Disclaimer: I do not own Bones or the songs. I do own the characters that Sweets speaks to.

Basically, an older and wiser Lance Sweets does therapy to members of the FBI and Jeffersonian as well as one child of the team. I did a story many months ago where Brennan had to get help from Sweets but he has to have other patients other than Brennan and Booth. While it will be set Monday to Friday over a six to nine week period I won't be updating every single day because I have school and you never know I might have to go out or be ill. All these are set in Early 2036.

There's a still in the street outside your window;
You're keeping secrets on your pillow.
Let me inside, no cause for alarm.
I promise tonight not to do no harm,
I promise you babe, I will do you no harm.

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

Casey – Monday 13:00

Lance Sweets examined his diary for his patients for the week. They were all new since he managed to 'cure' his last batch. Sweets knew at least one of them since they were the daughter of one of his friends, the rest were agents or members of the Jeffersonian. Since the first patient had scheduled for Sweets' usual lunch break he had eaten early and was currently waiting for Special Agent Casey Donavan.

Sweets knew the circumstances in which Casey had to come to therapy, but he knew to tread carefully not to cause her alarm.

Sitting in his shrink chair as Agent Booth liked to call it, he tapped his pen on the clipboard when the door knocked.

"Come in." said Sweets. The door opened to reveal a woman of around thirty with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. "Agent Donavan, please do come in and sit down."

"Thank you Doctor Sweets, but I kind of prefer to be called Casey." said Casey walking in and removed her bag sat down.

"Okay, Casey, how have you been feeling?" asked Sweets.

"The nightmares are still around even with the Diazepam."

"Are they the same nightmare or just nightmares?"

"They're the same one and they are more memories than a nightmare."

"Memory of the incident?"

"I'd rather not talk about it now. I'd rather talk about some other stuff first."

"Okay," said Sweets sitting up. "I'll take the sessions at your own pace. There isn't any rush. You can talk about yourself for a while."

"Okay, I'm Special Agent Casey May Donavan, originally from Nebraska. I'm recently single and I have no children. I joined the FBI about five years ago. I cannot really say much more than that."

"Are your parents still alive?"

"My mom died last year and I am an only child so my dad doesn't get many visits since I moved to D.C. I call him every couple of days to see if he is okay. He's about the same age as you."

"I feel young for my age."

"I feel old." said Casey leaning back. "I'm nearly thirty and yet I feel thirty years older."

"I remember a television show, it was a Science Fiction show, and William Shakespeare asks the main character why he is a man that looks so young yet have eyes so old. The main character responds saying that he does a lot of reading."

"Is supposed to mean I am wise beyond my years?"

"It could be."

Casey looked at her fingers for a moment before saying "I don't like being older than I am."

"Not a lot of people do but some people embrace it." said Sweets. "Have you recently spoken to your gynaecologist?"

"I need a new one." answered Casey.

"How come?"

"Doctor Phillips got transferred to Serbia or Liechtenstein or somewhere in Europe. It means I have to brief the new one about what happened."

"You said you are recently single." said Sweets making a note on his clipboard.

"Yeah. My boyfriend, Caleb, and I broke up about three weeks ago."

"Was it about your inability to have children?"

"Cutting right to the chase are we Doctor Sweets?" said Casey smiling slightly.

"Am I going to fast?"

"No, it's fine. No we didn't break up over my inability to have kids. It was over the fact that he cannot deal with my trauma."

"He couldn't deal with your trauma?"

"I keep having moments where I space out." explained Casey. "Also I flinch every time a car or a motorbike backfires. You know that really loud bang they make."

"Yeah I know."

"Caleb never wanted kids anyway. It isn't like I cannot have kids, it's just that it will be hard. Do you have kids?"

"I have a daughter. She's in college. Have you ever wanted a child?"

"You know when you are a little girl and you start planning your life out?"

"A little. I suppose you planned out your wedding?"

"Since I was four and used a pillowcase as a veil and 'married' my friend's brother. It wasn't a legal marriage but it was sealed with a Haribo ring." Casey explained smiling slightly. "I wanted three children, two girls and a boy. I even decided their names."

"Do you feel like you cannot have a relationship because of your difficulties?"

"A little. I think it is more about having to explain why I struggle to conceive. I mean when you were shot in the uterus a couple of times, you don't want to explain what happened do you."

"I wouldn't."

"It's not something you would tell someone on a first date. Imagine you're in a French or Italian restaurant, your discussing I don't know what you want out of life, and then you go and tell them you cannot have children. It seems too personal for a first date."

Casey sighed and looked at her watch. "So how many sessions do you need?" asked Sweets.

"I don't know. Six, seven?" said Casey. "You said that we could go at a slow pace."

"We could go at any pace you want. We could be here until July next year if you wanted to."

"So how much is each session?"

"Because I am an FBI physiologist, I don't get paid by the patient. My job is basically to assess whether agents or members of the Jeffersonian are fit for duty and criminals though that has become less significant recently. It is very rare I get patients who are not either agents or people of the Jeffersonian."

"So you are assessing whether I should go back into the field or not?"

"That is why we're are here. I'm not here to judge or say you are insane. It is extremely rare that I get insane people."

"So if I come regularly and tell you about what happened you'll clear me for duty?"

"It's not a case of you tell me about the incident, I know what happened. It is about how it has affected you and how you process it. While it'll take more than three sessions to make my mind up about whether you are ready to go back into the field but each session is fifty minutes so we have time to talk. You can call me whenever you want to as well." explained Sweets. "Do you need me to go through it again?"

"No I understand. This was just a preliminary meeting right?" asked Casey.

"Yeah. This is just us getting to know each other."

"Okay. Is that going to be it for the day?"

"Yeah. So next Monday at one then?"

"Next Monday at one."