Chapter five

Harry smiled as he leant against the staircase of the TARDIS watching as Amy and Rory cuddled Melody close to them, neither of them had moved from where they were sitting cuddling their daughter, not taking their eyes off of her, clearly terrified that she was going to disappear from their arms. A reasonable concern for the parents.

"They look so happy," The Doctor sighed as he sat down on the step behind Harry, his long legs sliding on either side of Harry. The younger man smiled and settled his arms along his lover's legs, leaning back and resting his head on The Doctor's shoulder.

"They do, I'm happy for them. They deserve this," Harry smiled happily.

"Thank you," The Doctor breathed into Harry's ear.

"And the changes that will happen to your timeline?" Harry asked trying to mask the concern in his voice, not very well going by the way The Doctor's arms wrapped around his waist and hugged him tightly.

"I can deal with it...if you are at my side?"

"Do you doubt it?" Harry asked softly curling a hand around The Doctor's.

"No I don't doubt you. I love you," The Doctor breathed out resting his head onto Harry's shoulder. Harry simply turned his head and pressed a kiss to his Doctor's temple.

He smiled as he watched Rory pressing a kiss to his daughter's cheeks and then turned to look lovingly into Amy's eyes. The smile on his face warmed Harry's heart more than anything else in the world, and he watched as the small family cuddled even closer together, laughing when Melody reached up and grabbed a lock of Amy's red hair.

"It was worth it," Harry sighed. The Doctor lifted his head and rested his chin onto Harry's shoulder looking at the family again.

"Yes, yes it was," The Doctor smiled fondly at his friends.

"Do you ever think about it?" Harry asked unsurely.

"Think about?" The Doctor blinked his big hazel green eyes at him confused.

"A family...babies?" Harry asked nervously. He watched as The Doctor blinked a few more times at him before letting out a loud groan and suddenly racing off to the main console. Harry grinned awkwardly at Amy and Rory, whose attention had been distracted by just how loud the groan was, and then hurried after his lover.

"I know that we are working on your people skills, human skill, whatever. But when your lover brings up babies, running away is not the correct response at all! A simple no, I don't want that would have been better!" Harry ranted as soon as he was out of sight of Amy and Rory and in sight of his lover.

"Oh no! No, no, no!" The Doctor rambled even as he carried on racing around.

"There is no need to repeat it so many times now!" Harry growled crossing his arms and scowling at The Doctor.

"No that's not, no nope no! That's not what I am saying no to! I mean I have thought about it and yes not right now, now isn't the best time, things are too new and jumbled and new, and things are going to get a little complicated interrupting the time stream, things are going to happen that didn't happen and things that happened aren't going to happen and its going to get very wibbly-wobbley timey-wimey, but in the future, in time Children, with you, just well wow! Have I told you I can speak baby, trust me that comes in very handy, handy daddy that's what I could be! But timey-wimey stuff right now isn't really the best time," The Doctor rambled.

"Ooook, so what are you doing?" Harry asked feeling confused for once by his lover.

"Well I am presuming that you have been using contraception spells?" The Doctor asked.

"Yes," Harry nodded.

"Well that works on humans and wizards but I am neither," The Doctor coughed. "And we have been having rather a lot of...well yes...and the chances are your spells wouldn't work with me, wouldn't know, there has never been a Time Lord/Wizard partnership before. So the chances are..."

"Oh Merlin!" Harry gawped at The Doctor. "We need to get to a mediwizard!"

"It's ok the TARDIS will run a scan and check," The Doctor said before hitting a last few buttons. "Right stand very still,"

"Why exactly did you not think about this before?" Harry asked while trying to hold as still as possible.

"I may have...erm well forgotten about that little skill that wizards have," The Doctor admitted blushing.

"You forgot?" Harry blinked before starting to laugh.

"What is funny," His partner looked so confused that Harry couldn't help laughing even harder. The TARDIS let out a bloop that Harry recognised as being finished a scan, and he moved over to wrap his arms around The Doctor.

"Merlin what a pair we make. Whatever happens happens. If it's now, it's now, if not, in the future, when we are ready, I would love to have children with you," Harry smiled up at him.

