I know I probably should wait a while before posting a sequel, but I couldn't help it! :) Ok, so this is 14 years after the first one, so Finn's like, in his mid-50s, and Holley's almost 40. She's like, 37 or something. Figure out the rest for yourself. :) Enjoy. Oh, btw, the picture is Violet. She loks exactly like Holley, except she's a different color, and because she's only 14, her lips are...well, not bulgy...

Chapter 1

Violet's POV

I drove through the crowded hallways of the London orphanage. Fourteen years old, and I still haven't been adopted since the day I was put in this prison…

I was indigo in color, and had beautiful green eyes. Not that anyone noticed, but still. They're worth mentioning.

I've tried to escape this rotten excuse for a home before. Two years ago, actually. And let me tell you, that did NOT end well…

Long story short, I ended up in prison. For two hours, but still…

Apparently, I was intruding on a place called C.H.R.O.M.E.. I've always wondered what that place was, and felt strangely drawn to it…

I'm pretty sure it's a spy agency. Why else would they lock me up for intruding? Why else would there be a bunch of lemons in the prison? No idea, actually…

There was one particular car in that prison that really freaked me out. He was a complete stranger, yet he seemed familiar somehow…But why would I know a car with three wheels that's been in jail for over ten years? Though he kept staring at me, like I looked familiar to him, too…He told me my eyes were beautiful, then ignored me until the orphanage came to clear things up with C.H.R.O.M.E..

For the record, I had always wondered about my parents. Who were they? Were they even alive? If they're alive, why didn't they want me? Could they not afford to feed me? Maybe they were hobos…The only thing the orphanage knew is that my mother took the liberty of naming me, then put me up for adoption.

But not all hope was lost. I planned to escape the orphanage... Tonight. It was a genius plan. I just needed to be patient…

Tomber's POV

Two years ago, when that girl was arrested, I couldn't put my tire on it, but she looked so familiar it was killing me. For most of the time, I just stared at her. Then I realized. She had eyes I hadn't seen in over ten years. Holley's eyes. I then realized that she was my daughter… And my mind boggled over the fact that if I hadn't done what had gotten me into this jail, she wouldn't exist.

No Particular POV

Mater and Holley sat at Flo's café. Finn and Holley were on a long break from any missions, and they were, obviously, spending it in Radiator Springs. After all, Holley wanted to spend as much time with her husband as possible.

Holley had often wondered what happened to her daughter; if she was happy with the family she was with now… Or if she even had a family.

Finn's POV

I had often wondered what happened to Holley's daughter. Holley didn't know, but she still hasn't been adopted. I know from experience; the orphanage we put her in is cold and unforgiving. It's hard to grow up there. They call that place a home, but… It really isn't. It's a prison.

I didn't have to hear that she tried to run away once to know she hates it there. Funny… She ended up in C.H.R.O.M.E.'s prison… She didn't even know she was in the same room as her father…

I keep worrying she has too much of Holley in her, and will successfully escape. Well, that's what I did, isn't it? I wonder if she's found any of my secret passages…

I remember the day we gave her up like it was last fourteen years ago… (Which it was, but I remember things quite vividly…)

Holley and I drove alongside Agent Pendle to London's orphanage. I didn't enjoy being here. It brought back too many unpleasant memories…

We drove up to the front desk. Agent Pendle said to the car at the desk, "This child is chrome in color." Referring to Holley's daughter. The receptionist nodded in understanding. C.H.R.O.M.E. had arranged that secret code with the orphanage so they would know what happened and why the child was being put here.

"Did you name her?" The receptionist asked Holley.


The receptionist smiled. "Wonderful. I'll send for someone to take her."

In minutes, a car had come to take Violet away. I nudged Holley with my tire, and we drove away. I just wanted to get out of there. So did Holley, but I stopped at a section of the large brick wall that surrounded the perimeter of the property. I drove closer, and saw that one of the bricks had Do not push carved into it. I smiled at the memory. Holley drove up next to me.

"I'm the one who carved that…" I said after a few seconds. I chuckled and pushed it with my tire. Some of the ground under the wall parted, creating a tunnel big enough for a young car to drive through, and under the wall.

"Wow…" Holley said.

I cleared my throat. "Shall we go?"

Once on the other side, I pushed the brick that was slightly sticking out. The secret passage closed.

"I do hope she's adopted by a kind family…"

"I do believe she'd be better off with you, Holley."

"No. She really wouldn't…"

"If you say so…"

She would've been better off with Holley. But Holley was certain she wouldn't, and put her up for adoption. And who adopted her? No one. I don't blame Holley, not at all. She was just trying to do what was best.

Perhaps she will escape. After all, it's in her blood…

So how does everyone like it so far? :)

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