"Doctor how many times! Will you stop taking bites of the jammy dodgers and then leaving them lying around!" Harry shouted frustrated.

"Sorry! Sorry!" The Doctor jogged into the room looking sheepish. Harry handed the half eaten biscuit to Teddy who was strapped to his front, and quite happy to receive the biscuit which he proceeded to gum to death while Harry turned back to making hot chocolates. "I was having a snack when the phone rang,"

"Oh dear Merlin not the pad!" Harry groaned quietly as his lover started flicking through the pad in his hands. Ianto and Jack watched the interactions, trying not to laugh to loudly.

"Ok the window cleaners called..." The Doctor started reeling off the messages in his pad, leaving Harry making the hot chocolate and shaking his head at him indulgently.

"We're here!" Amy bellowed as the front door was slammed open. "Rory needs help with Melody-River's things!"

"Off you go," Harry waved to Jack and the Doctor who hurried off under his sharp glare.

"Are you sure that this will be ok?" Ianto asked as soon as the two men were out of the room.

"Yes! Amy will love you, Rory pretty much loves anyone. And it will be good for you and Jack to have a little holiday away from everything. And we will have you back just after you left, so no leaving the Hub without its Captain and second,"

"Gwen is the second," Ianto shook his head.

"If you believe that you are nuts," Harry said lightly. "How have things been?"

"Better. He's trying, not he realises how much his actions were hurting me," Ianto said softly.

"And do you believe him?" Harry asked just as softly.

"I am beginning to really believe him yes. This is helping, him wanting to bring me into this part of his world, especially when I know no one else has been brought here," Ianto smiled shyly.

"The offer of lopping bits off still stands," Harry shrugged.

"Its fine for now," Ianto chuckled.

"You could at least let me scare Gwen a little," Harry grumbled.

"Is that the slut who was flirting around with blue eyes out there?" Amy asked as she walked in with Melody wrapped safely in her car seat. She kissed Harry and turned and hugged Ianto before he could say anything. "Sorry we overheard Harry and the Doctor talking about your private life by the way, I know you probably wouldn't want two strangers knowing about your relationship, especially if you are as private as Harry says you are,"

"Its fine, we are working on it," Ianto waved it off.

"Still, prick move, you need some kneecaps breaking, just call," Amy grinned.

"How much stuff have you brought?!" The Doctor grunted as he staggered into the room, weighted down with a lot of things.

"Baby's need a lot of stuff!" Amy protested.

"And so does Amy," Rory grunted before he tripped over his feet and sent himself and the Doctor flying to the floor in a jumble of limbs and baggage.

"What was that..woah!" Jack vaulted over the two men on the floor and landed like a cat on the other side of them, pausing to make sure that large bag he had balanced under his arm didn't slip before he straightened out with a grin.

"Show off!" The Doctor grumbled while Harry, Amy and Ianto clapped impressed. He started snickering however when Harry waved his wand quickly and held up a sign with a 10 on it.

"Seriously, how much stuff?" Harry blinked.

"Well some of it are spares that we are just going to leave on the Tardis," Amy shrugged. Harry smiled when the Doctor perked up with a bright smile on his face.

"Well lets get it all loaded!" He bounced to his feet happily scooping up not only his bags but Rory's as well, piling the bags high enough he could barely see.

"No where dangerous though!" Rory yelled after him, still lying on the floor.

"Watch my plants!" Harry shouted as the Doctor stumbled out the door.

"Don't worry, Harry would skin me if we went anywhere dangerous with Teddy, never mind Melody-River," The Doctor shook his head.

"The Tardis has promised she will behave," Harry assured Rory who was looking a little dubious but much more mollified.

"Still can't believe it, ten years and she only really beeps occasionally at us," Amy huffed.

"To be honest the amount of sex we have had on every inch of her, we're all very intimate," Harry grinned. Ianto and Amy snickered while Jack gawped a little at him.

"You! You come across so sweet and innocent," He spluttered, to which Ianto and Amy started laughing harder, and Rory joined in.

"What, what did I miss?" The Doctor asked bounding back into the room.

