Why. Why did I choose to get bitten? I suppose for a laugh, or to be with Cole. Probably the second one. But anyway. I had no idea what time it was, I don't have any reason to keep track of time when I'm a wolf. It was August, I knew that, so the night was fairly warm. Grace, Olivia, Rachel and Shelby were in the cave, asleep probably if Shelby wasn't killing them. The boys were out hunting, somewhere in the woods. They had been gone since sunset, so I reckon the best part of four hours now. I could feel the emptiness in my stomach due to the lack of food for the past three days, but I was used to it. I nearly fell asleep on the rock I was lying on, but not before Ulrik and Cole come pounding out of the forest.

"Where are the others?" I tried not to sound concerned.

"You will not believe what just happened." Cole said.

"What? What happened?" Now I really did sound concerned.

"Beck's been tagged."


"What do you mean?" I was really confused at this point.

"Those retarded wildlife tracking scientist people got a hold of him, and stapled this tracking thing into his ruff."

"Are Sam and Paul okay?" Not sounding harsh, but I wasn't going to ask about him and Ulrik, because I could see from here that they were fine.

"Yeah, they managed to run, but Beck was elsewhere and he didn't see them."

Just then, I heard a rustling coming from the trees. Sam, Paul and Beck came out, Sam and Paul walking either side of Beck, who had his head held down in embarrassment. The others must've heard and came out of the cave. Of course, Shelby came running to Beck when she saw him.

"Are you okay?" She said to him.

"Stop acting like you care," Beck growled, and carried on by himself into the cave.

"We best leave him." Ulrik said.


Sam, Ulrik and Paul left to carry on the hunt. Grace and Shelby followed them, as they needed the extra wolves to bring down even a young deer. I stayed with Isabel, lying on a rock outside the cave.

"Aren't they worried it'll happen to them?" Isabel asked.

"Nah, it's not the end of the world if you get tagged. It's just embarrassing." It was true, if a wolf gets tagged, trapped or shows any cowardliness in front of other animals, it's a sign of weakness. And if that wolf is the Alpha-male, he usually is overthrown or sometimes killed by the pack.

But here it was different. We aren't fully wolves when we shift any more. Thanks to that chemical I found, we can speak and express human emotions when we are wolves, we can also shift when we want to, and we live just as long as we would as a human, so it doesn't work that way. It is still annoying to get tagged though.

I saw Isabel looking down at Mercy Falls, almost longingly. She sighed, but didn't stop staring.

"Do you not miss human life sometimes?" She said.

Do I? We told our parents and friends that we had gone to college, away from home, when really we were less than a quarter of a mile away from them, and they didn't have a clue. I miss my life here in Mercy Falls, but not my life in New York, with NARKOTIKA.

"I suppose." I sighed, "but being a wolf gives me the sense of freedom."

She looked at me as she talked now, "It's fun, I suppose, but it will take some getting used to."

"Take some getting used to. You'll will definitely have to get used to being a wolf. Your first kill, learning every branch and leaf of the forest, finding a mate, mothering a litter of wolf cubs, keeping a high ranking in the pack, and, most of all, keeping clear of your dad."

She smiled, "I like the sound of it."