"Our children, I would like that," The Doctor smiled. "Your eyes and laugh,"

"I know...I know you have had children and grandchildren. And I know their loss was unimaginable to you. I don't want to presume, or to try and replace what you have already had," Harry said softly.

"I know, and that is why I love you most. You know I have a whole history behind me, you accept and understand that there are things I have done and lives I have lived that you were not a part of," The Doctor reached out and ran his fingers through Harry's hair, a tender smile on his lips and a warmness in his eyes that Harry loved. "But you also know that I want to spend all of my futures with you in it,"

"I love you, and I can't wait for those futures," Harry smiled leaning up to press their lips together.

They pulled apart when the TARDIS let out a second beep, The Doctor pulling back, but he didn't move away, instead he looked down into Harry's eyes, that warm smile still lighting his lips.

"Not entirely sure I want to look," The Doctor smiled.

"Better be sure one way or the other," Harry brushed his lover's cheek.

The Doctor took in a breath before he nodded and pulled away to go to his screen. He tapped away for a minute before he let out a breath.

"Well?" Harry bit his lip.

"Not pregnant, it would seem that your spells do mix with Time Lord, well biology," The Doctor coughed.

"Fancy going to celebrate that?" Harry grinned holding his hand out.

"I think after a job well done today, and a celebration of a good mix, definitely time for a celebration, my clever, clever Harry," The Doctor laughed grabbing his raven wizard and spinning him around.

"Clever?" Harry laughed.

"You brought her back, without you..." The Doctor stopped spinning them and instead decided to kiss Harry again. Laughing into the kiss Harry wrapped his arms around his lover's neck.

"Then, bedroom? No need to traumatise Amy and Rory...again," Harry laughed.

"So this is where you are living now?" George grinned. Harry yelped loudly and spun around to see his friend standing behind him.

"George! We have only been here for an hour!" Harry laughed racing down the stairs and throwing himself at George. His redheaded friend caught the human missile and hugged him close. "How are you doing?" Harry asked concerned.

"I'm doing fine," George said firmly. "Took a leaf out of your book and told them what I needed and not what they were trying to force on me. Been kipping over here when I needed the break, and having lunches and suppers with Andromeda when I need a pep talk,"

"I'm sorry we were away for a time this time around, something we had to do, used too much time power, had to skip a little into the future," Harry apologised.

"No, Harry, I wasn't being fair to you, I was leaning on you and that wasn't healthy on me and it wasn't fair on you. You look so happy," George smiled cupping Harry's face.

"I am," Harry smiled.

"He makes you happy?" George asked.

"He does," Harry nodded. "Drives me completely nuts sometimes, but I love him,"

"Now is that anyway to speak about your beloved?" The voice had Harry automatically smiling wider.

"My beloved who happened to manage to get me stuck in a world that was basically a giant freezer, I had frost bite in some very unfortunate places! If it hadn't been for pepper up potions you would have had matching bits hexed off!" Harry raised his eyebrow.

"Hem yes well, are you going to introduce us?" The Doctor put on his most charming smile and bounced down the stairs.

"This is George,"

"George, George, Georgy Georgy George! The George, I have looked forward to meeting you properly!" The Doctor beamed.

"Wow, never seen someone so excited to meet me before," George blinked as the Doctor shook his hand enthusiastically.

"Come on I will put the kettle on," Harry smiled leading them deeply into the TARDIS.

"You must show me your shop George, I have to admit I am fascinated to see it, Harry has told me all about it, he told me that I would love it there," The Doctor grinned.

"He'd be happier than a flobberworm in dirt," Harry snorted amused as he moved around the kitchen. "You two will get on too well," He rolled his eyes at the twin grins he got.

Harry hid his smile against Teddy's head as he hugged him close as he watched his lover's smile beam out as he looked around the shop, and George's smile, normally so faint and weak - but there now - it was a little brighter as he watched the delight in The Doctor's face.

Harry had always known that there was something magical in The Doctor's smile and amazement in everything around him, in life and in every little thing. It lit something inside others and brought it forward in them. Seeing The Doctor in his shop, seeing his excitement in the products, bouncing from one place to other and exclaiming over everything, it seemed to give George something back, it gave him the shop back from the sorrow that had covered it.