"Jack discovering I have a dirty mind,"

"Shush no! Don't tell him, he will get all innuendoey around you, and that is only for me!" The Doctor flapped.

"Don't worry it is all for you," Harry smiled pressing a kiss to his lover's mouth.

"So are we ready to go?" Jack asked.

"Ready," Harry nodded.

"Ready," Amy nodded.

"Ok then. First stop I thought we could go and see the planet Jedorcorifical," The Doctor suggested wrapping his arm around Harry's waist as they all trooped to the back door.

"Oh! The spa!?" Jack asked taking Ianto's hand. It was a little shy and unsure, but the small smile he got from Ianto made him beam. He was trying harder to show how he felt for Ianto, and to stop preventing himself from showing intimacy with the other man without sex. His fear of losing Ianto after getting so close to him nearly making him lose the Welshman before he needed to say goodbye to him. He was a fool, but he had been allowed another chance and he was not going to waist it.

"That's the one, wonderful things for kids there as well. A 100 water falls with different properties that you can swim under, masseuses with five hands, all the oils you can dream of, and the perfect view of their solar system," The Doctor explained.

"Sounds perfect," Harry grinned.

"Oh yes!" Amy bounced through the Tardis doors excited.

"A massage!" Ianto groaned looking like he was about to go to heaven.

Harry met the Doctor's eyes as they crossed each other around the console flicking the switches and dials to get them moving. His love was lit up like a thousand galaxies as he moved. And Harry knew why. The Tardis was alive with life and laughter, with love and friendship. Ianto and Jack were standing near the console, Jack explaining things to a very excited and interested Ianto...neither Harry, the Doctor or Ianto had the heart - hearts in the Doctor's case - to tell Jack how many times Ianto had actually been in the Tardis now for quick trips back in time when he and Harry had missed a reservation. And Ianto was definitely interested in what Jack could tell him about the Tardis.

Amy and Rory were standing with Melody-River and Teddy in their arms, the two babies squealing and bubbling at each other, Melody-River was fascinated as ever with Teddy's fast changing hair colours, and every now and then a burst of laughter came from her when Teddy's face would change.

Harry laughed when the Doctor caught him unawares as he was watching their friends and snagged him around the waist, pulling him in for a quick kiss.

"What was that for?" Harry asked as the Doctor hooked his chin over his shoulder and hugged him tightly from behind.

"I'm happy," The Doctor shook his head.

"Good, so is the Tardis," Harry smiled.

"You can hear it?" The Doctor grinned reaching out to pat the console.

"She is singing," Jack grinned, that wide boyish grin that made hearts everywhere beat a little faster.

"She's enjoying herself," Rory laughed.

"She has family with her, why wouldn't she!" Harry hummed kissing the Doctor's cheek.

"I think I am boneless," Ianto groaned happily as he dropped down on a sun lounger next to Harry.

"They're good aren't they!" Amy sighed lowering her sunglasses a little.

"Five hands," Harry nodded.

"I had no idea my back could feel this good," Ianto wriggled slightly and got himself comfortable.

"This place is heaven. I vote we make this a yearly trip, or six months," Amy hummed as she picked up her cocktail.

"I second that," Harry nodded picking up his own glass.

"Third!" Ianto grinned holding up his glass so they could clink them together.

"Wonderful, decision made," Amy grinned.

"They don't get a say?" Harry asked nodding to the pool.

"Nope, we are clearly the sensible decision makers, what we say, goes," She waved him off making him and Ianto laugh.

Harry turned back to the sight in the pool. Jack currently had hold of Teddy and was bobbing him along through the water as his godson squealed and splashed in delight. The Doctor had Melody-River and seemed to be having an in depth conversation about how to swim with her.

"Oh wow. Five hands!" Rory groaned coming over to them and dropping onto the lounger next to his wife.

"I know right!" The three others chorused.

"This is..." Ianto gasped looking around.

"Is this alright? Is it too much...not enough, maybe I should have added more candles..." Jack trailed off when the young Welshman took his hands and stopped his exuberant floundering.

"Its perfect," Ianto said. As every a man of few words, but so sure with the words he did say.

"Good, good. May I take you to our table?" Jack offered his arm.

