It was about 3:30 PM in the afternoon once the Tron family came home to find something rather shocking.

The youngest family member, III, was found dead on the ground.

His wrists were cut open, the tiny kitchen knife still clasped in his left hand.

The CSI was called in, along with a few policemen, and an ambulance.

As the men searched the house, the family kept a close distance. The middle child, IV was quite uneasy with the men searching the house and attending to III.

He turned to Tron, who was hiding behind V's tall legs, he hissed "If you didn't want people around you shouldn't have called these guys!" "It was necessary" Tron whispered back "my son has just been murdered".

IV bit his lip at his child-father's statement. But the teen's short tempered anger got the best of him, "when I find out who did this, I will!-". "Hush, IV!" the eldest brother stopped him "remain calm".

IV faced away from his brother and Father to the two paramedics who began to carry the youngest brother away.

IV wanted to yell at them, to demand to put his brother down. But for the sake of the rest of the family, he remained silent.

"The police probably remember us from when you were reported missing years ago" V explained to his father, then he turned to IV "none of us will mention Byron Arclight, understand?".

IV rolled his eyes at his older brother's orders. Their Father went missing years ago, and he returned as a half galaxy faced man-child.

After that, their identities were hidden

. But they still gave III's real name to the CSI and police, it was required.

III was placed on the stretcher and covered by tarp, and then they wheeled him out.

One man from the CSI came to bring them news.

"I'm sure you guys want to know what happened" the man said.

The family tuned in to see what would be revealed.

The man let out a heavy sigh "I'm sorry, but Mihael Arclight committed suicide".

Everything was silent.

Then IV interjected "he would never kill himself, he would never even think of that!" "He left a note" the man brought up, handing IV a piece of folded paper "read it".

The man left with his crew.

IV read III's neat handwriting,

Dear Family,

I'm very sorry it had to come to this. I only beg for your forgiveness. But I can't help but feel like my presence in the world is unneeded and useless. I'm a horrible distraction and absolutely no help. I love you all and what you've done for me. I've tried not to make a mess; I didn't want you to clean after my mess. But there was nothing I could use to hang myself. I'm sorry; you shouldn't use that kitchen knife anymore. Anyway, I'm sorry I've caused you all so much despair. I love you. Goodbye



IV couldn't believe what he was reading.

His little brother, the most cheerful and happy person in the world… was depressed.

And he didn't say anything. III could have talked to him about it. IV could have saved his life! But it was too late…

"IV, are you ok?" asked V in concern.

IV didn't say anything.

He handed Tron the note and walked out the door.

He was going to find who made III feel so useless, if it's the last thing he does!