People deal with grief in their own ways, but they're going to be okay. A snapshot into the life of Jo and Zane post-finale.

I honestly have no idea where this came from.

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She's sitting in her car in a gravel parking lot staring at the trail entrance. This is crazy. She's gone crazy. Completely batshit crazy. Just got into her car and started driving. Her phone has been buzzing in the passenger seat for the past few hours and she knows who it is and she knows that she needs to answer it. But she doesn't.

Instead she opens the door and lets the cool mountain air wash over her. Then she pulls the door shut and leans her head against the back of her seat. "This is ridiculous," she mutters to herself. She turns the key in the ignition and feels the car rumble to life. Letting out a sigh she turns the key the other way and slams her palm against the wheel. "Completely ridiculous." She reaches over and tosses her phone in the glove compartment before stepping out of the car.

Reaching into the back she slides her black jacket over her black button up and slacks. She's not dressed for this. She heads towards the entrance and quickly glances at the map before heading on the upward climb. At first it's not so bad but it isn't long before she regrets the fact that her boots have heels. Not only are her feet killing her but she knows that they're going to be ruined by the time that she's done.

Jo keeps climbing. She keeps climbing until her muscles feel alive and she's surrounded by trees and the sound of birds chirping and the under layer of fog begins to lift. She keeps climbing even when she knows that she should turn back because climbing back down in her shoes is just asking for a twisted, or more likely broken, ankle. She keeps climbing until she reaches the top and then she stands on the edge and looks out across the rolling horizon and for a moment life seems to make sense.

And there in her solitude she allows the tears to fall. Big heaving sobs. All that technology at their fingertips and in the end, nature won out.

She finally makes it back to her car as evening begins to settle but she doesn't open the glove compartment. She doesn't open it until she's in the driveway and then she pulls it out and hastily shoves it into her jacket pocket. She doesn't want to know how many texts, voicemails, and missed calls are on it.

When she walks through the door she finds Zane sitting on the couch. He's still in his plaid shirt and suit jacket and he looks up as she enters. He's angry. "Where the hell were you," he stands. Jo bristles. "You just took off. Didn't tell anyone where you were going, didn't answer anyone's calls," he pauses for a moment. "You look like you wrestled a bear."

She looks down at herself. There's mud clinging to her pants and her jacket has picked up bits of tree bark and pine needles. "I had to clear my head."

Zane is silent. And then he approaches her and suddenly his arms are around her and he brings her head into the curve of his neck. "I'm sorry," he says.

"I'm sorry too."

The next day is Sunday. Jo approaches Reverend Harper, "I guess I won't need these." Baby Names in colorful block letters stares at her glaringly and she folds the flaps of the box down before handing it over.

Zane is waiting for her at Café Diem and they join Carter and Allison for brunch. Afterwards, Zane slides his arm around her waist and kisses the top of her head. "We're going to be okay," he says.

"Yeah," Jo smiles at him for the first time since they got the news. "We're going to be okay."