"You may," Ianto slipped his hand to Jack's elbow and allowed himself to be led across the space to where the only table was waiting. "How are we breathing, the Doctor said that you couldn't outside of the spa," He asked looking around.

"I called in a few favours," Jack smiled. He held out the chair for Ianto and then took a seat across from him.

It was beautiful. They were on the roof of the spa looking out over the glittering waters of the seas surrounding them that looked like diamonds. Above them the dual moons were big and bright, and you could see dozens of distant galaxies of different shapes and colours, and thousands upon thousands of stars. And around the roof had to be dozens of candles lighting up their table.

"Harry placed a stasis charm over our meal," Jack explained when he lifted the covers off of their plates and they steamed as though just from the oven.

"I still can't get used to his magic, no matter how many times I see it," Ianto smiled.

"I know, its been years since I have met a wizard," Jack nodded.

"What is it like for wizards and witches from your original time?" Ianto asked softly. This was new territory for both of them, Jack trying to be honest with Ianto and let him in, and Ianto trying not to be scared about getting figuratively and literally being kicked out of the bed for asking.

"They are much more out and about, but by my time we have mixed with aliens and different species that have skills of their own, so it isn't as much of a shock," Jack explained. "I will have to ask the Doctor to take us passed one of the future wizarding markets, they're quite safe and I am sure everyone will love it, especially you! They're amazing, all these amazing things as far as the eyes can see,"

"That sounds brilliant," Ianto nodded enthusiastically.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Jack asked softly.

"Its beautiful here..."

"No, I mean the trip," Jack took his hand on the table.

"Its...better than I could have dreamt. All your stories and Harry's, I never imagined that I would get to see it for myself. Its a dream," Ianto laughed happily.

"I have not seen you smile so much and so honestly before," Jack brushed his fingers over Ianto's cheek.

"I think I needed this, to get away from it all, from Torchwood for a little bit. I love what we do, but after Canary Wharf and everything, you were right I needed a holiday. And you lot definitely know how to do holidays," The younger man added to lighten the mood. It worked, Jack smiled and they tucked into their meal.

"I am sorry Ianto, that I ever made you feel worthless, or a second choice, or that I didn't...care for you," Jack closed his eyes disappointed in himself that he couldn't say it.

"Jack," Ianto linked their fingers together and squeezed. "I don't need to hear you say it out loud as long as you show me, I understand Jack. I don't expect you to be anything but you...just don't take me for granted,"

"That I definitely will never do again," Jack smiled.

"Come on," Harry caught the Doctor's hand and dragged him towards the Tardis doors.

"What about Teddy?" He frowned looking back to the centre of the Tardis.

"Ianto and Jack have him, Jack is cooing over him while Ianto looks slightly alarmed. Come," Harry tugged him again and the Doctor went willingly with him.

They walked for a little while along the purple sand of the beach they were parked on. The Doctor was curious as to what was going on, but he was quite content to have time alone with Harry and just walk hand in hand with him, the lavender water lapping in waves at their ankles. He loved having a full Tardis, and they had had fun spending the last 3 months travelling around, but it was nice having time alone with Harry as well.

"Harry?!" The Doctor choked when Harry let go of his hand and started stripping off his clothes.

"Are you coming?" Harry grinned. walking backwards into the water.

"You're naked!"

"Yes I am,"

"You're naked in the water," Harry laughed as his lover looked up and down the beach flustered.

"Yes I am Gelmir, join me?"

The Doctor swallowed hard at the sight of his tanned lover standing waist deep in the water, glowing with the light bouncing off of the water. He had been driven mad for the last few days watching Harry swimming in his trunks and sunbathing on the sand. And he was here now, in front of him, naked and waiting. He looked like a sea nymph standing holding his hands out, beckoning the Doctor to him. And he could do nothing but strip off his clothes and wade into the water after Harry.

The younger man smiled in welcome and wrapped his arms around the Doctor as soon as he was in reach, the two of them exchanging drugging, luxurious kisses as they bobbed in the water together. After a time of just enjoying the contact with each other, hands brushing against bare skin under and above the water, their kisses became hungrier, and the Doctor reached his hand around to cup Harry's bum and lifted him so Harry had to wrap his legs around his waist.

