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It had been twenty years since the world had been set right. No one remembered the events in the old world besides Kiba. But as the years went by even he lost his memory. Now all Kiba and his family did was live normal lives in their tribe.

Two Spears and Singing Bow had become respected elders in their early sixties. Their hair had become gray with age; their dark eyes were filled with much wisdom, and their tanned skin was wrinkled. Two Spears dressed in old leggings, a buck skin shirt, moccasins, and his graying hair was in two waist length braids. Singing Bow wore a buck skin dress, moccasins, and her gray hair was in a long single braid.

Wind Eagle was now the chief of his tribe and was a remarkable chief at forty. He still wore his black hip length hair in a long single braid down his back like his mother, Singing Bow, always did, and dressed in fancy buck skin pants, a fancy buck skin shirt, and moccasins.

Robin's Song stayed by her husband's side and helped lead her people. Though Robin's Song was only thirty-nine she had as much wisdom and respect as any of the tribe elders. The chief's wife normally wore a loose buck skin dress, moccasins, and had her black hair in two long braids.

Shy Deer was a master archer and a skilled thirty-eight year old warrior. She mostly wore a skin tight dress with leggings and her black hair was back in a ponytail.

Tsume (who was now thirty-six) had become a fierce warrior for his tribe and earned the name Fierce Claw, which he was called by his tribe and all their brother tribes. The tribe knew when Tsume dropped his light skinned human disguise and let his true gray wolf form show it meant trouble. Tsume mostly wore, in his human form, a pair of leggings, moccasins, and kept his silver hair short. The X shaped scar was quit visible on his bare chest.

Toboe was no longer a scared little kid but a brave thirty-three year old warrior. He was called Silent Howling by the tribe. Toboe just wore leggings, was barefoot, had on three silver bracelets, and kept his red hair short (his fur was red in wolf form).

Hige and Blue had also grown older and wiser. Hige was still the same big eater but had become more of a warrior, though not by much. He was a thirty-six year old wolf who still acted like a pup. The tribe called him Rough Whisker because his tan fur felt hard and tough. Hige wore leggings, moccasins, a vest, and had short messy tan hair.

Blue was the same even after being mated to Hige for so many years. Her clothing consisted of a buck skin dress, moccasins, and her blue hair was kept short. The tribe called her Blue Beauty and she was the most beautiful thirty-six year old in all the tribes.

Kiba and Akina had been mates for many years now, eighteen years now that they were thirty-six. Though Kiba was a white wolf, in human form his hair was brown cut short, his eyes were blue, and he wore old buck skin leggings and a necklace made of many different fangs and claws of predators. Akina dressed in a fine buck skin dress, moccasins and her black hair was waist length free flowing.

Each of the old heroes had grown older and had their own children. This story is about them and how they find their way in the world. Seven youths played in a field outside the tribe village.

The oldest was a woman no older than twenty who looked like a searten flower maiden only dark skinned, with brown eyes, long black hair in two braids, and wore a skin tight dress. Her name was Moon Flower daughter of Chief Wind Eagle and Robin's Song.

The two next oldest were a pair of nineteen year old twins wolves, one male the other female. The she-wolf was in her human form. She wore a short skin tight dress, leggings and had her tan hair (the same colour as her fur in wolf form) was in a single braid. Her name was Bright Spirit.

Bright Spirit's twin brother had blue fur and dog like features in wolf form. He had short blue hair and wore a vest, leggings, and moccasins in human form. His name was Black Night though most called him Night.

Bright Spirit and Night were the son and daughter of Hige and Blue. Bright Spirit looked like her father but had her mother's attitude. Night looked like his mother and had his father's love of food. Since their mother was a wolf dog and their father a pure wolf it made Bright Spirit and Night three parts wolf and one part dog.

Moon Flower looked at two wolves that looked as they were in a fight. One was a male of eighteen and the other was a female of seventeen. Both were switching back from human form to wolf form.

The male wolf was pure black in wolf form and wore leggings, a buck skin shirt, and had shoulder length black hair in human form. While the female was gray in wolf form and wore a short skirt, leggings, a buck skin shirt and had hip length silver hair in a ponytail in human form.

The male wolf's name was Night Storm (though everyone called him Storm) and the she-wolf was called Quick Slash. Storm was the oldest son of Kiba and Akina. Quick Slash was the adopted daughter of Tsume and Shy Deer.

As Storm and Quick Slash fought against each other two other wolves sat on the ground watching the two fight. These were Sacred Dream (more commonly known as Dreamer) and Great Joy.

