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3rd POV

A brunette clamped her eyes shut and scrunched herself into a fatal position. "Please, please, please," she murmured. "Please help me . . ." Tears dripped; one by one, onto the dirt-caked wooden floor causing it to transform into mud.

"You dare to ask for mercy?" The male voice roared with fury.

The girl trembled but glared into the man's intimidating silver eyes with a determinedly. "I wasn't talking to YOU! And I would never ask mercy from YOU either. You may kill me now, but no way will you win in the END!"


The brunette bravely glared at the man. But behind him . . . she saw a boy, a boy who was her age. His emerald-green eyes enlarged with horror, but instead of doing anything he edged away quickly, and silently slipped out of the house with so much of a creak on the filthy wooden planks.

Why? She thought with anger. Why? Why? He was on our side . . . Why, leave me alone to d-"


She never finished her last thought.Arcanine roared and attacked. She screamed; a long high-pitched one. And literally, her life flashed before her eyes. The prophecy, the warning from the Everlasters, the promise . . .

The man bent down to her fallen figure. He placed his finger tips on her neck and then searched for the pulse. Nothing. He stood up with satisfaction. His boss would be enormously pleased to know the death of the traitor.

"Come on Arcanine." The male voice commanded. "Let's get out of here."

He looked down at the girl one last time. Her body lay limp, but . . . there was something strange about her. He shook off the feeling indifferently and strode out of the house with Arcanine padding by his heels.

It was the death of the girl; a traitor. And she was dead. He felt her neck for the pulse himself.

But when he finally told his boss that he killed the girl, he had a strange feeling that she was still alive. Somehow.

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