Harry's dark head dropped back with the Doctor pressed into him, his expression intense as he soaked in this vision of Harry. The purple water glittering around them and reflecting off of Harry's skin gave him an otherworldly feel and made him look even more beautiful. And the Doctor's hearts beat just a little faster as he fell just a little more in love with him. He held him even closer as he started moving within Harry, pulling those groans and mewls from the younger man that he loved hearing, and would never ever in all the years they had in front of them get tired of hearing.

Harry grinned as he nipped at the Doctor's ear lobes pulling snickers and laughter from his lover. The Doctor had insisted on carrying him back to the Tardis, but as expected with the Doctor it wasn't what he expected. So he had been piggy backed back to the Tardis, and had laughed and teased the whole way back to the Tardis. Just as they reached the Tardis they were greeted by the sight of Jack and Ianto stumbling up the sand from the opposite direction, looking as dishevelled and relaxed as they were.

Harry grinned when the Doctor went bright red at the smirk they received from Jack, though he was quite embarrassed himself and buried his face into the Doctor's shoulder.

"Sleep well," Jack cooed as the Doctor hurried passed them into the Tardis.

"Jack!" Ianto huffed, sounding quite embarrassed himself.

"We will see you next week for supper yes?" Amy asked as she hugged Harry and then wrapped herself around the Doctor.

"Of course," The Doctor smiled hugging back firmly.

"Thank you, that was amazing," Ianto hugged Harry.

"No problem, its been fun, we will have to do it again soon, we never did get to that market," Harry smiled.

"We're going out for supper next week aren't we?" Jack asked.

"Of course,"

"I can't believe I am meeting up with the Doctor at a restaurant," Jack shook his head as he hugged Harry himself.

"And we will see you in a few weeks, remember though pop in for coffee any time!" Amy told Ianto as they hugged.

"Will do, and I will ring you with that recipe!"

"Oh yes please!" She nodded. "I cant wait to cook it,"

Rory cleared his throat from behind her looking amused. Smiling sheepishy she stood back and allowed Rory to hug Ianto as she corrected herself. "I can't wait for Rory to cook it,"

"That's better. Jack," Rory hugged the captain.

"You are hanging around here for a few weeks aren't you?" Rory asked Harry.

"Yup, spend time in the house and catch up with everything," Harry nodded.

"I can't believe its only 12 hours after we left," Ianto laughed as he and Jack walked down the pathway to the Torchwood SUV.

"I can't wait to see the look on Gwen's face when she sees the difference in their relationship in '12 hours'," Harry smirked nudging Amy who cackled softly at the thought. The Doctor and Rory rolled their eyes at each other.

"See you guys later!" Amy waved after picking up Melody-River's car seat and heading to their own car.

"See you soon," Rory waved.

Harry and the Doctor stepped back into the house and closed he front door behind themselves before taking and breath and leaning against it.

"You know what I am thinking now we are alone?" The Doctor turned to look at Harry.

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Harry breathed out.

"I think so...whipped cream?"

"Chocolate sprinkles?"

"I will grab the caramel chocolate we got from Golpensalaw," The Doctor nodded hurrying to the Tardis.

"I will put the hot chocolate on," Harry hurried into the kitchen.

Harry blinked as he sat up in bed looking around the room with wide eyes before he reached to his side and shook the Doctor's shoulder.

"'At? What?" The Doctor grumbled turning his face into his pillow and clearly getting ready to go back to sleep.

"There was a noise from downstairs!" Harry hissed kicking the Doctor under the covers.

"Ow! What?!" The Doctor jerked up rubbing his leg and blinked sleepily at Harry.

"I heard a noise from downstairs!" Harry grit out.

"It was probably the fridge or something," The Doctor groaned dropping down onto his back before he jerked upright at the sound from downstairs.

"See!" Harry smirked before rolling out of bed along with the Doctor and grabbing his wand made his way to the door behind the Doctor. They opened the door slowly and peeked out before they crept to the top of the stairs. Harry grabbed the Doctor's arm when there was another noise from what he realised was the kitchen when they were halfway down and they paused listening again, Harry clinging tightly onto the Doctor, after a few seconds just as the Doctor went to take a step down voices came from the kitchen.