Dreamer was a fifteen year old black with a white chest and white tipped tail in his wolf form (like his mother) and had messy chin length black hair, blue eyes, wore leggings, a vest, moccasins, and a single claw necklace around his neck in human form. Great Joy was a thirteen year old pure white wolf and in human form had shoulder length dark brown hair, wore a long sleeved shirt, leggings, a knee length wrap around skirt, moccasins and a headband.

Dreamer was the second son of Kiba and Akina. Great Joy was the only daughter and third born of Kiba and Akina. Dreamer sighed as he watched his older brother and cousin get into yet another fight.

"This happens every single day. Storm insists that girls are not as strong as guys. Quick Slash gets mad and challenges him to a fight. The two start fighting tooth and claw for a good thirty minutes or so. Then all our parents show up. In three…two…one." sighed Dreamer.

Suddenly Kiba, Tsume, and their mates came running to the children. Kiba tour his son away from Tsume's daughter. And Tsume tour his daughter away from Kiba's son. This was getting ridicules.

"Why were you to fighting about this damn time?" shouted Tsume.

Shy Deer put a hand on Tsume's shoulder and tried to calm him down.

"Don't be so mad at them Tsume. They are still just pups after all." reasoned Shy Deer.

Tsume sighed and looked at his human mate.

"I love you Shy Deer but sometimes just being gentle won't do anything. These two need to learn to shape up or ship out. That's the only option at this point." declared Tsume.

Kiba got an idea from what his brother-in-law said.

"You are right Tsume. Storm and Quick Slash need some help. My son needs to learn, that woman are just as strong as men. And your daughter must learn to control her temper, just like you did. Perhaps we should do what you did?" suggested Kiba.

Storm and Quick Slash both looked horrified. They knew what their fathers were talking about. It was a way known as the Teachings. The Teachings was when a person had to go through weeks, months, perhaps even years of training in an isolated location being taught by a spiritual leader (like a shaman or medicine-man) until they were declared ready enough to go home.

Tsume had to spend three weeks doing nothing but meditating and learning about healing herbs under the watch of the tribe's former shaman, Digging Badger (may his spirit rest with the ancestors). It nearly killed Tsume, but we he returned to the tribe his temper did improve quite a bit. But that didn't mean Tsume still didn't snap every now and again.

The four adults and all the children walked back to the village. All were thinking about the same thing, the Teaching. Some thought of it in a good light and others thought of it in a bad light.

That night all the adults sat in the teepee of the tribe shaman, Wise Owl. Wise Owl was a kind shaman in his early sixties, with waist length black hair, and dressed in fancy buck skin robes. The shaman smiled as the chief, his wife, the chief's siblings, their mates, the great warriors younger brother, and their two close friends entered the teepee.

"So what brings the leading family and their friends to my tepee this late at night?" wondered Wise Owl.

Kiba and Tsume told Wise Owl what happened between Storm and Quick Slash that afternoon. After hearing what the two male wolves had to say Wise Owl made his decision.

"I will take Night Storm and Quick Slash with me into the mountains for the Teaching. But perhaps they are not the only ones you wish for me to train. Otherwise not all of you would be here." insisted Wise Owl.

Wind Eagle and Robin's Song both looked at the tribe shaman.

"We wish for Moon Flower to go through the Teaching." said Robin's Song.

"Moon Flower is the daughter of the chief and will someday marry the future chief. Even though she is twenty no man has asked me if they could marry her. I hope if she goes through the Teaching a husband will eventually come into her future." explained Wind Eagle.

Shaman Wise Owl looked to Hige and Blue.

"And why have you come here Rough Whisker and Blue Beauty? Has it to do with Black Night and Bright Spirit?" assumed Wise Owl.

Hige and Blue both felt a little weird being called by their tribe names. The two mates answered the shaman's question.

"Yes this has to do with Night and Bright Spirit, Shaman Wise Owl. My daughter has become distant and is not speaking to anyone. A few days age she even tried to kill her brother. I ask of you to help her Wise Owl." pleaded Blue.

Hige didn't like seeing his mate sad, but he knew their daughter was not just the only problem they had.

"Night is not much better off than his sister. He might not try to kill anybody, but he still has problems. Night has become like me when I was young, only much worse. I might have been a lazy fool but at least I knew when I had to show some respect and maturity. My son has turned into a larger pup than I was and I don't want him to make the same mistakes in life as I did." sighed Hige.

Wise Owl then looked back to Tsume and Shy Deer. Toboe was sitting close to the two mates.

"Is there anything pacific you would like me to teach Quick Slash, Fierce Claw and Shy Deer?" asked Wise Owl.

"As long as my daughter is happy I don't care what you teach her." quietly said Shy Deer.

