Danny POV

I don't know how the four of us even ended up in this situation! I didn't even know any of them from the start! And now I'm some sort of superhero with powers? I could really do anything I wanted to... I've always been the one with rotten luck in my life so it's really out of the ordinary! I have no-one to care about and no-one cared about me. I never had enough to keep me sticking around. My family left me and I was always bullied. We all watched our backs as we ran down an alleyway and away from our pursuers. "Hey! Whatever your name is, who put you in charge?" A taller brunette asked me. "My name's Danny and I don't think I'm in charge! I was just running" I said defensively. "We should all get to know each other seeming as whatever that was back there seemed to want all four of us, I'm Harry" he said and then looked to the small blonde next to me who seemed to shrink under everyone's gaze. "I'm Dougie" he said nervously and then we all looked to the last taller blonde. "I'm Tom" he smiled. "So what are we going to do? That thing seemed to be really interested in us and I'm guessing because of what we just found out we could do" I said. "I just wanna go home!" Dougie said and then turned around to leave. "You can't! It'll probably kill your family" I said which made him turn around with wide eyes. "So they're going to kill our family to get to us?!" he said, starting to panic.

Dougie POV

I couldn't believe any of this! I just went into town to buy some aspirin because my head was killing me, not like I had anyone else to look out for me. I was put up for adoption and fostered! But not like my foster parents actually gave a shit about me, they just wanted me around to do anything they wanted for them! I don't even know why I was panicking that they'd kill them, maybe I still loved them. No matter how much they bossed me around they were still my family. "Look, I doubt they'll go after your parents if you aren't there so calm down, we need to find somewhere to hide ourselves, everything will be fine" Tom said calmly and I nodded, trying my best to keep calm. We walked towards an abandoned estate that was boarded up. "How are we meant to get in?" I asked. "I don't know, maybe use our powers?" Harry said, then went to punch the boards and a wave blasted out his hand and broke them into tons of splinters and making me flinch in fear. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "It's okay, I don't think he's going to hurt us" Tom smiled brightly at me.


I don't know why but I felt the need to protect Dougie, he looked like the youngest out of all of us and I could tell he was terrified…of almost everything but it was cute in a way, everyone here seemed to lead very good lives. They had families to worry about and be worried about, I was completely alone. No family, only a rubbish apartment with a crazy roommate. We walked into the dark house and Danny went round lighting all the candles that were weirdly left behind. Dougie lit up the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. And I felt the air ripple around me and I teleported away to steal us some beds. I knew stealing was wrong but it was the only way for someone like me to get anything, there were no jobs or anything I could do to get money, I could barely afford to keep the meter in our house running for heating.

Harry POV

Great! I was stuck with a load of softies with their amazing families! I was used to this kind of life, always being on the move, I could never stay in the same place for too long. There was nothing and no-one ever keeping me there. We all gathered around the fireplace which Danny lit up with some wood that was left in the fireplace. "So guys… what's everyone's story? All happy families?" I asked. "Nope! I'm a foster kid" Dougie said quietly making a suspicion start to build up so I looked to the other two. "No family anyone?" I asked and the other two shook their heads. "This can't be a coincidence! I haven't got a family either, I never knew them" I said. "Same…" they all said glumly. "We need to find out what's up with this" I said and at that second all the candles in the room began going out one by one and then only the fire place was left…

Note; Hope you guys enjoy this, it's one of my favourites that I've written but never got round to finishing. More soon! Review if you liked it :)