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IV set on the couch, waiting penitently for his father to finish fixing his tie.

"There we go~" Tron announced, proud of himself.

IV smiled, knowing his dad was just trying his best to be a good parent again.

"Chris should be back soon with a bunch of flowers" Tron mentioned "I hope Mihael will like them".

"Of course he would" IV assured "you know Mihael, he'll like anything".

IV laughed a bit of the memory of his little brother happily excepting the cupcake IV had given him from the gift basket he got from one of his fans.

"I can't eat anymore, what one?"

"Thank you so much Nii-Sama!"

Tron sighed, but a sad smile still remained on his face. "I knew you all would die before me in my current condition" Tron exclaimed "But I never thought my youngest son would die so fast before me…"

IV held in his own sadness, then said "Don't be sad, dad, Mihael wouldn't want us to be upset".

Tron took a deep breath, then turned around and smiled "Your right!"

V came through the front door with a bouquet of white lilies.

Tron gasped "their beautiful, Chris".

V slowly placed a batch in Tron tiny arms. Then he handed the other one to IV.

"I'll drive us over" V said.

The car ride was short, mostly because IV was in deep thought.

They entered the cemetery their mother was buried in. They requested III to be buried right next to her.

Once they got there, people had already arrived. Yuma, Kaito, And Haruto were all wearing black suits like them.

IV was actually surprised Kaito was able to find one Haruto's size, the boy was so tiny.

They entered and they chatted, then Ryoga and Rio arrived.

"You look gorgeous, Rio" IV complimented her black dress. "Thank you" she answered "You look so handsome", then she kneeled down to Haruto and said "And look handsome two, kiddo".

"Thank you miss" Haruto said shyly. "Let me fix your hair" Rio offered, then took out her comb and brushed through Haruto's icy blue hair.

"How's the funeral gonna go?" Yuma asked in wonder.

"It's an open casket" V brought up "were going to say a few words, then bury him".

"That sounds nice" Yuma said, he looked into the sky, obviously feeling upset. Yuma's thought was interrupted by whine of displeasure from Haruto.

"Hold still, I'm almost done" Rio told the child, But Haruto already looked aggravated.

Kaito laughed at his brother's attitude "geez Haruto".

IV and the others laughed as well.

Then IV turned to where III lay in the shiny black coffin, they had yet to place the flowers in.

Carefully, he held his brother and turned him over slightly. IV brushed back some of III's hair to reveal the mark that Barian told him about.

It looked sort of like the infinity symbol, but it had the same detail as Tron's galaxy mark. And he thought he knew his brother, but III had hid many secrets.

"Thomas!" V yelled "don't touch him, put him back down!" IV didn't bother to protest; He laid III back down and folded his hands.

IV tidied up the clothing that III was wearing, because unfortunately it was too big on him. They decided to dress III in one of Tron's old cyan green coats. But it was one that he had when he was an adult, and III was tiny enough.

Everyone gathered around the coffin and placed their flowers into it with III.

The Arclight family placed their white lilies around their youngest member, IV saved some of his to put in III's hands.

The Tenjo brothers brought purple pansy's, they were small so they placed it around III's head.

Yuma brought a bunch of pinkish- maroon Dahlias, "it reminded me of him" Yuma said spreading his flowers around the coffin.

The Kamishiro twins brought a batch of majestic blue Hydrangeas; they were also put into the coffin.

By the time they were done, III was surrounded by beautiful flowers of different colors.

They began to say their words.

"I'm going to say this short and simple" Tron said "I love you Mihael, I know I can be tough to handle and probably not the father you or anyone would have wanted, but never think I ever hated you, because you're just so kind and lovable to be hated, sweetie".

V decided to go next, "you're a ray of sunshine, baby brother" he began "you make everybody so happy, and you know we'll all surely miss you, I know I will".

V turned to the middle brother and asked "Thomas, would you like to go". IV shook his head and said "no, can I wait, I'll go it's just I want to go last".

V gave an understanding look then turned to Yuma "would you like to go Yuma?"

Yuma nodded then turned to III "Mihael, you have to be the most loyal person I've very meant, how you broke yourself down to save your family, that's what a really brave person would do…your my best friend III, never forget that".

Then, the glowing figure of Astral emerged from the key.

"Hey Astral, I've been wondering when you were going to come out, did you rest well?" Yuma said, cheerful because he had not seen Astral since he had went to get the flowers for the funeral.

"So this is what human's do when one of their kind dies?" he asked.

Yuma nodded.

"I would like to say words too" Astral announced.

Yuma told everybody about what Astral wanted to do and Astral began his speech.

"Mihael, despite you taking my life, I knew you never meant any harm, you are a beautiful human being and will dearly be missed".

Once Astral was finished, Shark said his words. "I owe everything I am to you, Mihael, if you have not given me Shark Drake then I wouldn't know what to do". Shark snickered as he said his last words "I still can't believe your older than me by one, you look so cute and cuddly".

Rio laughed to and said "I thought you were younger than me too, Mihael, and even though I don't know you very well I think that you're a great person and I would have loved to get to know you".

Once she finished, Kaito said his words "You're a good kid Mihael, I would have liked to know you too, you sound like such a gentle and innocent person".

Haruto began after his brother "Mihael, I remember your face as you and your brother's did my ritual, you truly did looked concerned for me, I wish I was there to look concerned for you, thank you for being such a great person".

It was now IV's turn. He took a deep breath and approached his little brother.

"Mihael, I know that I can be a huge ass hole, but it's so hard for me to show my feelings, you know I love you". IV began to cry, but he didn't care, he continued. "You're all I could have asked for, you don't know how bad I needed a little brother, and made my life worth living the day you were born…but I'm not sure I can go on now that you're dead".

He grabbed his brother's cold, pale hand and held it hard. "All I need is for your forgiveness, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being stupid and loud, and being a jerk, and taking advantage of you, I love you, my little brother…" IV ended his speech and stood back.

There was a short moment of silence, and then V announced "let's put him in".

They closed the coffin, and everyone teamed up to carry the heavy case.

Everyone except Haruto, since he was too frail to even hold it up.

It took a lot of labor, but they were able to place the coffin in the hole.

They shoveled dirt in and the hole closed up. Everyone placed their extra flowers next to the headstone.

Minutes passed and most people said their goodbye's and left.

The Arclight were the last one there, But now they were getting ready to go. "You coming Thomas?" Tron called. "Just give me a minute" IV responded. He read the words on the stone.

Here lies Mihael Arclight

Born April 19th, 1997

Died October 24th, 2012

Loving friend, brother, and son


IV gave a sad smile and whispered "rest in peace, little brother".

He walked away, the wind blowing red and brown leaves in the air.

The wind was cold.

The End

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