Shy Deer was nearly on the verge of tears. Tsume looked to his mate with a comforting gaze then gave the shaman a more aggressive glare.

"The best way to teach my daughter would be to put her through the same damn training I went with Digging Badger. It helped me learn to control my temper and it should to the same for Quick Slash." snapped Tsume.

Toboe lightly laughed. Tsume growled and looked back to the red wolf.

"What's so funny runt?" warning growled Tsume.

"Nothing Tsume nothing." said Toboe.

Tsume looked away from his little brother but still stared at him from the corner of his eye.

"No matter how tough Tsume acts he really is just a big softie on the inside. If he wasn't soft he wouldn't have taken a human for a mate or be so protective of Quick Slash." thought Toboe.

Finally Shaman Wise Owl looked at Kiba and Akina for the last time. The white wolf and his black she-wolf mate stared into the eyes of the tribe shaman.

"I know what you will want me to do with Night Storm, but what of Sacred Dream and Great Joy? I would be more than happy to have them go through the Teaching with the other children. What is your answer Fang Heart ad Life Howl?" offered Wise Owl.

Akina looked to her mate. A sad smile was on Kiba's face. The two mates just looked at each other and made a decision.

"We will allow for Dreamer and Great Joy to accompany their brother and the others in the Teaching." declared Kiba.

"Please look after my pups Wise Owl. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to them." worried Akina.

Wise Owl pats Akina on the head and gently smiled at her. For a moment Akina felt like she was a pup again, in the cave she had been raised in waiting for the one she considered to be her adopted father to return.

"I will look after your pups Akina. Do not worry my Life Howl they, and all the pups, will be safe under my watch. It will be like when I was raising you in the cave so long ago." gently said Wise Owl.

Long before Wise Owl and Akina had joined the tribe they lived far away in a cave. Wise Owl had found Akina abandoned as a small pup and raised her as his own. Then twenty years ago they join the tribe and left their solitary life behind them.

While the adults talked all the children were being watch by Two Spears and Singing Bow in the chief's teepee. Moon Flower, Dreamer and Great Joy listened to Singing Bow tell stories of their parents growing up. Bright Spirit was having a nap. Night grudged himself on food. Two Spears sighed as he watched Storm and Quick Slash glare at each other from opposite ends of the teepee.

"This is getting ridiculous. Storm, Quick Slash you are cousins and you are family. Family does not fight, they protect each other. Why can you two not get along better?" complained Two Spears.

Storm ignored his grandfather and continued to glare at his cousin.

"She and I are not family. It's not bad enough she is a female, but we don't share any blood. It's impossible to be family if you don't share a drop of the same blood." barked Storm.

Quick Slash rushed to her cousin. The two mortal enemies glared at each other and growled.

"Is that a challenge?" snarled Quick Slash.

"Bring it on." replied Storm.

Singing Bow and Moon Flower broke up the fight before it started. The grandmother and granddaughter got between the two angry wolf cousins.

"You know better that to say things like that Storm. Blood does not make family. Family is those you care for not who you are related to." told Singing Bow.

Moon Flower looked her older cousin in the eye.

"Grandmother and grandfather adopted your father, Storm. If they hadn't taken him in he would have died. And Wise Owl took in Aunt Akina when she was just a small pup. So if none of your parents had been adopted you would never have been born. Now tell me is family about blood or those that you love?" responded Moon Flower.

Dreamer and Great Joy decided to help their grandmother and eldest cousin deal with their older brother.

"You use to act like this Storm. What happened to that kind and caring pup that told me and Joy stories? What happened to the big brother that called me Dreamy? What happened to the wolf I was proud to call my big brother?" dramatically said Dreamer.

"Please come back to us big brother. Please come back to us." cried Great Joy.

Great Joy had begun to cry. Dreamer wasn't too far behind his little sister, unshed tears blurring his vision. Storm turned his anger from his cousin towards his siblings.

"That was all a long time ago. I'm not that whimpering little pup I use to be. I see the world for the cold and cruel place it is. You just see the good in everything don't you Dreamer. You can't see anything beyond the village and this valley. We'll I have. I've grown up Dreamer and it's about time you did to. I don't live in a dream world like you do." yelled Storm.

Storm rushed out of the teepee. Before he left the teepee Storm heard his brother say something so quiet it was almost impossible to hear.

"There's nothing wrong with having dreams. Dreams make us strong. You taught me that big brother and I'm going to help you remember. I'll help you remember your dreams." whispered Dreamer.

Storm just ignored what his brother said and stormed out of the teepee. What ever happened in the future it was defiantly going to change everyone, some for the better and others for the worst.

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