"…so dead!"

"It was your fault!"

"It was not!"

"It was too!"

"You got told not to play and you did!"

"I told you not to muck around while I was trying to fix it!"

"Dad told you to leave it alone!"

"When Papa finds out you're going to be in trouble!"

"Don't be such a Papa's boy Micah!"

"Shut up Nathanial!"

"Both of you shut up!"

"You're not the boss of us Avanya!"

"I am when you are both acting like idiots!"

Harry and the Doctor stepped into the doorway of the kitchen now feeling utterly bemused at the conversation that they had just heard and paused again at the sight of the three children standing in their kitchen arguing. Harry finally cleared his throat to get their attention when it became clear that their bickering was going to carry on for a little while. The three of them turned and blinked at them before they exploded with sound again.

"Dad! Papa! We swear it was…"

"Complete accident! We didn't mean to…"

"He slipped and the next thing puff but…"

"Can take us back and no harm done so…"

"To ground us right? It was an accident…" The three of them talked over each other but Harry was able to get enough of a gist.

"D….Dad….P…papa?!" He choked out turning to look at the Doctor who was staring wide eyed at the three children.

"Ah crap!" The oldest boy cursed smacking his forehead.

"We are so so so grounded!" The second oldest, also a boy, groaned.

"This is all your fault!" The youngest and only girl smacked the two boys in the stomach.

"Are you saying that…you are our children?!" The Doctor spluttered.

"Can we like…plead the fifth or something here? Please!" The oldest smiled charmingly.

"Oh Merlin they're ours!" Harry groaned propping himself against the counter as he felt his knees giving.

"How do you know?!" The Doctor spluttered.

"Because that is your smile down to a T," Harry sighed rubbing his eyes.

"I think we just broke about eighteen rules," The middle child groaned.

"Ha, I think that we are looking more towards twenty five," The oldest child groaned.

"Oh that! That's your look when I do something stupid!" The Doctor pointed at the expressions on the children's faces.

"Not that you do anything stupid," Harry and the three children said at the same time.

"I need to sit down," Harry said weakly. The Doctor quickly gripped Harry's arm and led him to the table, sitting him down before he stood behind his chair facing the three children. Their three children apparently.

"What happened?!" The Doctor burst out.

"Well….you found this thing on a planet and ou told us not to play with it but you rigged it up to the console of the TARDIS and the boys…." The little girl started rambling without pausing for breath until one of the boys interrupted.

"Don't be such a snitch! You were there as well!" They complained.

"Don't speak to your sister like that," The Doctor said absently before rubbing the bridge of his nose as they looked sheepishly back at him. His eyes were scanning over the three of them hungrily though, and Harry reached up to cover his hand, squeezing tightly as he met hazely brown eyes with understanding in his own green ones.

"Sorry," the two boys chorused.

"Erm, can you give us a lift home please? Dad is pregnant and its not great for him to be freaking out," The oldest one asked softly.

"Yes no ok, come on into the Tardis, the sooner you are back in your own time the less damage that can be done...do you know how to input a date and place in to the Tardis?" The Doctor asked as they all hurried into the back garden. The Tardis gave a little hum of excitement when the children hopped on board, and the Doctor could feel her excitement at meeting his children, more Time Lords, for the first time in a long time.

"I can, you taught me," The Oldest nodded.

"Ok, we shouldn't know when, too wibbley wobbley. you can't take us back to where you are, you need to take us somewhere close. We will remember this and know where to come get you," The Doctor instructed.

"Ok dad," Their oldest had a look of such serious concentration that Harry couldn't help but smile. Merlin, their children. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around the younger two as they pressed closer to him, clearly looking for some reassurance. It was so strange, he hadn't had them yet, had never met them, but they felt so right in his arms.

"Dad soniced us didn't he?" The little girl asked with a slight scrunch to her nose.

"Yes he did sweetie, sorry, we couldn't take you word for it," Harry grimaced, he hadn't thought that they had noticed in the kitchen.

