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The way he smelled...ah the wonderful scent of cherry blossoms in mid-spring. The touch of his velvet soft hand. His voice was the harmonized chirp of the midnight crickets. His smile was the bright sun that first peaks upon the earth in the morning.

Things were not the same without him. The young black-haired male had been released from his suffering a year go this spring. He was buried atop a flowered hill.

His voice no longer echoed through the quarters of the dojo. His smile no longer made the rooms bright. His scent no longer lingered in his old clothes. The cheerful laughter of the children he played with was no longer heard.

He could hardly stand not being able to feel his touch. He missed his love, the young and cheerful boy he had known for many years. It was unexpected, the way he left that morning. He knew he should have stayed with him that morning. If only he hadn't left, then maybe the boy wouldn't have had to die alone. Was he scared when he passed? What was he thinking as he laid there in his last moments? Did he cry out for help? Did he suffer?

The usually ill-tempered man was in a deep depression for his lover. He could hardly stand just being there without him. He was loathing himself for leaving him. If only he could return the time that has been lost, take back things that he had done wrong, relive his life with the boy. He would have taken him away from the dark and evil place like the Shinsengumi. He would have let him live in happiness, fully being able to enjoy the gifts of life. He would have never let the boy kill anyone, he would've wrapped him up in love and shown him kindness.

Why did he have to go? Why did he have to get sick? He would've done anything to take his illness away from him, to place it within himself so the boy could live on. He was far to young, he hadn't even got to enjoy life fully. How could God have been so cruel? These questions repeated through his head everyday, torturing him in his sleep.

He looked up at the sky that now seemed dim. A single tear left his eyes. He patted the slightly rounded soil of the earth. He wearily looked up at the wooden headstone of his love. Many times he had thought of digging the boy up to see if it was actually a reality, but he couldn't bear the thought of opening it up, only to see that it would be a cold corpse, so he resisted.

The man stood to his feet and looked down at the grave. He wiped his eyes and sighed. He would see the boy again someday, he hoped, he knew. He blew a kiss to the resting spot of his love. He then turned into the sunset, walking with his head down. He would return again...he would never forget. The boy was real, he lived, he had loved, he had spoken, and he had breathed. His memory would last forever. His touches had scorched the man in his time of life.

Up in the tree above the grave, a boy sat, his black ebony hair flowed gently in the wind as he watched the man walk away. He smiled a sweet smile and then slowly disappeared into the gentle wisps of the wind.

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