very few people could make her. And she didn't resist the change. It felt nice, normal.

"Pepper, they're not being nice to me," Tony whined, kissing Pepper's cheek.

"We're not obligated to be nice to you, Tony; we're family," Rhodey laughed. "We're just telling it like it is. I've known you for too many years to sugar coat things for you."

Tony shrugged his shoulders, not minding the banter. "Jarvis will back me up on this, won't you Jarv?"

"If it's all the same to you, sir, I'd prefer not to take sides in this debate," the AI replied.

"Looks like you made your computer a little too smart," Steve laughed, lifting Asgeir onto his lap as the child crawled onto the couch next to him.

"Uncle Steve, can I hold Alex?" Asgeir asked as he leaned over to look at his little cousin.

"I don't think so, champ," Steve replied, ruffling his hair. "You're a little too small and Alex is even smaller than you. We've gotta be careful with him because he can be hurt easily."

"Oh," Asgeir replied, leaning against Steve. "I'll take care of him so he's safe."

"I'm sure you will, Asgeir," Clint said, smiling at him. He rested his arm along the back of the couch, his fingertip gently stroking Alex's cheek. "Alex is gonna be surrounded by protectors."

"Uncle Clint, are you and Auntie Tasha gonna have a baby too?" Asgeir asked after watching them for a few moments.

Natasha and Clint looked up in surprise, looking at each other, then Asgeir before looking back at each other.

"This is interesting," Tony murmured as he watched the assassin pair.

"No, Asgeir, we're not going to have a baby," Natasha answered, handing Alex back to Pepper as the baby began to cry from hunger.

"Not yet," Tony amended.

"Do you want Pepper to be a single parent?" Natasha asked calmly, raising an eyebrow.

"Come on, let's go take care of your son before he doesn't have a father," Pepper said, grabbing Tony's sleeve as she got up from the couch and walked toward the nursery.

"I still think Alex would have liked a red and gold nursery," Tony said as he walked over to the crib, carefully placing his tired son in it.

"I would disagree," Pepper retorted, standing beside him. "Alex doesn't even know what color his nursery is now."

"Exactly, we could have painted it red and gold and he would have never known."

"You still have some red and gold in the room," Pepper said, rolling her eyes as she tucked the red blanket around her son. "Doesn't mean we have to paint the walls red and gold."

"It could still use some more red and gold," Tony replied, pouting as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Just you wait Alex; the moment your mom leaves for more than a day, your nursery is gonna get an Ironman overhaul. It's gonna be great. If you're old enough I'll let you help me paint."

"Not on your life, Tony Stark," Pepper laughed, leaning against his side. "He already has an Ironman in his room along with the other Avengers," Pepper replied, gently tapping the mobile that hung above Alex's crib.

The mobile was Tony and Pepper's favorite thing in the nursery, a gift to Alex from his Aunt Natasha and Uncle Clint. In place of the usual animals or television characters, they had made the mobile with little stuffed dolls of the Avengers to protect their little nephew while he was asleep.

"And you've got an Ironman in your room," Tony said, smirking. "Let's go to bed." As Tony walked out of the nursery with Pepper, he looked back over his shoulder, glancing at his sleeping son.

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