"Harry have you seen this?!" The Doctor exclaimed excitedly bouncing over to them. He paused to kiss the top of Teddy's head before showing Harry his newest find.

"Extendable ears, they come in handy," Harry chuckled.

"Amazing, and there is a portable swap, instant darkness powder, shoes that can help you walk up the side of walls!"

"Oh here, try this!" Harry held out a sweet to The Doctor, subtly using his body to hide from The Doctor what the sweet was exactly. Slightly distracted The Doctor opened his mouth and started to chew on the sweet before with a surprised squawk he turned into a very shocked looking canary. Harry blinked down at his shocked looking lover before he burst out laughing along with George.

"Fantastic!" The Doctor laughed as soon as he turned back into his proper form.

"Canary creams," Harry grinned.

"Amazing, I have to take some of them to use on Amy and Rory!" The Doctor clapped throwing a few packs into the basket floating along behind him.

"You use that on Amy she will kill you," Harry snorted.

"Oh what is this!?" The Doctor exclaimed bouncing over to another area.

"Is he always this excitable?" George asked watching the suited man bounce from one display to another.

"Pretty much. He reminds me to enjoy life, he's seen such sorrow, more than even we could imagine, he's suffered through so much and has seen so much sorrow, so much sadness and war, death and destruction. And yet every day he still smiles, he still finds wonder in the smallest thing and understands the importance of every life, every action. He sees beauty in everything, and he finds joy in everything. He's such an amazing man, and I'm lucky to have him," Harry said softly as he watched his lover running his sonic screwdriver over one of George's new jokes.

"I'm glad you found him, you deserved the chance to smile again. And I have never seen you smile like this before," George said wrapping his arm around Harry's shoulders.

"Harry!" The Doctor's shout had them hurrying around the corner to see him hanging in the air by his leg as his skin turned green,

"Oh Merlin!" Harry burst out laughing. "You look like a Slitheen!"

Harry hummed to himself as he mixed his sauce before taking a tentative taste of it. He ignored Teddy tugging on his hair from behind as he added a few more sprinkles of garlic salt into it.

"Oh wow this smells amazing!" The Doctor hummed stepping into the kitchen as well. "And Teddy completely agrees...yes...yes I know...yes the lamb does smell wonderful doesn't it,"

"It's a little weird still to listen to you two talk to each other," Harry shook his head.

"One of my many talents!" The Doctor grinned.

"Doctor!?" The shout had both of them looking up to hear rushing feet heading straight towards them.

"Jack?" The Doctor blinked as a figure raced passed the door.

"Doctor!" The man cried out running into the room and grabbing the Doctor into a tight hug. Harry blinked a little shocked before clearing his throat and raising an eyebrow when The Doctor looked at him.

"You have a new companion! Hello I'm Jack I used to travel with The Doctor," The man, Jack, grinned charmingly.

"Actually!" The Doctor stepped forwards and pressed his hand to Jack's chest as he went to step forwards. "Harry is my lover,"

"Oh...oh!" Jack blinked before looking at Harry again with renewed interest.

"Hi it's nice to meet another one of the Doctor's friends," Harry smiled holding out his hand.

"It's nice to meet you too. Wasn't expecting this when I read Tosh's report that the TARDIS had been spotted," Jack grinned.

"Tosh?" Harry asked.

"Jack works for Torchwood," Te Doctor said in a stilted tone.

"The Doctor doesn't agree with it, Torchwood was originally founded to collect alien data and be ready to fight and kill any perceived alien threats, including and especially him after he upset Queen Victoria. Bt since I have taken over one of the Torchwood departments I have been trying to get it to run differently. Tosh is one of my people, along with Ianto, Gwen and Owen," Jack explained.

"You would manage to piss off Queen Victoria," Harry snorted turning back to take his potatoes off of the cooker.

"You know him so well already!" Jack drawled.

"You're staying for supper Jack," Harry smiled.

"Is that a question or an order?" Jack chuckled.

"An order, take a seat Jack, you and I are going to become very good friends. You knew The Doctor in his previous two incarnations right?" Harry asked eagerly handing Teddy into The Doctor's arms before bending to take the lamb out of the oven.