"No its ok, I understand. Its just weird you not knowing us," She pressed even closer.

"Is this your first time mistake?" The Doctor asked as they started moving.

"Yes, we're really sorry!" The middle child sighed.

"It happens it happens!" The Doctor grinned ruffling his hair.

"So, what are your names?" Harry asked the three children as the Doctor ran around the console pushing buttons and pulling levers in his normal frantic way.

"Should we really tell you?" The middle boy frowned.

"I can't see how telling us your names is going to do any damage," Harry smiled. "You're going to end up with your names anyway,"

"What if we end up with our names because we tell you our names," the oldest boy pointed out.

"My name is DeathStar Battle Ray," The middle boy said firmly making Harry start laughing.

"No its not! His name is Micah, stop trying to get dad and papa to call you stupid names!" The girl smacked her brother's arm.

"Well considering Avanya has told you Micah name, I'm Nathanial," The oldest boy sighed.

"Nathanial, Micah, Avanya. We have good taste," Harry smiled at the Doctor. His lover grinned at him but carried on.

"You said that you didn't really want to give us names with meanings or anything like that, dad said he wanted cool sounding names," Micah shrugged.

"Here we are," The Doctor landed the Tardis, and turned to soak in everything that he could of the three children.

"Why do you look so sad?" Avanya asked going over and hugging him.

"You three are perfect, I don't want to say goodbye so quickly," The Doctor shook his head as he hugged her close. He closed his eyes and breathed in her scent, locking it away in his memory.

"You will be seeing us soon enough," Nathanial grinned throwing his arms around Harry.

"You are so different!" Micah laughed looking between them.

"How so?" Harry asked curiously.

"You're way less...parental," Micah shrugged.

"That's because they aren't our parents yet, idiot," Avanya rolled her eyes.

"I know that Avanya!" Micah huffed.

The Tardis gave a faint thrum making all of them look up quickly.

"That's...us arriving, we need t go before there are two Tardis...Tardi? In the same place. Now future us will arrive as soon as past us leave, you stay safe...and do as you're told next time," The Doctor scolded.

"Yes dad," The three chorused.

"We will see you soon," Harry hugged each of them one more time before gripping The Doctor's hand as they watched the three hurry to the door.

"See you soon papa, dad, love you," Nathanial waved before hurrying out the door with his siblings.

The Doctor moved the Tardis as soon as the door closed behind them while Harry watched the screen intently, relaxing only when he could see another Tardis appearing around the kids just as they were disappearing. He let out a breath and sank against the console closing his eyes as they settled into flight.

He sank back into the Doctor's arms when his lover wrapped tem around his waist and rested his forehead on Harry's shoulder. They just stood there like that for a few moments as their tired brains caught up with what had happened. And then the Doctor started laughing.

"What is so funny?" Harry asked feeling a little lost as he tried to turn and look at his love, worried that he had finally lost it, but the Doctor was holding onto him tightly enough that he couldn't turn in his arms.

"Its just...we have spoken about it and discussed children, and I have been looking forward to that future with you so much, but to actually see them, to see what we will create together, they exist," The Doctor breathed out in disbelief.

"They were pretty perfect weren't they...even if they have inherited your sense of mischief," Harry snorted.

"My sense of mischief? You forget George has told me plenty about what you got up to!" The Doctor laughed.

"Lies, all of it!" Harry sniffed.

"Ah ha," The Doctor pressed their foreheads together. "Are you ok?" The asked gently.

"Yes, I am, I just...they're real, they're there," Harry breathed out.

"I know," The Doctor smiled. "Thank you,"

"For what?" Harry turned and wrapped his arms around The Doctor's waist.

"For giving me hope, for giving me a true home again. And for giving me family, the family that we have now, and the family that we will have in the future," The Doctor brushed his fingers over Harry's face and buried them into his hair.

"I should be saying that to you," Harry shook his head, careful not to shake off the Doctor's hand.

"How about we gave it to each other?"

"We saved each other?"

"We saved each other," The Doctor nodded. "I love you Harry Potter,"

"I love you Gelmir," Harry breathed wrapping his arms around The Doctor's neck and pulling him down for a sweet kiss.